Mehndi is a mandatory thing during teej. Ladies want it for sure. It is so important that a special category of teej mehndi designs has been kept aside for this particular festival. Ladies love to get their hands and feet coloured in henna and spend hours in applying it. Therefore, to help all these pretty ladies dress up properly to the occasion, not forgetting how important their mehndi is to them, we have come up with some latest mehndi designs which will get you ladies in a dilemma of which one to choose. You’re going to want all of them.

What is the Teej Festival and When it Is:

Festivals are the days that we Indians keep waiting for. Not that we get to have a day off, but because of the way we gather to celebrate each festival beautifully. Teej is one of them, the only drawback being that it’s only for the ladies. Teej welcomes the monsoons. It is primarily dedicated to Goddess Parvathi and her union with Lord Shiva.

This is the time when women enjoy the most. They are all dressed up in bright sarees, henna-coloured hands, jewellery, bangles, etc. and spend the festival dancing, singing, meeting their friends and gossiping, cooking delicacies and most importantly, praying for the well-being of their husband and children. Let’s check out top 10 latest mehndi designs for teej festival.

Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Teej Festival:

1. Arabic Style Mehndi Design for Teej:

This is a beautiful floral mehendi design for teej. It has big flowers accompanied by small leaves, twigs and buds. The best aspect of this particular design is that it is easy and can be done within no time. We say this because we expect that you must be good at drawing simple flowers.

2. Glitter Teej Mehndi Design:

To complete the glam look, one must add a touch of shimmer and glitter. So, for all those who love to sparkle at night, we have mehndi designs with glitter too. Once you are done with your basic design, you will have to apply glitter to solid fill or outline some elements of your mehndi. It would rather be better if you used more than one colour but keep in mind that you need to take care of colour combinations. Taking the case that you are getting a floral design done, you have beautiful glittery colours to fill the petals of the flowers in your design. This would make your mehndi look different and give you an edge over others.

3. Stone Work Teej Festival Mehndi:

The stonework is what women can die for. You might have seen ladies buying heavy stonework lehengas and sarees for the festive season. They are concerned even about the minute stones their jewellery piece has. So, for all those who love Kundan work and all, wouldn’t you be delighted to know that even your hands can get stonework done? The above image is of a mehndi design with rhinestones. For this design, fill in the area hence you want a stone with glitter, take the stone or kundan and press it on the glittered area such that it fits in and stays.

4. Rajasthani Style Teej Mehndi:

This is an image of Rajasthani style mehndi design. Rajasthani designs depict their culture and traditions. Rajasthani faces, peacock designs, etc. are some of the elements in these designs. The beauty of this design type is that it covers your hand completely without any gaps. Therefore, it requires a lot of time, patience and fine skills to do these designs.

5. Easy Teej Special S Shape Mehndi Design:

Arabic designs are loved for the trendy and stylish look they give. Unlike the orthodox Indian style of filling the entire hand with designs, this style of mehndi appreciates spaces and gaps. Arabic designs do not cover the entire hand or palm. They start from your index finger and take a curve down your palm, giving an S- shape to your mehndi design. The plain area left out does give a contrast look.

6. Freehand Mehandi Design for Teej:

Freehand mehndi designs are for those who love to accessorize. These are very simple designs that you can draw without needing a mehndi artist.

7. Peacock Face Mehndi Design for Teej:

Peacocks are magnificent. They are one of the most beautiful creations by nature. Peacocks included in mehendi designs enhance it to the extent that you just can’t stop admiring your hands.

8. Mandala Hand Teej Mehendi:

Now, this is an amazing design shown in the picture. We call it the mandala and bracelet combo. The circular design drawn at the centre of the hand is the mandala, and the one on the wrist is the bracelet. This design won’t require bangles, rings, bracelets, etc.

9. Box Special Mehndi Design for Teej:

This is a new trend called the boxed mehndi design. This design has squares filled with patterns drawn randomly here and there. We agree that it doesn’t sound appealing, but once you get it done, you will have no regrets.

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10. Casual Freehand Teej Mehndi Design:

This design is a more casual style. If you are not a very fanciful person and prefer to keep it simple, this is the best for you. It does not look overdone.

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Tips for Teej Mehndi:

  • Avoid using soap or any chemicals on hand for a few hours after removing mehndi to get a good stain.
  • You can pick a motif from your outfit and use that too in your teej mehndi design to give your personal touch.
  • Use a lime and sugar concoction on your dried henna so that it stays on your hands for the next few hours, giving you a good stain.


Respecting a woman’s love and sentiments for mehndi, we have managed to bring you the best of mehndi designs and that too exclusively for teej. So now, you don’t have to take the pains of going through various catalogues or hundreds of designs on the web, searching for the perfect design to suit the occasion or to complement your outfit. You just have to go through the top 10 designs, and it’s up to you to either replicate them or add some of your creativity.

Hoping we have managed to shoo away one of your major festival tensions, we wish you a very happy and colourful teej.

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