Doing a decorative pattern, can be a tough work. Especially if you are a busy woman then you will have to take time out of your busy everyday schedule and then also put a lot of energy and slowly do something like that. It does take a lot of time and also practice to do these. Therefore these which you can do with yourself and also that which can be suitable for a party or looks professionally done is not an easy thing to do. Even with books and tutorials, you may find it very difficult to get those similar things on by yourself. This is even more problematic if you do not have help. Then by you getting proper accuracy can be an even tougher work.

This is where you can avoid all these and simply buy and apply stickers. These are also temporary and you will not have to worry that if the mixture does not have herbal things going into it, your skin may itch or get rashes or become red when that oil is applied. Some people have sensitive skins and get itchy when they use the oils and other glitters or even if the mixture is not herbal or has chemicals to make the colors more permanent. Sometimes you may face problems that if you have a function to attend and the next day wearing the it to your work, or to your college or school can land you in trouble, they always have to think about whether or not to wear it because if you wear it, it lasts for at least some days and you cannot get it off because it gets inside your epidermal layers.

Fabulous Mehandi Stickers With Photos:

There are various coloured or natural-looking stickers that you can buy. Below are the top 9 mehandi stickers that you may try out.

1. Rakhi Shape Mehndi Sticker:

You can get horizontal strips as well. These rakhi shape mehendi stickers are quite popular and can be used for decorating yourself for party. These are also suitable for all type of occasions. Mostly kids are attracted for these type of strips.

2. Glitter Mehandi Sticker With Stones:

Instead of usual colors, you can buy various multi color strips with glitters and you can wear these for parties and also use these on your girl sleep over. These glitter mehndi stickers can also have Rhine stones.

3. Star Flower Mehendi Stickers:

Singular designs can also be available like above which can be used on the back side of your hand. You can add some glitters surrounding it and also add some Rhine stones. This type of star flower mehndi stickers available easily in market.

4. Black Color Mehndi Stickers:

You can buy strips which have a collection of mehandi stickers on it. You can use some and keep the rest and use it for another occasion. Some may be re-usable as well. These stickers are mostly cheap and quite affordable.

5. Multi Color Classic Mehandi Stickers:

Multi color strips are also quite popular. These can be placed at various points. This type of different mehndi stickers can boost your beauty and attracts the others.

6. Hand Mehendi Sticker:

Black, gold and other colors you can find easily like above mehandi stickers. These are easy to wear and also some times can be re-used. You can see the directions and cut these accordingly.

7. Latest Mehndi Stickers:

Gold and green can also be bought like above latest model mehendi stickers. These can be properly bought to team up with the choice of colors for your clothes.

8. Traditional Mehandi Sticker:

Red and brown are the most common colors for this traditional mehandi stickers. These are very popular due to its color and heritage also. These can be worn by those who has traditional gatherings to attend.

9. Intricate Mehendi Stickers:

You can also spend some extra money and buy heavy artworks like above. These mehndi stickers when applied will cover the full length and are properly shaped to suit almost all hand shapes. You can wear this type mehandi stickers for parties. You can add glitters with adhesive on these. These can be bought from special stores.


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