On any Indian occasion, mehendi is considered the most important element in women’s make-up and beauty. Mehendi will not only increase the beauty of the women but also marks the level of love for the newlywed or even the single woman.

Mehndi Designs for Competition In 2022:

Here are the popular and latest mehndi designs for the competition, which can be used and grab the praise of the people around.

1. The Peacock Styled Mehendi Design:

Being the colourful and the most beautiful bird on the land, the peacock has also placed its mark in today’s Mehandi designs. Being the mascot for beauty, love and agility, the peacock mehndi design is simplistic in nature and is the most favourable among women. One can use it as an element of design in mehendi competition.

2. Modern Day Dandia Mehndi Design:

Another beautiful, loving but intricate and teemed design meant for the bridal mehndi. In this design bride and bridegroom are showcased playing India, which also imaging all the scenes of joy, love and happiness in such a small space.

3. Wheel Mehandi Design:

Nowadays, in the name of trend and fashion, the latest mehndi designs are bringing with them their imagination and the allure of past beauties. Among all of them, this chakra design is one. It’s the very best choice in many mehndi competitions.

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4. The Floral Mehndi Design:

This pair of floral designs are the latest mehndi design for the competition which is not only less spacious but also gives a clean and chic look, which is considered favourable by many young girls

5. Symmetric Mango Leaf Mehndi Design:

Mango leaf Mehandi design is not so intrusive but highly appealing and easy, which is meant for mehendi competition. This design has a symmetric mango leaf design on both hands, with detailing in the mid of the design. The centre attraction of the mango design doesn’t distract the whole look of the mehendi.

6. The Modern Moroccan Tiles Mehndi Design:

Stunning and latest mehndi design highly inspired by trendy Moroccan motifs, this mehendi design stands out as unique in its design, giving it a filled-up look yet simple and modern. In any mehandi competition designs, this is favoured by many.

7. Contemporary Arabic Mehndi Style:

For those who favour traditional Arabic design’s simple, flowy look, this mehendi design could be considered the winning element for the competitors. This simple and delightful floral design is preferred by many women in India.

8. Arabic Stripped Mehendi Design:

The easiest and most simple henna design one can opt for mehndi competition is the stripped Arabic design. This design contains an Arabic striped pattern which is placed on one’s hand with elegance.

9. Ganesh Mehandi Design:

The most worshipped god, Ganesh Ji, is laid out in mehndi design which gives a stunning look. This is the most beautiful and blessed design for any bride to wear on her big day.

10. Rajasthani Style Dulha-Dulhan Mehndi Design:

Having an elegant and royal touch of this Rajasthan mehendi portrays its basic theme of dulha dulhan on either hand, showcasing the love and the beauty of the relationship between them.

In the spirit of winning the competition and having a name to be remembered in the mehndi competition designs, these Mehandi designs are superb choices to choose from. These tracings were so intricate that the judges will be impressed and have a tough time deciding the winners.


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