T shirts are clothes that are worn for daily use and are comfy and great for activities. You can also do formal t shirts that are a bit structured and wear them with formal pants. Most youngsters and teenagers love the t shirt and all that it has to offer. The styles available in t shirts are numerous and this makes the choice very daunting. This list of men’s t-shirts will give you an idea of what options you have. Looking at the size of this list, you could literally have a different style of t-shirt every day.

Try and get your hands on every one of these designs and you will be rocking your world. The material used in each of these t-shirts is soft and durable and most comfortable. You can select the colours you love and the prints they come in. T-shirts make you look young and sexy. Go in for t shirts for the casual look they provide. These are great buys for college wear, party wear and daily use too. You can even get them, especially for gym and sports activities.

Features of T-shirt for Men:

As much as these T-shirts are casual looks, they also have a variety of features one must know before goes on to purchase them.

  • These t-shirts for men come in different colours and designs. They may be plain, printed, painted variety looks.
  • The most common fabric used for men’s tees is cotton. However, they also come in nylon, rayon, silk cotton, and more!
  • The t-shirts for men may be a full sleeve or half sleeve. They have different neck designs, too, from round or V neck variants.
  • Do you know there are several types of t-shirts all across the world? The common and popular ones include half sleeve tee, polo collar, V neck look, douche bag tee, and more.
  • Several brands across the globe manufacture them. One can find them in different budgets, as less as few bucks to costliest and expensive ones too!
  • These Tees are the most comfortable piece of clothing anyone can imagine, even for long day wear.

How to Choose the Perfect and Best Tee Shirts for Men?

Well, we understand that you are overwhelmed with several types and varieties of looks possible within one piece of clothing. But here we are to help you with how you can fit in the right pick for yourself.

  • Understand your body type and size. Make an effort to understand the fit of the T-shirt too. T-shirts aren’t about fitting right, but also being comfortable. They should match your shoulder size well, your chest and the overall length too.
  • Get the right fabric. See if you are someone who does not sweat more or vis-a-vis sweats more. Get the right material comfortable to you.
  • If you are a thin, slim fit tee can work you well. But if you are muscular and bulky, well, you may want to have a nice comfortable broad sized one.

Cool and Stylish Models of T-Shirts For Men in Trend:

Let’s take a look at this comprehensive list and make an informed choice on the different style of t-shirts for men.

1. Adidas Graphic Print T-shirt for Men:

Among several of Tee design manufacturers, Adidas brand has always stood special for its quality and designs. This exclusive black and a red T-shirt is super cool and is best for those guys who want the latest fashion patterns to be incorporated in their style statements. It looks super cool and is best for those guys who prefer a comfortable and cosy look.

  • T-shirt Pattern and Sleeve Design: Graphic black and red striped print with a short sleeve
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Sportswear
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin and athletic
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Shorts

2. Levis Military T-shirt for Men:

Miltary tees have been in craze from ever since. All guys from different age groups always fancy to have one in their wardrobe, given the versatile and smart sense of styling and look associated with it. Here is one such design and variant you may want to consider, from the brand levis with supreme quality and looks.

  • T-shirt Pattern and Sleeve Design: Miltary olive green tee with a full sleeve
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Casual wear
  • Preferred Body Shape: Anyone, from thin to plus size or bulky
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Jeans or sport track pants

3. Nike Gym T-shirt for Men:

Nike comes with most comfortable and easy to wear sports and gym tees and here is one such variety. This super soft and supreme quality tee is convenient to wear during training and workout purposes and is for those guys who do not mind spending the extra buck for the quality and brand.

  • T-shirt Pattern and Sleeve Design: Black round neck Nike Tee with regular sleeve
  • Fabric: Polyester and cotton
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Workouts and gym
  • Preferred Body Shape: Anyone, from thin to bulky or athletic
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Shorts and sportswear

4. US Polo T-shirts for Men:

The polo tees have been in trend from ever since. For all those who love to have casual and classy fashion, with vintage and evergreen looks must not miss this easy fit style. This US polo tee follows the same manner in a similar style and is a must-have for any guy who is at a young age for regular wear.

  • T-shirt Pattern and Sleeve Design: White, red star printed black tee with collar and short sleeves
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Fit Type: Regular fit
  • Occasion to Wear: Casual daily wear
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin and athletic body
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Jeans

5. Jockey Sleeveless T-shirt for Men:

Here is another most popular and easy to wear Tee for all guys. The jockey sportswear brand has come with sleeveless t-shirt range, which is best for young boys and men who are looking for simple and casual looks. It delivers a fresh and dashing look to anyone who wears it effortlessly.

  • T-shirt Pattern and Sleeve Design: Plain blue t-shirt with no sleeves
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Fit Type: Regular fit
  • Occasion to Wear: Home wear or gym wear
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Shorts

6. Designer Men’s T-Shirts:

Get yourself or gift someone a designer men’s t-shirt that is bold and stylish. These t shirts have a wonderful artistic creation in them. Here the t-shirt has a native print done in white on a blue long-sleeved shirt. Each of the designer t shirts has something unique in them and this is what makes them cool.

7. Patchwork T-Shirts For Men:

Among the most stylish and classic t shirts for men is the patchwork design. These t shirts have colour block designs in bright bold colours. The round collar t-shirt is one of the most loved and used. The patchwork look is very contemporary and modern.

8. Surf T Shirts For Men:

Men who love the water and to surf will surely love this surf-themed t-shirt for men. The cool blue colour used in these t shirts is the most popular. The t shirts are either about the water or surfing in general. Boats, surfing boards and the beach are all the main themes in these styles of t shirts.

9. Graphic T-Shirts For Men:

Graphic designs are close to the hearts of men. These designs are colourful and have some kind of inner meaning. The graphic design t shirt men wear can have a big bold design that fills the front of the t-shirt. You can also make a DIY t shirt with graphic design all of your own. Choose to create a graphic and then get it printed on a plain t-shirt.

10. Logo Men’s T-Shirt:

There are many t shirts for men, but the best men’s t shirts are always those that have a logo design. These logo designs are those of the best companies or character logos. The comics strip character logo is also something that is popular.

11. Funny Men’s T-Shirt:

Most young men like to have simple t shirts but mostly with some funny quotes. This boy’s t shirts are printed with funky styles and will have jokes printed on them. Select words and colours that suit you.

12. Printed Men’s T-Shirts:

One of the most common t shirts for boys is printed t shirts. These t shirts have strong prints in plain style or embossed. The embossed style needs more care as the ironing should be done on the backside only.

13. Multi-Color T-Shirts:

Colour is always a priority when selecting any garment. Cool t-shirts for men come in bold and bright colours. These t shirts can be multi-colour too. The stripe pattern is classic. Each of the colours can be coordinated or contrasting. Go in for bold colours for the day time and choose neutrals for the night. If it’s a night party then go ahead and choose bold colours too.

14. Vintage Men’s T-Shirts:

Some of the classic designs for men are from the vintage collection. The men’s tee shirts in vintage style have many military designs and also aviation. Cool dudes like to look stylish and these vintage retro designs are just the one.

15. Long-Sleeved T-Shirts:

Winters are the best time to wear long-sleeved t shirts and the material used is also quite warm. The stylish t shirts for men, give you a lovely long sleeve that can be made in the same colour or contrast. Select the type you like be it raglan or straight.

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16. Round Neck T-Shirts:

Round neck is one of the common t-shirt styles for men. These are very comfortable to wear for all year round. They can be styled with a blazer to make it great for winters too. The design and pattern of the t shirts can be chosen according to the venue or event. Round neck t-shirts can be worn on almost all occasions.

17. Pocket Men’s T-Shirts:

T shirts with pockets are mostly men’s choice. These are perfect for keeping the bare essentials like a pen, napkin, etc. Some of the latest men’s t shirts have pockets in front. In the current fast-paced fashion world, choose your own key style by wearing a T-shirt.

18. High Neck T-Shirts:

Try out the trendy high neck t shirts that can be rolled up or straight. The high neck t shirts are normally of soft material. You can have winter t shirts that are made of warmer fabric too.

19. Leather Sleeve T-Shirts:

Choose to be ultra-cool with one of the men’s t-shirt designs that have leather sleeves. This biker style t shirts are bought mainly by guys who love the outdoors. The leather is trendy and stylish. This t-shirt reflects some winning personality in the mindset of people. Pictures of such leather t-shirt will make you happy every time you see it.

20. Scoop Neck T-Shirts:

Get this funky scoop neck t-shirt for your next buy. This goes great with jeans and looks extra stylish. The scoop neck is so-called because of the deep round cut the neck has. The extra t-shirts can be designed in a wide variety of designs, fabrics, and brand chooses complicated t-shirts which are more comfortable for your body fitness.

21. Boat Neck T Shirts For Boys:

Try out a different style for a change with these awesome boat neck t shirts. These t shirts come in solid colours or stripes. The boat neck is wide neck opening that shows a bit of the neck bone.

22. Raglan Men’s T-Shirts:

The raglan sleeve look is a classic t-shirt design. These sleeves start from the neck and not from the shoulder end. The sleeves can be made with contrasting colour as well to give it more style.

23. Long Tail T-Shirts:

This is one of the coolest and latest trends in t shirts. These t shirts have a long length that ends up mid-way to the thighs. These can be slit on either side. The ends can be curved or straight.

24. V Neck T-Shirts:

Choose the classic V neck t-shirt that comes in all colours and styles as your staple shirt. These V necks can be deep or normal. The deep V neck shirts are great to show off your bodybuilding skills.

25. Y Neck Men’s T-Shirts:

Here is another style that is famous for t shirts. The Y neck t shirts are usually with buttons. The Y opening allows for buttons to be put on the stick side of the Y opening. A contrasting button colour is also a great option.

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26. Collared Men’s T-Shirt:

A lot of men love the collared t-shirt because it looks formal and structured. These t shirts have a collar from a thicker piece of material. They can be in contrasting colour or the same colour with a thin border.

27. Gym T Shirts For Men:

The fitness-conscious men will prefer these gym t shirts that have a very deep sleeve opening. The deep cuts offer breathability and freedom of movement while still absorbing all the sweat. It helps in absorbing sweat too, get this pattern for your daily workout in the gym.

28. Asymmetrical T-Shirts For Boys:

Get groovy and stand out of the crowd with this asymmetrical t-shirt. The design of the t-shirt is such that it does not have a straight cut. The ends are tapered on the side or it can be scrunched on one end. The possibilities are endless.

29. Ripped T-Shirts For Boys:

Another cool factor to add to your t-shirt collection is the ripped t-shirt. These t shirts have the material ripped in fine cuts here and there. You can select something ready or you could even DIY it. If you have a good hairstyle, then tries this pattern to impress your loved one.

30. Suede Men’s T-Shirts:

Suede as a material is also used to make t shirts. These styles can be done in any way. The choice of colour is also varied. It’s great to have one of these in your collection. This pattern is little thick and you can try this on winter season too.

31. Hood T Shirts For Boys:

A hood t-shirt is a must-have in all young men’s wardrobes. This t-shirt not only acts like a style statement but also is multipurpose. It can be used to protect the head from the element of weather. This type of hooded pattern attracts the attention surely.

32. Tie Die Men’s T-Shirts:

Tie die art is a very old art form that is used to create exquisite prints in the material. The garments are usually colourful and have a spiral pattern. This one comes under graphic pattern designs; choose as per your choice and style. These are great for men’s t shirts as well.

33. Cap Sleeve Men’s T-Shirts:

A cool looking t-shirt pattern is the one that has a cap sleeve. These sleeves are short and cut at an angle. These look great for the gym or any sporting activity. This one looks like a pattern of longline slim t-shirts too.

34. Cowl Neck Men’s T-Shirts:

Look dashing in these draped cowl neck t shirts. These loose-fitting t shirts are draped at the neck area and this gives a scooped up look. They are best worn by young guys. You can use this pattern on 3/4th or trousers too.

35. Half Sleeve Men’s T-Shirts:

Not many people will know that there are half sleeve men’s t shirts as well. These sleeves are cut lower than the elbow. Try out this unique style and be different from the crowd. Such design or style mostly prefer in the summer season, get this style for your regular use or you can gift to your friend this such type of unique pattern.

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Men’s t shirts are the main garments that are worn by men on a daily basis. These t shirts make you look sexy and dashing. The t shirts may be of different neck styles like cowl, crew, high neck, V, Y or round. The colours used may be solids or stripes or printed in embossed form. You could also have t-shirts that are asymmetrical in design or long in length. The styles are so varied that you can have one style of a t-shirt for every day of the month.


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