We all have that one person with whom we have a solid emotional bond, and we all want to commemorate that bond in a lasting way. Whether it is a person, personal belief or an event, you can represent all of them with the help of memorial tattoos. The monument tattoos are only limited by the wearer’s imagination and the artist’s skill. This is because these types of tattoos include abstract designs with ambiguous meanings or classic pieces like a heart dedicated to “MOM.”

20 Popular Memorial Tattoos:

Whether it is an elaborate piece of art or a tiny one, we have provided you with an array of Memorial tattoo options you can look at. These tattoos will give you some ideas to incorporate into your body art.

1. Simple Memorial Tattoos:

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If you are looking for something simple to keep the memory of your loved one permanently in the form of body art, this tattoo can be a perfect choice. There are two hands only till the wrists are engraved on the forearm. The cute little small arm is holding onto the finger of the giant hand. This beautiful tattoo represents our childhood, where we look for comfort and guidance from our parents. These types of tattoos can be perfect memorial tattoos without using words.

2. Paw Print Memorial Tattoo:

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If you are looking for a dog memorial tattoo, this cute little tattoo can be a perfect representation. You can use your pet’s name to get engraved; for example, the wearer has to use the name Nube in cursive letters. The other beauty of this tattoo is the paw of the wearer’s pet. There are cute little purple hearts below the words Nube making the tattoo all the more personal. This tattoo is a perfect way to commemorate your bond with your beloved pet.

3. Pet Memorial Tattoos:

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This is yet another pet memorial tattoo honouring your pet realistically and boldly. However, unlike the cats and dogs typically many of us get, this tattoo involves a gorgeous horse with a flowing mane of hair. In addition, the name of the horse Joyce Joan is written under the horse, making it even more explicit. Finally, the details involved in the horse are pretty sharp, which makes the horse look pretty realistic.

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4. Simple Tattoos For Lost Loved Ones:

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Unlike the other tattoos with elements, this memorial tattoo involves only phrases and dates. Cody Mitchell Lee is engraved in the centre, with the birth date above the title and the death date below the pet’s name. Since many fonts are available, you can choose the one you want to be engraved by going through the list of fonts at the tattoo artist.

5. Unique Memorial Tattoo Ideas:

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Many people commemorate a place, thing, person or animal with a special bond. For example, a group of friends gets the signature of their coach, or family members get their parent’s name. A group of people getting the same tattoo can be a permanent reminder of their bond with each other and the person the tattoo commemorates. If you want to show off your tattoo, the arm is a perfect place.

6. Forearm Memorial Tattoos:

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If you are fed up with black ink, this tattoo using multiple colours can be an exceptional choice. Two footprints in black stand out beside the flowers and wings. The tattoo is elevated with a combination of yellow and red in the background of the flower tattoo. This tattoo looks exceptional when engraved on the arm, where you can show it off.

7. Tattoos For Dead Loved Ones:

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This detailed and informative tattoo is a perfect way to remember a loved one who isn’t there in our lives anymore. The words “Your wings were ready, but my heart was not” are engraved on the shoulder with the date of birth and death below. The tattoo has a colourful background with leaves on the top and bottom. This tattoo is suitable for men and women, irrespective of age.

8. Floral Memorial Tattoo Designs:

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This memorial tattoo is pretty vague and not very specific. There is a phrase forget me, not in a cursive font, which looks stylish. Adding beautiful blue flowers gives the entire tattoo a feminine touch. You can dedicate the tattoo more to a specific person by adding a heart with the person’s name. It makes the tattoo more personable and unique, whether mom or dad.

9. Cat Memorial Tattoo:

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If your mother is a cate-lover and wants to represent the same in a tattoo, this tattoo can be a perfect choice. The entire tattoo represents the wearer’s bond with their mother and how the mother was close to the cat beautifully. In addition, the cat tattoo looks pretty realistic with shades of grey, including hair and moustache. The words “In loving memory, Mom, 1963-2021” gorgeously summarise the message.

10. Memorial Tattoos For Grandpa:

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If you want detailed memorial tattoos, this can be a perfect addition to your body art. The tattoo has a father holding onto a little daughter who is holding onto a beautiful blue balloon. The beauty of the tattoo is further beautified with the phrase, “I was his angel, now he’s mine.” The date of birth and death are also engraved on the figures, making the tattoo more personal.

11. Tattoos For Loved Ones:

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This is yet another memorial tattoo that commemorates a granddaughter’s gorgeous bond with her nana. There is a depiction of a realistic picture of a grandmother holding onto her granddaughter warmly. Nana Carmen is written in cursive with a date of death underneath the title. The entire tattoo is very personal to the wearer and looks pretty in thin lines, unlike the bold lines used in other tattoos.

12. Cross Memorial Tattoos:

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If you are looking for a memorial tattoo with a touch of religiousness, this tattoo is what you want. This tattoo involves folded hands clutched with rosary beads. All the lines and the grey shadings utilized in the tattoo make the design very realistic. The cross in the rosary beads is done in bold lines, which stands out beautifully. In addition, the wearer has added a name on the top and a date of birth and death at the bottom, making the tattoo more personal.

13. Eagle Memorial Tattoo:

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Eagles signify trust, honour, strength, wisdom and freedom in many cultures, making them a top option for tattoo lovers worldwide. In addition, the entire eagle looks realistic, with its body and wings in black, beak in orange, and eyes in blue. The phrase “always was always will be Daddy’s girl” is written underneath the eagle. The wearer is attributing the eagle’s characteristics to their loved one making for a perfect memorial tattoo.

14. Memorial Tattoos For Grandma:

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We all have fond memories with our grandparents, especially during holidays. So if you are close to your grandma and want to commemorate the honour in body art permanently, then this tattoo can be a perfect way. The pattern is pretty simple, only having the phrase grandma, her birth and death date, which is simple and direct. Though the right side of the chest can be a perfect place to get this tattoo, you can choose the place per your preference.

15. Angel Memorial Tattoo:

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Folded hands or praying hands are one of the common designs you can find in body art. Adding beautiful rosary beads hanging from the fingers makes the tattoo more spiritual and personal. This can be a perfect memorial tattoo if you want to represent a deep spirituality, meditation, and prayer beautifully. The best place to get this tattoo engraved is on the back, the chest, or the biceps.

16. Soldier Memorial Tattoo:

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The bitter truth of mortality is best known by none other than soldiers. So naturally, the fallen soldier’s tattoos are much more potent because the battlefield shows the frailty of life like no different experience could. This tattoo beautifully represents the everlasting remembrance of all the people who left their souls and hearts on the battlefield, making the tattoo even more special. The fine details involved in the tattoo look very realistic and personal. The best place to get this tattoo is the forearm or the arm.

17. Cool Memorial Tattoos:

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This tattoo can be an excellent option if you want something cool and beautiful. This memorial tattoo has a beautiful red rose, unlike the others, which have sombre things. The stem is surrounded by a broad satin ribbon with the words MUM written on it, making the tattoo commemorate the wearer’s mother. A rose is a symbol of passion and a flower which combines a balance of emotion and beauty.

18. Small Memorial Tattoo Ideas:

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This beautiful memorial tattoo looks similar to an infinity symbol. Adding the words mom and dad in cursive font makes the tattoo look stylish. A cute red heart connects the entire tattoo beautifully. The red and black colours used in the tattoo complement each other. An infinity symbol symbolizes eternity, making you realize that the wearer is connected to their parents for all eternity.

19. Family Memorial Tattoos:

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If you want an extensive tattoo with a profound meaning, this tree tattoo can be very helpful. A tree tattoo is symbolic of many different things in life, all of which are meaningful. Since the flora is deeply routed and constantly working to thrive and grow, trees represent endurance and longevity. The tree tattoo is unique because it has small leaves with twisted branches. Adding the date below the tree gives the tattoo a personal touch.

20. In Loving Memory Tattoos:

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Suppose you want a tattoo representing a social cause close to your heart, like suicide prevention. In that case, a semicolon tattoo can be an excellent choice. The speciality of this tattoo is that a cute little cat face replaces the dot. A cat represents having luck in life. In totality, a semicolon tattoo is an ideal option to show solidarity for people suffering from addiction, depression, suicide and many other health issues.


Honouring someone you love and admire with a tattoo can be a therapeutic process. For many, a memorial tattoo is a permanent reminder of the loved one, place or memory. But before you go out and get a tattoo, go through this article for some unique ideas. Make sure you choose the right one because a tattoo is a permanent reminder. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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