Alopecia is also known as baldness and it is experienced by millions of people be it male or female. You can experience this at a young age and also you can experience this as you grow older. This is sometimes genetic and sometimes a lot of other factors contribute to balding. This can be the levels of stress, improper sleep or improper blood circulation leading to hair fall. There are several remedies these days that can treat or at least slow down the thinning of hair.

A very well known procedure these days is the Mesotherapy. In this mesotherapy treatment, nutrient, vitamins and other nourishing elements are injected at the roots of the hair. This hydrates, nourishes and also helps in control to hair fall and increasing the hair growth. Let us talk about this mesotherapy treatment in detail.

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Mesotherapy For Hair:

Below we provide the details about mesotherapy for hair that treatment solve the hair loss problem, and promotes hair growth and finally helps to other hair problems.

What is Mesotherapy for Hair loss?

Mesotherapy for hair growth is a treatment that can treat the baldness that occurs in both men and women equally easily and effectively. It might not be a permanent cure but it promotes good hair growth and works on the patterned baldness, slowing it down and giving you better looking hair. In this process of mesotherapy for hair growth, your patterns are observed and using proteins, vitamins and nutrients otherwise, your hair growth is taken into account and studied. Your scalp is scrutinized as well to know in details about everything damaging your hair follicle.

Benefits For Hair:

In this process, an injection is added and nutrient boosters and left in the scalp with the same injection gun that we were discussing about right ahead this sentence. This helps nourish your scalp, get rid of dandruff by hydrating the scalp. Without the dandruff in place, your hair follicles get more room to breathe and grow the better way.

Benefits For Hair Growth:

Mesotherapy hair treatment also hydrates your scalp, removes any infection that was once present or was just beginning to build up. This allows even better volumes of hair to grow in place of the unhealthy ones. The procedure is quick and speedy and can guarantee you long healthy tresses. They are equally strong and grow faster. Gradually, the treatment succeeds in restoring back the overall hormonal balance of your cells. It takes no second guessing to understand what benefits that might yield for you. Yes, we are talking about beautiful locks for you to brag about in no time.

Finally, the benefit list isn’t done yet, and there is a so called DHT hormone, injection of while leads to formation of new strands of hair and an acceleration of growth in them. This treatment is therefore your easy route to getting back your thick long hair without others getting a hint of it. They’ll be pleasantly surprised and you will soon be bombarded with questions regarding your success story.

What Is Mesotherapy Treatment For Hair Growth:

In this method nutrient rich fluid is injected into the mesoderm of the head wherever there is baldness. This is done with a mesotherapy gun which contains a needle which is sterile. The fluids are injected into this epidermis which is the link among the fat and the cell tissues. The time taken to do this depends on the severity of the patient’s balding condition. It usually takes 40 minutes to an hour for each mesotherapy session to get over. So you have to invest not just money but also enough time for undergoing this treatment.

You will be requiring a session each week or every two weeks for at least 8 to 9 months before the follow up begins. The follow up is like one session each month. If this follow up is not done then you may start to lose any progress made whatsoever. The fluid that is injected consists of different kinds of nutrients and also other vitamins which help rejuvenate the hair roots. This treatment doesn’t generally have any side effects or allergic reactions.

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However you need to be sure that the needles are new and that they are used while the doctors have gloves on them. This whole procedure, even though generally no anaesthesia is required but it still is like a minor surgery where small amounts of blood may ooze out when the needles are used into the scalp. So it is best to go to a trusted speciality clinic where proper hygiene is maintained so that there are no chances of infection.

There are side treatments like laser therapy which is offered to the patient and the charges come together when you go for a mesotherapy treatment. If you have other scalp conditions like the dandruff or any other dermatitis condition, you should consult a good doctor before taking up mesotherapy treatment.

The Follow Up:

This is a wonderful treatment and may be good alternative to hair transplant but you need to keep up with maintenance sessions every 2 to 3 months or as per what your trichologist suggests you. A healthy diet and the chart mentioned exercises are an essential part of the follow up. You need to have a good sleep, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. We are not just talking about physical exercises but when you go to a good mesotherapy clinic, a list of hair regrowth exercises will be provided to you.

These need to be done regularly if you want to see some improvement in your hair. Again you should remember that this treatment is costly and maintaining the follow up sessions can also be quite heavy on your pockets. While this is true, another thing that is true is it doesn’t show the same results on every single patient. On a few it works but on others it may show very less effect. It depends on you to decide whether you want to select mesotherapy or not.

Mesotherapy Cost Variations, Side Effects, And Effectiveness:

Mesotherapy for hair growth does not really cost a fortune, but it does vary from a lot of perspective. Wait for it, we cover it all. So, depending on the area of your baldness, also known as the geographic region in medical terms, the number of micro injections used in your case and the medical care provider who signed you up for the deal and is now about to carry out the procedure. Depending on these, there are so many things that you need to work on. While the side effects are rare, we will talk about them in addition as well, so that you get an in-depth idea of the whole thing before you proceed to your first ever session.

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The most common side effects for mesotherapy are some bruises that barely take a few days to heal. There might be soreness to deal with as well in the scalp region, but they usually go away all by themselves and usually so within a day or two. The maximum threshold never crosses the 48 hour mark. So if you see a blister or bruise that lasts longer, make sure to get to the doctor and get it checked right away.

One thing you’ll probably want to know is if mesotherapy is permanent or not. Well given the conditions, following proper diet measures and exercising will easily help maintain your treatment hair on your scalp wisely. So, care should be the end of it.

And with that, we are done explaining in details everything there was to know about your query. Does mesotherapy work for hair loss? Hope you took notes and all your doubts are done with now.