A messy hair ponytail is a new love. The new millennials and young modern girls love messy ponytails, and we know it! So today, we are here with the latest variant among messy ponytails. These hairstyles give a bold and beautiful style statement to flaunt and add to the entire fashionable look seamlessly.

If you love messy styles, then you must try out the new and popular messy ponytail hairstyles too.

20 Cute Messy Ponytail Hairstyles for Short and Long Hair:

We have compiled the list of top trending and latest messy hair ponytails to suit women across preferences, age groups and features. Have a look at these perfect hairstyles with a picture gallery.

1. Boho Chic Messy Ponytail Hairstyle:

Do you want to nail the current feminine and chic fashion trend? We love this messy ponytail hairstyle suited for wavy and curly hair texture. The long or medium hair length messy ponytail fits beautifully for western or ethnic outfits and across occasions such as weddings, parties and festivities. It is versatile and makes you appear beautiful effortlessly.

2. Messy Braid Ponytail:

While messy braided looks are already the most popular ones globally, we can’t stop ourselves from introducing you to this lovely and charming feminine style. Here, the one-sided pony goes well to blend in with overall open hair, tied into a knot. Pull out the hair of the braid and pony a bit to give a messy and puffy effect once done. For parties to weddings, this messy ponytail with a braid can be a good choice.

  • Women with oval, diamond, and oblong face shapes can try this hairstyle.
  • This messy pony is perfect if you have a wavy and curly hair texture.

3. Messy High Ponytail:


Do you prefer bold and wild statement looks? This high messy pony look can be ideal. For all those cocktail parties or dance nights, sort out your costume and makeover away with this lovely and chic hairstyle. Try this one out for long dresses or knee-length one-piece outfits, and we bet you can look no less than a diva.

  • Women with round and oval face shapes and features can try this ideal look
  • This edgy and chic style can be best for those with wavy and straight hair texture.

4. Messy Ponytail with Bangs Fringes:

You can try out a messy ponytail even if you have bangs or fringes. This lovely messy low ponytail can be tied in the most casual manner and disturb the hair a bit to make it appear messy. Bring on a bit of hair falling over near the forehead for that added effect. Try this one out for those special dinner events or gatherings, and this can look dazzling.

  • Women with heart and oval face shapes can try this fringe hairstyle easily.
  • This edgy look can look perfect if you have wavy hair texture or mild curls.

5. Messy Ponytail with Short Hair:

Hey, if you have short hair, worry not. You can even make a variant of this pony. Tie down a casual ponytail with a hair knot and pull in some strands for that added style. Loosen up the pony near the crown for extra effect. Try this out. This can be casual yet elegant and charming. What do you think? This can be good for everyday casual outings or offices.

  • Women with any face shape and features can try this hairstyle
  • Try this look with wavy or straight hair texture for the best of the looks.

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6. Long Messy Ponytail:

If you have long hair length, we have you sorted too. Try out this long messy ponytail style in the easiest manner. Further, if you have frizzy hair, you can flaunt the beauty of the look too effortlessly and still appear like a million bucks. What do you think of this one?

  • Women with oval, oblong, and square face shapes can try this long ponytail hairstyle look.
  • This hair makeover can be perfect for frizzy and curly hair texture and style.

7. Messy Ponytail Updo with Short Braided Knot:

We have another messy ponytail idea if you have medium to long length hair. Bring on all the hair together and try a very short braid near the back of the crown. Now tie the entire hair in a ponytail. Rub the hairstyle around a bit to create a messy feeling, and you are good to go. If you are going on that summer holiday or lunch outing, this lovely and refreshing look can be a good choice.

  • Women with oval face shapes must try this hairstyle for that chic effect.
  • Curly, wavy hair texture can go very well in this look.

8. Bubble Messy Hairstyle Pony:

This is such a lovely and gorgeous messy ponytail formal for working and professional women. If you are in search of that special hairstyle for office organized gatherings or formal parties, try this lovely look. This is unique and gives a vibrant and contemporary feel easily and effortlessly.

  • Women with any face shape and features can try this hairstyle easily.
  • This edgy look can be ideal for those with wavy and curly hair texture.

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9. The Platinum White Messy Hair Ponytail:

The young new-gen modern women must not miss out on platinum hair. Now wake up the inner fashionista in you with this lovely chic high messy ponytail that we can’t stop gushing on. This blonde hairstyle can be ideal for parties and those fun nights out and for women searching for bold, contemporary and marvellous looks.

  • Women with long and oval face shapes must try this lovely look
  • Any hair texture can be good to go and perfect in this style easily.

10. The Casual Everyday Messy Pony:

Are you going out on a quick meet? For the new millennial women who are particular about their looks, even on small days, we even hear you. This casual low messy ponytail also looks sleek and luminous with its uniqueness and creative style. Isn’t it cool?

  • Oval, round, and heart face shapes can be perfect in this hairstyle
  • Wavy and smooth straight hair texture can be ideal for this casual, everyday messy look

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11. Messy Low Ponytail with Loose Crown:

This sexy hairdo is the quintessential “just-out-of-bed” look. The crown is loose, and the lower ends are tied together and tossed over one shoulder. It is complete grunge meets sweetheart look perfect for a casual outing with buddies.

12. Messy Beehive:

This is a messy take on Bridget Bardot’s iconic hairstyle. It adds volume to the look and the awry little strays add to the careless beauty image. Use a lot of hair spray to help last the look longer.

13. Messy Twisted Ponytail:

Take two sections of hair around either temple and above the ears, twisting them all the way to the end. Secure them together with an elastic or rubber band. Gather all the hairs together into a mid-high ponytail and wrap a few strands around the base to give a distinct look. All the time use your fingers and use comb minimally to get the messy look.

14. Messy French Braid Ponytail:

It is similar to the messy braided ponytail, only the twisted hair is replaced by a deep French twist. Remember to add texture to your crown and twist and secure flyaways with bobby pins. A little chaos is always welcome to achieve a messy look.

15. Messy Waterfall Braid Ponytail:

Essentially a free hand waterfall braid, this is more of a hippie hairstyle. No need to tame fly away as it gets covered in the braid. Make a low ponytail and fasten it away from the head just over the shoulder. You can back brush the front portion or simply let it fall around the frame.

16. Messy Poof Ponytail:

It’s the best ponytail for those with shaggy hair. The abundant layers will help create a messy look with easy. Create a small poof at the crown by back brushing the hair. Then gather your hair to a mid-high ponytail and yank the ponytail tight. Let the loose strands be as it is.

17. Messy High Ponytail:

Who knew that the messy high pony would be such a craze? Just gather all your hair into a high ponytail, and then yank the ponytail tight by pulling in opposite directions with both hands. This will ensure a messy look. For a sharper look, straighten your hair with a flat iron and lots of hair serum. This will make a sleek and glossy ponytail.

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18. Messy Double Braided Ponytail:

Combine any two braids to converge into a ponytail. It can be a double waterfall or a double French braid, or a crown braid with a waterfall. Be creative and increase your glamour quotient. Make sure that it is messy within reason to avoid crazy tangles.

19. Messy Topsy Ponytail:

The topsy tail is a bubble ponytail with inverted twists. Make a high ponytail first. Then create the first bubble. Invert the remaining her from the centre of this bubble. Continue till the desired length. And voila!

20. Messy Ponytail for Weddings:

Messy is a new style and cool. If you don’t agree with us, do check out the latest wedding hairstyle trends. The messy looks are spotted in most young modern women, and it is among the most sought-after and loved styles. Here we have a messy and mesmerizing ponytail for weddings or celebrations. With the feminine and graceful style, this look is refreshing, timeless and elegant.

  • Those with diamond, oval and long faces can try this hairstyle easily
  • Women with curly and wavy hair texture must not miss out on this messy ponytail.
  • This edgy style can be ideal for women in the 20s to 40s age group easily.

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What do you think of these messy ponytail hairstyles? These messy pony looks are famous already across the world, and we are quite in awe of the intricate and stylish trends. They are perfect for modern-age women who don’t want to settle for any less. Let us know your thoughts, too; we love to hear from you!


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