The main reason why ponytails are every girls’ (even some guys’) favourite hairstyle is because they don’t have to be prim and proper to pull off. Rather style-wise, the messier the better! The world’s easiest quick fix is spotted across runways and red carpets alike.

Why The Messy Ponytail?

  • Suits every outfit, couture to backyard sale material
  • Suits every personality, right from Hollywood diva to edgy rock stars.
  • Easily adds tons of personality to your ensemble.
  • Quick, easy, anytime style.

Latest and Beautiful Messy Ponytail Hairstyles with Images:

Here are some of the best looks of this versatile hairstyle.

1. Messy Low Ponytail With Loose Crown:

This sexy hairdo is the quintessential “just-out-of-bed” look. The crown is loose and the lower ends are tied together and tossed over one shoulder. It is a complete grunge meets sweetheart look perfect for a casual outing with buddies.

2. Messy Beehive:

This is a messy take on Bridget Bardot’s iconic hairstyle. It adds volume to the look and the awry little strays add to the careless beauty image. Use a lot of hair spray to help last the look longer.

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3. Messy Twisted Ponytail:

Take two sections of hair around either temples and above the ears, twisting them all the way to the end. Secure them together with elastic or rubber band. Gather all the hairs together into a mid high ponytail and wrap a few strands around the base to give a distinct look. All the time use your fingers and use comb minimally to get the messy look.

4. Messy French Braid Ponytail:

It is similar to the messy twisted ponytail, only the twisted hair is replaced by a deep French braid. Remember to add texture to your crown and twist and secure fly-aways with bobby pins. A little chaos is always welcome to achieve the messy look.

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5. Messy Waterfall Braid Ponytail:

Essentially a free hand waterfall braid, this is more of a hippie hairstyle. No need to tame fly away as it gets covered in the braid. Make a low ponytail and fasten it away from the head just over the shoulder. You can back brush the front portion or simply let it fall around the frame.

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6. Messy Poof Ponytail:

It’s the best ponytail for those with shaggy hair. The abundant layers will help create the messy look with easy. Create a small poof at the crown by back brushing the hair. Then gather your hair to a mid high ponytail and yank the ponytail tight. Let the loose strands be as it is.

7. Messy High Ponytail:

Who knew that the messy high pony would be such a craze? Just gather all your hair into a high ponytail, and then yank the ponytail tight by pulling at opposite directions with both hands. This will ensure the messy look. For a sharper look straighten your hair with a flat iron and lots of hair serum. This will make a sleek and glossy ponytail.

8. Messy Double Braided Ponytail:

Combine any two braids to converge into a ponytail. It can be a double waterfall or a double French braid or a crown braid with waterfall. Be creative and increase your glamour quotient. Make sure that it is messy within reason to avoid crazy tangles.

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9. Messy Topsy Ponytail:

The topsy tail is a bubble ponytail with inverted twists. Make a high ponytail first. Then create the first bubble. Invert the remaining her from the centre of this bubble. Continue till desired length. And voila!

Make sure the hair is not freshly shampooed. shampooed hair needs a lot of product to achieve the dirty look. In case your hair lacks shine try using a dry shampoo. In case of doubt consult your salon or hairdresser. So go carefully careless and become the talk of town, one messy ponytail at a time.