In Greek Mythology, Medusa was a female Gorgon. Medusa has a monster face, and her hair comprises snacks. It says anyone who makes the eye to eye contact with her would be turned into stone. Medusa was the child of Ceto and Phorcy. Medusa is an emblem and inspiration for Art, Movies, cartoons, games and even books.

Stylish Medusa Tattoo Designs:

Medusa tattoo has many meanings and designs, which you can choose.

1. Traditional Picture of Medusa:

This Traditional picture of the tattoo shows all details of her at a glance. Her shifty eyes are ready to charge on you, and her head of the sneak with the crown and jewellery around her neck. This traditional Medusa tattoo looks like a beautiful maiden or horrified hag.

2. Powerful Medusa Tattoo Designs:

The more powerful and fantastic art of tattoos is this Medusa chest tattoo. This tattoo shows the person is not easily approachable, and you should stay away. This Medusa tattoo on the chest shows the person’s amount of strength.

3. Stunning Medusa Tattoo Designs:

This tattoo can be beautiful or horrifying. With this tattoo, you can show both sides, good and bad. This Beautiful Medusa tattoo shows a good part of your personality with an attitude. Her bold nature is to face the world.

4. Evil Type Medusa Tattoo Designs:

This horrified, evil tattoo shows the dark side of your life. That you had a very dark past and came over to it, this Medusa tattoo on the sleeve shows you have moved ahead and will always remind you of your mistakes in the past.

5. Most Lovable Medusa Tattoo Designs:

To represent feminism, the Medusa tattoo is the best way. This tattoo represents love, protection as well female wisdom. That’s why this is the best Medusa tattoo. Snakes around her show the power of attacking, and innocent faces show love.

6. Medusa Scary Pattern Tattoo Designs:

This Medusa head tattoo design on the thigh is terrifying and dangerous. But as this tattoo is on the thigh, it is not always visible. It shows that I am an average human from the outside, but some things are different about me that are hidden. It shows the personality of a person.

7. Medusa Hand Wrist Special Tattoo Designs:

This Medusa skull tattoo on the wrist shows power and freedom. It shows I am not vulnerable. It’s a small wrist tattoo indicating a person’s personality. Those white eyes look horrified and sneak with an open mouth ready to charge upon you.

8. Medusa Rounded Tattoo Designs:

It’s a small Medusa tattoo in a round shape that shows a powerful lady with fire in her eyes. It is ready for all life’s hurdles and standing with strength and dignity. This tattoo you can have this with colours also.

9. Artistic Style Medusa Tattoo:

This is the best artistic creation of the Medusa picture. In this, Medusa looks like a queen with a crown and a big stone on her forehead. Big eyes fill with fire. This Medusa tattoo art on the back looks stunning. It shows how you are.

10. Latest Medusa Tattoo Designs:


These Medusa tattoos were very famous in the man before, but nowadays, it is very famous in women who represent their power, fighting spirit and strength, even their evil thoughts. It depends on a person for what reason they put a tattoo. This tattoo can be on your hand, wrist, sleeve, chest, leg or back.

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