17 Stylish Hairstyles For Straight Medium Hair with Images

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Women with straight hair look very classy. It provides you with a precise, distinctive and unique look. Medium length hair can be straightened to enhance the beauty. You can always apply your own imagination while styling your hair. But if you want to look like the queen then you need to trust the expert and follow the list below.

Latest and Beautiful Hairstyles For Straight Medium Hair in Fashion:

Yet we have to look at the top 17 hairstyles for straight medium hair women. Try these collection of hairstyles use to change your look and eye-catching of the crowd

1. Middle Parted Straight Hair:

hairstyles for straight medium hair

In this look, the hair is parted in the middle, allowing the two sides to stay loose and cover the ears and cheeks. It is one of the most elegant looks for medium length hair. This hairstyle comes with long layers and extends to the shoulders. Women with heart-shaped faces will rock this look.

2. Layered Hairstyle With A Headband Twist:

Medium Length Straight Hair 2

This creative haircut will look best on blonde hair. The hair takes a unique twist at the top of the forehead which is the main attraction of this look. It will keep the bangs off from the face and allow you to offer a facial impression.

3. Long Straight Bob:

Long Straight Bob

This is the new bob that is being sported by numerous women, girls, etc. Unlike the usual bob hairstyle, here the hair is a bit longer and can be sported by women with almost all face types. The chestnut colored hair comes with substantial volume and very well angled which has helped it in securing its place as one of the hottest haircuts of this summer.

4. Ponytail With Bouffant Braiding:

Medium Length Straight Hair 4

Women with medium length hair can add extra volume to the hair by braiding the hair like a bouffant. A ponytail is done at the back just above the braid. Styling this look needs time and patience. Women with oblong and thin faces can sport this look easily.

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5. Voluminous Blonde Bangs:

Medium Length Straight Hair 5

This fringe cut hairstyle has been sported by many celebrities in this and the previous summer. This makes one thing clear that this is one of those looks which will never become old or run out of fashion. The heavy hairstyle comes with bangs which conceal the upper part of the face and the ears. Women with thick hair will get the most advantage from this look as it is intended for them.

6. Shaggy Back Swept Curls:

Medium Length Straight Hair 6

The messy look is intended for thin and silky-smooth hair. Here the hair is very well textured as the back of the hair is pushed off to the back where it takes a curly structure. One of the best things about this haircut is its suitability with all face types.

7. The Summer Party Look:

Medium Length Straight Hair 7

This refreshing looks will be suitable for a summer party of an event at humid places. The medium-length hairstyle displays a dry and layered look which makes it distinct from the others. One side is pulled at the back and secured properly.

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8. Medium Length Straight Hairstyle With Golden Highlights:

Medium Length Straight Hair 8

This blonde straight hairstyle comes with magnificent golden highlights, which tends to go with all face structures. It is an effortless look and can be maintained very easily.

9. The Chic Medium Length Straight Hairstyle:

Medium Length Straight Hair 9

Last but not the least, this is one those hairstyles which will restrict you from cutting your hair. The beautiful medium length hairstyle is styled in a brilliant way to make the hair look healthy and natural.

10. The Classic Pinup:

This look can be achieved by simply using bobby pins. Start by combing your hair thoroughly to get that sleeked down fine hair look. Now start by segregating the front strands from both sides. Take one strand from the left and tuck it at the back of your head towards the right side. Now take the right strand and do the same with it and tuck it to the left side. Continue with three or four.

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11. The Soft Blunt Bangs:

If you are tired of sporting straight locks, don’t wait anymore, this is the perfect time for you to opt for that blunt front bangs and at the same time look amazing while doing so. Keep the measurement from your one brow to another and at the ending of your brows keep the strands a bit longer.

12. The Front Braids:

This look can also be classified under the milkmaid braid where the hair from the front is infused into a French styled patterned braid which is firmly secured at the front and the sides. Start by combing your hair to one side and then start French braiding the hair all the way across the head. This time use a secure pin at the end of the braid to secure it.

13. The Braid Pony:

We know that you don’t like your everyday pony anymore and therefore you can always opt for a variation to ponies. Leave some loose strands and then tie the braids from the side. Bring it all the way back and secure it in a pony. Take the last strand of hair wrap it around the tie to hide it.

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14. The Fishtail:

The fishtail braid is a good variation for medium length hair where the braid is easy to do and can be done using simple techniques. Start with two strands or three strands and based on your technique tie a short fishtail braid. End the braid at the nape of your neck and leave the rest.

15. The Looped Pony:

Start by segmenting your hair into three. Now take the first half and throw it in a pony. Now with your fingers make a loop right before the tie and then pass your pony through the loop. Now take the rest and tie another pony and then again loop it. Continue it two to three times until you reach your favorable stage.

16. The Roll Up Accessories:

Take the front lock and then start rolling it right. Once you are done with the twisting use a heavy clip or accessory and pin it down. Make sure you comb your hair fine and through to get the sleeked down look.

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17. The Front Pouf:

For this hairstyle start by teasing the hair on the front and then brush it back and secure it. Do the same with the sides and then use a fine comb to run it through the puff.

Your hair is not long enough but it is neither short now, it is at that awkward stage where you can perfectly style the hair the way you like without having to worry about sporting the same look day after day. Take a cue from these hairstyles and spice up your look.