The state of Meghalaya covers almost 300 km in length and at least a 100 km in breadth. Its capital shilling is one of the popular hill stations that attracts several tourists every year. The hills and dense forests in this region give the state a naturally beautiful setting. The Shillong Peak is the highest peak in this region and is often called the ‘abode of gods’. There are several other beautiful falls in this region too. Shillong is located just a 103 km away from Guwahati, which is the nearest train station.

Meghalaya Tourist Places:

Here we enlisted few tourist places in Meghalaya.

1. Lady Hydari Park:

Lady Hydari Park is located in the heart of the city of Shillong. The best times to visit this park are the months of April and October. The flowers that have been planted here are in full bloom in those months and thus, provide a beautiful sight. The park is a popular picnic spot and attracts tourists as well as locals living close to it. Many people like to just sit on the benches here and while away their time.

2. Shillong Peak:

As has been mentioned above the Shillong Peak is the highest point in Meghalaya. It thus, provides the best views in the entire state. It attracts several tourists as well as locals. People go here for picnics, to escape the morbid hustle bustle of cities and to just enjoy the panoramic views of the city that this hill, 196 meters above ground provides.

3. Elephant Falls:

Elephant falls is voluminous cascade of water which is actually a mountain stream gushing out of a crevice between two large hills. It presents a spectacular sight and is close to two other similar but smaller falls called Wei Iaplam Falls and the Wir Phang Falls. Bridges and pathways allow access to these falls too. Now that is one walk recommended to all.

4. Sweet Falls:

Sweet falls unlike the Elephant falls doesn’t spread out wide. Instead it falls in a narrow straight pencil like line for a distance of about 200 feet! The sight is no doubt magnificent. The surrounding terrain and scenery make this spot suitable for afternoon picnics. It is located in the Happy Valley a little way out of Shillong.

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5. Spread Eagle Falls:

This falls is located in the outskirts of the city of Shillong. The locals refer to it as ‘Umkaliar’ or the falls into which Kaliyar slipped. It has some legend attached to its existence. This fall unlike both previous falls spreads into the shape of an eagle’s wings, hence the name.

6. Cathedral Catholic Church:

This church is again located in the heart of Shillong. It has a peaceful setting and an aura of tranquillity. A beautiful cathedral of Roman Catholics its dedicated to Mary Help of Christian.

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7. Williamson Sangma State Museum:

This is a government museum maintained by the Art and Culture Department. It houses several exhibits displaying the rich culture and traditional history of the people of this region. The museum is located next to the State central library and helps you get better acquainted with ethnic tribal culture of the people of this region.

8. Golf Course:

Shillong offers one of the best natural golf courses in the entire world. Its excellence is recognized even by the United States Golf Association and Museum, which refers to it as the “Glen-eagle of the East”. It is set in an undulating valley at an altitude of 5200 ft and offers excellent views of the surrounding scenery. Originally a nine hole course it was later expanded and developed into an eighteen hole course!

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These were some of the most beautiful tourist places in Meghalaya. So, what are you waiting for? Take a long holiday and plan a trip with your friends or family, and explore these amazing meghalaya tourist places.


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