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15 Best Men’s Scarf Collection In Trendy Styles

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Scarf is an ideal fashion accessory for all men. Make bold fashion statement with these lovely scarves. Pick from the best cotton, wool, cashmere and silk scarves. There are designer scarves right for all the formal gatherings. Check out these cool mens scarf styles. Tie these scarves in different styles. You can wrap it around your neck or can be worn as a shawl.

Best Men’s Scarf Styles For 2018:

Here are few Men scarves, choose from below top 15 Men scarves,

1. Printed Cotton Men Scarf:

Printed Cotton Men Scarf

This scarf is made of light cotton. It is soft on the skin. The nice multi-colour pattern scarf looks so fashionable. It is ideal for all casual events. Wrap this scarf in style It could be a nice idea to gift someone. Lovely men scarfs for all casual and formal occasions.

2. White and Navy Checked Scarf:

White and Navy Checked Scarf

A nice white and navy checked scarf for all men out there. Looks very cool and comfortable. It has fray ends on both sides. The checks pattern can be paired with any of your casual tops. An ideal man scarf which shows your style. Check out these set of trendy mens scarves.

3. Chunky Knitted Scarf:

Chunky Knitted Scarf

Warm up in style with this chunky knitted scarf. This blue knitted mens dress scarf looks very cool and comfortable. It has long tassel ends which are trimmed. It has a wide silhouette. Can be wrapped easily around the neck. Gives so much warmth on those late stormy evenings. These are some of the best mens scarves.

4. Solid Cotton Scarf:

Solid Cotton Scarf

A solid cotton red scarf right for all men. Can be worn in different styles on casual and formal events. Has nice tassels along the edges. Looks great on kurta for formal events and social gatherings. Wrap this scarf in style. Make heads turn at the parties.

5. Olive Green Scarf:

Olive Green Scarf

Made of 100% lamb wool. This stylish olive-green scarf gives you warmth during the winter season. It has long tassel trimmed at the edges. Add this to your winter ensemble. Not only gives you style also keeps you warm throughout the winter. It protects you from rough weather conditions.

6. Green Scarf For Men:

Green Men Scarf

This scarf is a blend of wool and silk. This forest green check scarf looks very fashionable. The wool fabric is so soft and smooth. It is easy on the skin. Can be wrapped around your neck. Protects from rough weather conditions.

7. Red Knit Scarf for Men:

Red Knit Scarf for Men

This is a beautiful red scarf made of yarn. It has a knit pattern. It is very comfortable and cozy. Protects you from the cold winds of the winter season. Goes well with your formal ensemble. Looks pretty stylish when wrapped around the neck with a knot.

8. Black Silk Scarf:

Black Silk Scarf

This is a silk black scarf for men. The material is soft and smooth. Goes easy on the skin. Looks very stylish on the white suits. Try out this scarf which accentuates your fashion. Can be tied with a knot or just drape around the neck. Looks very cool.

9. Designer Mens Scarf:

Designer Mens Scarf

A lovely multi stripe designed scarf. Made of pure wool, this scarf keeps you warm and comfortable. It has tassel ends to give a nice finish. Protects you from the rough weather conditions.

10. Red Cotton Scarf:

Red Cotton Scarf

This scarf is hand woven beautifully. The red scarf has hounds tooth pattern on it. Looks very stylish on long kurtas. Has tassel ends which give it a nice fashion appeal. Can be wrapped in different styles. The soft cotton is very comfortable to the skin. The red and black pattern adds to the style quotient.

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11. Blue Silk Scarf:

Blue Silk Scarf

This navy-blue scarf is made of pure silk. It has nice floral patterns over it. Can be worn on formal ensemble. It adds to your fashion sense. The silk scarf has a lustrous appearance. It is soft on the skin. These blue mens scarfs suits well with nice white tops.

12. Designer Wool Scarf:

Designer Wool Scarf

A lovely orange wool scarf. It has nice finishes at the sides. Made out of pure wool. Keeps you warm and comfortable. Add this to your formal ensemble. Set the fashion trend by wrapping these cool mens scarves. It has double colour. The orange colour is darkened at the ends to give it a nice look.

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13. Cashmere Striped Scarf:

Cashmere Striped Scarf

A lovely grey striped scarf for stylish men. It has fringed edges. Look cool on any of your casual outfits. It is made of pure cashmere. It is soft and easy on the skin. Set the trend in mens scarf fashion by wrapping this lovely scarf in style.

14. Men’s Silk Scarf:

Men’s Silk Scarf

This bones and butterfly black scarf is so stylish. It is made of pure silk. Can be worn in different ways. It adds to your fashion sense. Try this cool scarf for the casual events and outings. Goes well with casual tops. It is a designer scarf exclusively for men.

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15. Winter Wool Scarf:

Winter Wool Scarf

This is crafted in pure wool. It has geometric motifs in blue colour. Looks very stylish. It is fringed at the short edges. It is made of pure wool. Keeps you warm through the winter season. The bold colours are so stylish. Add this scarf to your casual ensemble.

A beautiful set of mens scarves for all seasons. You can pick any of these cotton, wool, or silk depending on the season. Look cool and elegant. Stay ahead of fashion. Show away these scarves in style. Be it casual or formal gatherings you can choose any scarf for the occasion. It also helps to keep you warm from those cold winters. Check out these designer scarves for men.