Necklaces have always been a part of human attire. Lately, necklaces have been a part of the women’s wardrobe only. Men also wear necklaces, also known as neck chains. In ancient times, men were presented with necklaces to respect or honour their posts. Men’s necklaces are not meant to accessorize their outfits. Instead, men’s necklaces are used to complement and not overwhelm their look.

Simple and Latest Mens Necklaces Designs:

Today, we will be enlisting the top 9 men’s necklaces that are valuable to the men’s wardrobe.

1. Silver Dog Tags Necklace Men:

Dog tags are used in the military. Functionally they are just pendants that bear the name and other information of the person wearing them. The sterling silver beads studded necklace is given a dual pendant with black edges, making it more likely for the street boys and collegians for a funky look.

2. Mens Necklaces in Silver:

Plain and unornamented necklaces are a huge hit among men’s fashion. Men’s necklaces can be customized to suit your looks depending on the look, length, and material used. A simple silver bent chain gives a simplified look even on formal and hence is also carried for official parties and regular wear.

3. Men’s Pendant Necklaces Silver:

Pendant necklaces for men are mostly made up with a long simple or spring chain with a simple and delicate charm. These necklaces are very easily seen with the casual dress codes of five out of ten men. Men fond of ancient coin symbols generally look for such necklaces to increase their style icon or a pirate look.

4. Religious Emblems:

These necklaces are just like pendant necklaces. But the pendants in these necklaces are not just for a stylish look. In most cases, these necklaces are worn under the neckline. The religious symbols are generally worn for a spiritual look or protection against evil. Some popular religious emblems include Jesus crosses, David stars, ancient symbols, Hindu symbols etc.

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5. Chokers Necklaces for Men:

Chokers are the opposite of pendant necklaces. Chokers are worn around the neck, and they don’t hang down. The women and the men are also attracted towards the design and bold look given by the choker designs. A black strand looks dashing on casual and formal wear when given a silver beaded design. Generally chosen by the college bugs and rock stars, it is widely worn in America, England and Africa.

6. Mens Beaded Necklaces:

Beaded necklaces are a huge hit in men’s accessories. These types of necklaces are made using single or multiple colours of beads. You can experiment with the length of these necklaces to get the perfect look. These can be worn over any outfit to provide a simple and charismatic personality.

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7. Feather Men Necklaces:

Feather necklaces provide a very artistic look to the person wearing them. These necklaces use feathers in place of pendants. The feathers used can be natural or even made from metals. Unlike the feather necklaces worn by women who use big-sized feathers, these necklaces have a small feather to complement the look.

8. Gold Necklaces for Men:

Gold necklaces or necklaces are an evergreen part of a man’s wardrobe. Since ancient times, men have worn gold necklaces. The gold necklaces worn by men don’t have any particular pendant or design. They are meant to be simple and worn under the neckline.

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9. Traditional Necklaces for Men:

Tribal men are used to adorning various types of necklaces. These necklaces are made from naturally available resources. Most of these necklaces are made out of ivory, stone or animal tooth. Such necklaces provide a rugged aura to the wearer without being too flashy.

Henceforth, women and men are now getting funky with different accessories designs. The big length necklaces have become quite popular among men, especially those attached to the art world. Hence, anybody wearing such jewellery should match their jewellery with their outfit to make the right impression.


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