Mental health is as important as your physical health. During pregnancy, your body will undergo a host of new changes. This includes not just your bodily changes, but also your mental health. You may be subjected to stress and depression, and these are things that are natural to a lot of women. But, if you leave it unattended, your period of pregnancy can become a nightmare for you. One way to tackle this is to indulge in pregnancy meditation.

Meditation at any point is a sure yes. When you are pregnant, it is necessary that you get some peace and positive vibes. To keep you in goodness and health, here are some meditation during pregnancy benefits that you need to be aware of.

To do this, you must take some time out to do a little research on the matter because the more you research, the more you will learn to allow you to deal with any situation that may crop up at any point in time.

In regards to pregnancy and whether practising meditation is good it is always best to stay well informed at all times therefore try and take some time out and use mediums such as the internet to browse through all the pros and cons of using meditation during your pregnancy period to deal with a number of your problems.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is more of a training to understand you and the inner self better. By meditating, you comprehend yourself better and get in touch with yourself better, just by gaining some mental focus.

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Is Meditation Safe During Pregnancy?

Given below are some of the benefits of doing meditation, especially during your pregnancy-


Meditation relaxes the muscles in your body, especially your mind making for better consolidation of your thoughts, giving you the strength you need to deal with any stressful situation that arises during your pregnancy. Prior to popular belief, pregnancy is a period wrought with frustration and stress making it very important that you learn to keep calm. Guided meditation for pregnancy can help you to a great extent.

Stress Reliever for Your Baby:

Stress during your pregnancy may hamper your baby’s growth because at this time your body and your baby’s development are interconnected, making even the slightest change in your constitution something of great importance to your baby. So meditation at this point helps to manage yours and your baby’s hormones in order to give way for a more comfortable pregnancy.

How to Do Meditation During Pregnancy?

1. The Comfortable Posture:

The first thing is to find the right posture for you to meditate. It is not always possible to sit upright, especially in the third trimester. You can lie down at this point. In pregnancy meditation, the first trimester, you simply have to find the right posture to sit.

2. Focus on The Belly:

The next thing is to focus on the belly, to the little one. Immerse into understanding what is happening inside you and to your baby.

3. Breathe:

Now, breathe deeply. It is sometimes possible to lose your breath when you are pregnant. Be aware of this and breathe. Begin by closing your eyes and breathe through your nose. Slow down the normal breathing and continue to breathe deeply. Your belly will now expand, followed by the rib cage and chest.

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Meditation Tips for Pregnancy:

  • Essentially, the first step is to find the right position that is comfortable for you and baby.
  • Look out for any signs of discomfort. If you experience one, stop right away.
  • De-stress yourself by taking deep breaths and try to divert your mind to focus on you and your baby.

Meditation for pregnancy is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways of giving yourself the mental strength you need to go about a normal and healthy pregnancy. Yoga and meditation for pregnant women will be of great help to keep them in the right mood and the right track. Meditation for pregnancy anxiety has also been a recommend remedy by doctors.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q1. Does Meditation Help to Get Pregnant?

Ans: If you thought meditation to help get pregnant is a reality, then you are wrong! Meditation does not guarantee at all that you will get pregnant. It only relaxes you and helps get connected to your inner self.

Q2. What is Guided Meditation for Pregnancy? How is it Helpful for Pregnant Women?

Ans: Guided meditation includes listening to soothing music. It keeps you energized and stress-free, both of which are needed for a smooth journey. Generally, guided meditation includes visualizing an object. This can be the sea, a flower or a crystal. When you do so, you learn to stay focused and thus perceive the quietness around you. This will help you de-stress.

Q3. Is it Safe to do Yoga and Meditation for Pregnant Women?

Ans: Absolutely! Yoga and meditation are good ways to keep them healthy. You must remember to get expert guidance and doctor’s advice on what yoga to follow and what not to.


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