Sandals are typically easy to wear slip on type of footwear which leaves the foot visible. The base and the strap of the sandal can be made from different type like in Mexico the Huarache is made completely out of leather, which inspired the sandal industry to come up with an innovative idea of making wooden sandal, this article would help people to get a brief idea on the different types of wooden sandals.

Stylish and Modern Wooden Sandals for Women and Men:

Let’s see the womens and mens wooden sandals in different styles.

1. Plain Flat Wooden Sandal with Y Strap for Men:

This plain flat wooden sandal designed for men is the most pleasant to wear sandal type which every man should have one. The base of the sole is made from machine carved light brown wood into a flat base which narrows at the front and finds its rip through Y strap.

2. Wooden Block Heel Sandal for Women:

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This block wooden heels sandal is quite a comfortable to wear sandal design which is made from single wooden block to form the base and the square block heel design. The upper sole is glued with synthetic a material which is similar to the top covering feature.

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3. Wedge Heel Wooden Sandal for Women:

Wood heel sandal for women has attracted the eye of all the female groups through its mesmerizing design and comfort provided by the flat even base with a square block heel. The top of the sandal can be made from suede or any synthetic material.

4. Designery Heel Slip On Wooden Sandal for Women:

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Innovative, creative ideas which made this wooden sandal with a unique sandal pattern which women will like to have them as a sandal collection. The sole is made from wood and the heel is quite differently carved depicting artistic work using hot air technology.

5. Handmade Slip-on Men´s Wooden Sandal:

This slip-on sandal design is similar to the Y strap design except for the top design, the top of the sandal is made using two plastic or wooden strips curved into an arch form and soldered or nailed onto the top side of the sole.

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6. Japanese Geta Unisex Wooden Sandal:

The Japanese style of wearing sandal called as the Geta worn during special occasion and also as an outdoor sandal. This unique design has two blocks of heel attached to the lower base of the sandal and the top of the base has the Y strap which acts as the toe reinforce.

7. Wooden Block Unisex Sandal Design:

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The base of the sole is made using a small equal length of polished wooden strips which are connected to form the sole and the toe has an arch shaped feature made using smaller polished wooden strips.

8. Close toe Wooden Sandal for Women:

This closed toe wooden sandal falls under the platform wooden sandal featured for women. The base and the heel are made from the single wooden block. The color of the base and heel can be changed using an oil stain.

9. Wooden Pointed Heel Sandal for Women:

Women like to have at least one pointed heel sandal in their shoe collection, to that list including this modern designer wooden sandal would be amazing. The pointed heel and the base are made from a single wood block and the top feature is also made from wooden strips.

This trendy wooden heel sandals lying in your sandal collection would show that he or she is updated when we talk in terms of modernizing oneself along with the fashion booming era. Using modern technologies in shoe industry has started to produce wooden sandal in different design.

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