9 Beautiful and Best Medium Layered Hairstyles

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The hair long or short has always been an ornament to a woman. Hair and hairstyles have always been a burning topic in the fashion magazines with newer looks becoming the up and happening fashion icon. Lately, however, the trends have noticed how women, especially the busy beauties tend to bend towards medium length hair, rather than going too long or over the board short. While the longer ones are hard to handle, the shorter ones are a bit hard to style. Therefore, if we stand in the middle ground, medium layered hair is the best there is.

Latest and Stylish Medium Layered Hairstyles in Trend:

Here are the some most cute medium layered hairstyles.

1. The Full Layer:

medium layered hairstyles

The full layered medium length hairstyle usually consists of the hair in two layers, the front lock or layer being long, going all the way across the face, while the next layer consists of the rest of the hair. However, in this look the layers are closely set which allows the hair to gain some volume.

2. The Beach Wave:

medium layered hairstyles2

Beach waves once again consist of layers but these will be much more subtle in distinction. The layers are softly made into waves that would roll off but keep its shape all throughout and at the same time, the layers add a sprinkle of volume to your look.

3. The Shag Look:

medium layered hairstyles3

Shag haircuts have been ruling the trend game for quite some long time now. Usually the hair in these haircuts are mainly formed of short multiple layers which are crisp and usually quite highlighted. The shag look is perfect for you if you are a layer fanatic with medium length hair.

4. The Front Bangs:

medium layered hairstyles4

The hair here falls straight and rigid all across the forehead just brushing the eyebrows lightly. This is inspired from the classic Chinese styled haircuts where the front locks go all the way down covering the entire breadth of your forehead. The sides once again have the hair in two layers. The shorter ones end just right under the ears while the rest continues. Usually one can accentuate this look by a band or a clip.

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5. The No Layer Layers:

medium layered hairstyles5

Curls are always hard to determine when bundled in together and this is why the hair looks awesome here without any proper distinguished layer. Often you can add a band or a side clip to the look to create variation or better yet a side braid.

6. The Classics:

medium layered hairstyles6

Who can forget the craze the classic Rachael look created once FRIENDS aired on television. Following this was the awakening of the classic layered hair look where through multiple layers the hair has been made sharp around the edges giving off a cute look.

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7. Set Free Look:

medium layered hairstyles7

The girl gone wild is always the best with the layers perfectly aligning itself with the rest. The hair is parted somewhat from the middle and falls in soft rolls and waves that makes distinguishing of the locks difficult and yet this is one of the easiest look you can opt for with a medium length hair.

8. The Short Locks:

medium layered hairstyles8

Short and crisp is your look for the fall where the locks end up just pirating you by covering up one eye. As it falls in an angular fashion across the forehead, the rigidness of the look creates a perfect opportunity for you to set your hair the way you desire.

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9. The Roll On Lock:

medium layered hairstyles9

These locks are usually blending with the rest of the layers creating a perfect look for the diamond shaped faces. The hair here is layered in several places often accounting for the short crisp look that adds to the bounce of the look. A sweetheart neckline will just go about perfectly with this.

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