Most of us often assume that bob cuts are all about short length hair and easy peasy looks! But do you know that the new style now is to try out medium bob haircuts and bob for shoulder length hair? Well, yes, you heard it right! Today we have iconic and great styles of bob even for all hair lengths.

The mid bob haircut is nothing but the bob, which is a little lengthier than the traditional short bob. They come to shoulder length and are best suited for several age groups and occasions. These days we often see celebrities sporting bob haircuts for those with medium hair. Let us today find out how even a novice can style such simpler looks on themselves!

Top 15 Medium Bob Hairstyles You Must Try in 2023:

Medium bob hairstyles are the new phenomenon and trend right now. They are stunning variants of having the topmost and best medium bob haircuts. Check them out here.

1. Medium Bob for Wavy Hair:

The Jennifer Lawrence inspired medium bob haircut is among our top favourites and deserves all our attention. The lovely medium bob haircut here is suitable for women with wavy hair texture and those with thin or thick hair. The look is elegant, feminine and charming; undoubtedly is among the most sought in this decade in the fashion world. Women with round or oval face shapes can try out this medium bob haircut.

2. Medium Bob Haircut with Bangs:

You can also try out this medium bob haircut with bangs. While bangs and bob cuts have always been among the best combinations to try out, we particularly love this classy and celebrity inspired hairstyle. Both curtain bangs or fringe can undoubtedly suit the bob haircut, and you can decide the variant according to your face structure. Women with wavy or straight hair texture can try this lovely look easily.

3. Simple Bob Haircut for Medium Hair:

We have yet another treat to show you from Jennifer Lawrence bob haircut looks. This medium bob haircut is all about flaunting your internal elegance and charm with unmatched style and confidence. The lovely haircut is suitable for any hair texture and is versatile. It is easy to maintain and never will disappoint you.

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4. Blunt Cut Medium Bob Hairstyle:

Blunt bob medium hairstyles look fabulous on any occasion. With a sided part and straight hair, it looks even more appealing. This is one of the trendiest medium bob hairstyles you must try right away. This is among the most appealing cuts for many, especially for women in the corporate world. Try this out for the best looks and an edgier appearance.

  • Preferred Face Shape: Round and oval face shapes can try this style.
  • Best Age Group: Wear this style for women in their 30s to look youthful.
  • Matching Outfit: Wear only formal skirts and outfits to look great.
  • Suitable Occasion: One can wear this style during office hours or events.
  • Ideal Season: Summers is a good time to try this shoulder-length blunt cut out.

5. Mid Bob for Square Face:

This hairstyle is ideal for square face shaped women. It grazes your shoulder and will be perfect for medium length hair. It looks very polished and bright. The hairstyle comes with a smashed outline and provides a unique look for your face. One can even add layers to different lengths and try this out as the best smooth style. This medium layered bob will be perfect for edgier yet bold appearances.

  • Preferred Face Shape: Wear this look for square and heart face shapes only.
  • Best Age Group: Women in their late 20s are best for this hairstyle.
  • Matching Outfit: Nice skirt and blazer can be amazing here.
  • Suitable Occasion: Wear this during night parties or events.
  • Ideal Season: Winters is a good time to try this medium bob hairstyle for fine hair.

6. Messy Medium Bob:

This one is a rather messed up shaggy look which is sported by women easily. The appealing bob provides a glossy and unique look all over. The messy bob hairstyle will be suitable for square as well as oval faces with wavy hair. Moderate waves can accompany this look. Though it is a casual haircut, it is very much in practice these days.

  • Preferred Face Shape: Oval and elongated face shapes are best suited to this mid-length messy bob.
  • Best Age Group: Women in their 20s age can be good looking here.
  • Matching Outfit: Wear this only with a casual t-shirt and jeans or pants.
  • Suitable Occasion: This medium wavy bob haircut can be good for casual outings with friends.
  • Ideal Season: Winters and monsoons are well suited here.

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7. Edgy Bob Haircut:

The edgy bob hairstyle is a versatile look. It has a magnificent side-swept fringe which makes this look even more beautiful. Bring out the best form of this haircut by using a suitable colour finish. Women with medium hair can attempt to have this haircut. You can also go ahead and try to highlight or balayage the hair as you wish to give the best looks. This can also be the best collarbone length bob style if you are someone who loves to flaunt it out!

  • Preferred Face Shape: All face shapes can look good here.
  • Best Age Group: Women in their 40’s are well suited to this style.
  • Matching Outfit: A nice sleek dress or skirt can be the best look here.
  • Suitable Occasion: Wear this during outings with friends or family.
  • Ideal Season: Winters is a good time to try this shoulder length inverted bob out.

8. Art Deco-Dent with Disconnected Layers:

This is simply the a-line bob hairstyle. The main difference is that it has disconnected layers. These layers are so well polished that they fall in perfect points. It looks like a dream, and hence this haircut is also called shattered dreams. Women with oval faces can wear this look. Further, this medium bob haircut with bangs on the sides also looks good for those who want bolder appearances!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Heart and oval face shapes are best for women for this look.
  • Best Age Group: Women in their 30s are best suited to this look.
  • Matching Outfit: Nice sleek outfits or strapless dresses can be perfect here.
  • Suitable Occasion: One can wear this look during parties.
  • Ideal Season: Summers and springs are the best time to wear this short length lob haircut.

9. Cinnamon Hot Toddy:

This haircut is a chin-length haircut which comes with gentle edges. Women with oval faces can sport this look easily. The hair will provide excellent reflection if a shine spray is used while setting the hair. Women with wavy hair can easily carry this look as it will be most suitable for them. This red balayage asymmetrical haircut medium length is new for women who want to look super bold and unique.

  • Preferred Face Shape: Round and square face shapes are best suited to this style.
  • Best Age Group: Women in the age of 20 are the best look in this one.
  • Matching Outfit: Wear a nice sleek dress or casual outfit to suit this look.
  • Suitable Occasion: Friend’s outings or date nights can be good times to try this one.
  • Ideal Season: Spring is the best season for this shoulder-length choppy bob!

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10. Fringe Mid-Bob:

Now allure with the new fringe cut blending well with mid bob hairstyle! Can’t believe us? See the picture above. Here we can see that the stylish appearance is all due to the tiny fringe falling over the forehead in style. This medium length bob haircut for thick hair is stylish and trendy right now, and we cannot ignore the option!

  • Preferred Face Shape: All face shapes can go well in this look.
  • Best Age Group: Wear this medium stacked bob only with women in their early 30s.
  • Matching Outfit: A nice sleek shoulder off dress can be perfect here.
  • Suitable Occasion: Parties can be the best look in this style!
  • Ideal Season: Summer can be apt to fit into this hair look for the best appearance.

11. Trimmed Mid Bob:

Nowadays, it is not just styling an exact variant rightly on yourself but also altering it to customise one look. You can always get into this angled bob haircut for a medium hair variant to look great and appear super stylish and sexy. This gives such a vintage look and style without budging on overall appearance. Further, this medium shaggy bob look is quite unusual, and you will surely look out from the crowd!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Oval and square face shapes can try this lookout.
  • Best Age Group: Women in age below 35 can be best here.
  • Matching Outfit: A nice shirt and pants can be good to go in here.
  • Suitable Occasion: Wear this as workwear or cocktail events.
  • Ideal Season: Summers is the perfect fit to try this look.

12. Simple Cute Medium Bob:

Here comes a variant of medium length choppy layers. This can be an amazing bob for those who want a frizzy and untamed cut with style and a gorgeous appearance. This is quite easy to do and maintain as well, and will not take away your time! This picture is seen flaunting this look, even on simple occasions. Try this variant out and customise it on suitable occasions. You can even alter it and redo it as an A-line haircut medium length for the next trims!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Oval and round face shapes can try this lookout.
  • Best Age Group: Wear this simple yet elegant look for women in their 30s and 40s.
  • Matching Outfit: Nice casual outfits and pants would do to this look!
  • Suitable Occasion: Wear this style during casual outings only.
  • Ideal Season: Winters and monsoons can be the best fit here.

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13. Mid Bob with Cute Bangs:

Bangs are generally seen as divine for those with fine and falling hair. It helps greatly to make hair look good and dense. This medium bob haircut for fine hair is one such style that appears extremely stylish and trendy on several occasions. This cut here is extremely stylish and appealing, which makes one appear graceful and youthful!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Wear this look for any face shape you wish.
  • Best Age Group: Girls and women below 22 can wear this variant.
  • Matching Outfit: Nice casual skirts will suit the style well.
  • Suitable Occasion: One can wear this style during girl’s outings or date nights.
  • Ideal Season: Winters is the perfect time to wear this out.

14. Medium Bob with Box Braids:

This medium-length braided bob haircut for a round face is good to go for those who want to have a unique style and look. These box braids are done similarly all over and leftover in the bob cut variant. The stylish bob is first done, and then box braids are done all over. That is it, and you are good to go for this style!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Round and oval face shapes can be good here.
  • Best Age Group: Those in the 40s age group can be the best for this shoulder-length bob with black hair.
  • Matching Outfit: Wear this style with casual outfits only.
  • Suitable Occasion: One can prefer to wear this during special themed occasions.
  • Ideal Season: Any season is good to go in here to flaunt it out!

15. Blonde Hair Bob:

One can try reverse bob medium length in several varieties, and this is one. Although it seems a little different, inspiration is taken from the former to create this cute and popular look. This girly and feminine style is quite crazy and is well known for medium length bob for fine hair. If you want all feminine feel and stylish trends, you do not want to miss this out!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Round and heart face shapes can suit this well.
  • Best Age Group: Wear this style for girls and women below 25 years.
  • Matching Outfit: One can prefer to wear casual tops and pants or skirts with this one.
  • Suitable Occasion: Outings with friends can be the best time to flaunt it out.
  • Ideal Season: The summer and spring seasons are good to go in here!

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Additional Tips:

  1. Here come a few suggestions from our side to best looking medium bob!
  2. Keep trimming those fringes and layers to keep your style evergreen and fresh.
  3. Medium length hair is much easier to maintain so healthily, and regular hair care is all that is needed.
  4. Using accessories like a fancy headband or bows gives this style an edge, especially when worn at a party.
  5. Try different hair-dos on medium bob. Braid it across the head or go for a half bun or French plait on the sides – there are numerous ways to wear this hairstyle.
  6. Add a dash of hair spray or hair wax to keep the style in place which will also help keep the style fresh for a longer time.
  7. It is better NOT to use and style with styling gels and hot irons as this hairstyle looks good as is and goes well with any hair type.

Medium Bob haircut is among the perfect looks that many, including celebrities, are trying out these days. They are totally simple to do and maintain, as well. Further, given numerous variants, they are among the easiest to work on for different occasions. You can be simple or have a bolder and more dramatic look as per the event or preference. Try them out and tell us which is your favourite one!!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How to Maintain a Look but also Grow the Length of the Hair?

Ans: Regular trimming is necessary to maintain the same look. To keep the hairstyle intact and grow the hair, just trimming away the fringes and layers will do the magic. It will look neat and well maintained and at the same time easier to grow the hair’s length. A layered bob cut will look the same for a longer time, and hence frequent trimming won’t be necessary. You can even try out a graduated haircut to appear stylish with good hair length and yet maintain the look.

Q2. How to Work Against Bad Hair Days?

Ans: Investing in good hair wax or a good hair conditioner helps fight bad hair days. Further, regular hair wash will keep oily roots away. Using styling irons can dry out the hair, so protecting the hair with hair serum and a healthy diet is important.

Q3. Can we use Clip-in Hair Extensions to add Volume to Thin Hair?

Ans: Clip-ins, when used occasionally, can last up to almost a year and hence a good way to make the hair look fuller. It is easier to make shorter hair look fuller. Pick a hairstyle that suits your hair. Try to add volume by giving the hair more texture Ex: curly hair and wavy hair appear fuller than sleek straight hair.


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