There is hardly any woman out there who does not envy the beauty and attraction that Megan Fox has. As one of the topmost Hollywood celebrities, her radiant face, mesmerizing and magical eyes, and gorgeous hair almost make her flawless. The grace with which she walks and the lovely pout only adds to her overall personality. Millions of women desire to know the beauty secrets of Megan Fox.

The good news comes in the form of this new and fresh guide below that has all that you need to know to reach the level of Megan Fox where her beauty is concerned. All you need to do is check them out thoroughly and follow most of them with sheer dedication to start seeing visible results.

Megan Fox Beauty Secrets – Makeup, Hair, Skin and Diet:

1. She Believes in ‘Less is More:

One of the beauty secrets that Megan totally dedicates herself to is that ‘less is more’ mantra. For her, keeping makeup to the minimum and using less effective skincare products is the way to go. She has a complete belief in a cleansing and moisturizing routine that she follows with due diligence. Her favorite moisturizer is Bulgarian Rose Otto from the brand Epicuren Discovery.

2. Short Showers:

She does not believe in soaking herself in water for hours but rather feels like taking showers whenever required followed by a massage from Cold Pressed Organic Oil as a moisturizer. She uses grapeseed oil flavours from the range. It completely suits her skin according to her and is much lighter and more beneficial than olive oil.

3. No-No to Sunscreen:

Megan is one of the rare people who hate sunscreen and the chemicals that it brings along. It causes allergies to her sensitive skin. For protection from the UV rays of the sun, she tries to step out only on rare occasions and uses hate to protect her face in such cases. In case, she does have to put on sunscreen it’s only La Roche- Posay Anthelios AC SPF 30 High Protection Fluide Extreme Sunscreen.

4. For Eye Care:

Megan totally dedicates herself to taking care of her cat eyes that have been gifted to her from birth. She uses Perricone MD’s Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum. She applied it 3-4 times a day for the best results. She does so after washing her face.

5. Oxy Facial Every Week:

An oxygen facial every week helps her skin breathe as per Megan. This is done because she does not have time for applying masks on a regular basis. She constitutes this with regular facials to make up for skincare.

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6. Having Plenty of Water:

One of her beauty secrets includes her love for water and other healthy fluids that hydrates the skin as well as flush out toxins well. According to her, drinking 10-12 glasses of water helps her skin stay flawless and free from all problems.

7. Taking Proper Rest and Sleep:

For her taking rest and sound sleep is very important as she believes that it keeps her skin radiant, fresh and free from dark circles and puffiness. It has actually been proved by professionals, that this fact is true.

8. Miss Foundation Sometimes:

According to Megan, every woman should miss using foundation from time to time. This will help the skin breathe and also stay away from issues of clogged pores. It also helps in giving a natural beauty to the face that you will love. It will give you a changed look from the normal as well.

These are some of the beauty secrets of Megan Fox that you can follow in your regimen without second thoughts.


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