Copper is the first metal to be used in ancient time and now we use metals like silver, gold to make bangles and different ornaments. Metal bangles are the silent and easy way of commuting the world about your style. You even get bangles of various designs and pattern and are available in different sizes according to size of your wrist.

Latest Metal Bangles and Its Types:

You can choose bangles according to occasion and wear them according to style and fashion. You can mark your fashion on others by wearing unique kind of bangles metal.

1. Silver Metal Bangles:

Silver is one of the metal through which you can create beautiful bangles which could grace your hand and overall make you look awesome and unique from others. The bangles created through this metal are silverfish in colour but now we get bangles in oxidised form also. Silver metal bangles look great with any kind of apparels and make you appear different in every aspect.

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2. Crystal Embellished On Black Metal Bangles:

As crystals are known as uncut diamonds they look awesome if studded on black metal bangles. The bangles make your hand appear as beautiful as this piece of looks and leave people speechless. These types of bangles can be flaunted on both western as well on ethnic outfits and can grace any occasion you want making you look unique from others.

3. Mirror Image Black Metal Bangles:

In between the black metal bangles you can insert mirror image, enhancing the look of bangles as well as your hands. You get amazing designs of these bangles and choose it according to your style and fashion. These bangles can be worn in office as well on daily basis. It look simple but has a touch of elegance in it.

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4. Traditional Style Bangles In Maroon Stones And Floral Design:

The traditional style bangles look elegant and enhance your look at any point of the time. The bangles are studded with precious maroon and white stones, in between flowers are carved with gold metal making the bangle look mind blowing. You can wear these bangles on wedding parties, as it can be worn with traditional wear and makes you look more beautiful.

5. Golden Metal Bangles:

All time favourite of every woman is gold. Who can say no to gold and you cannot go wrong with gold bangles. The gold metal bangles looks very unique of every woman hand and makes her feel complete also. You get various designs and pattern of gold bangles and you can choose the one according to your taste and style.

6. Simple Grey Metal Bangles:

These grey metal bangles looks very simple but with a touch of elegance in it. Especially teen age girls appreciate this type of bangles as they are simple but unique. These bangles are available in oxidised form also. You can team up these bangles with a pair of jeans and causal t-shirts and create a different look.

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7. Antique Indian Gold Bangles In Black:

The gold bangles if given an oxidised look, enhances the appearance of bangles many fold leaving you amazed in happiness. The wearer of bangles cannot be left noticed by everyone and thus enabling you to create your own fashion and style.

8. Twisted Silver And Copper Metals Bangle:

When Silver and Copper is mixed, the bangles created out this are truly awesome and you cannot resist yourself to own one of it. Both the metals are twisted in a definite pattern to create a unique design. They look simple but are very unique. It can grace any occasion and you can mark your fashion and style.

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9. Unique White Metal Bangles:

A metal bangle in white is all time favourite of women. You can emboss precious white stone in between the bangles, which enhances the beauty of the bangle. They are gracious and women’s love graceful accessories and create a fashion out of it.

Girls and women’s are fond of bangles as they give them as well as their hands a complete look. You can decide to wear the bangles according to your taste and fashion as you get many type of bangles made of different metals. The metals bangles can be worn on any occasion and you get them according to your pocket size. You can get sizzling pattern and design of metal bangles and look different from others.