Metal chokers are perfect for a more daring look that gives out a masculine appeal. These chokers are not delicate and are normally worn with more semi-casual and casual outfits. Choose metals like gold and silver, among others, for chokers. The metal chokers can have thin wires or thick and chunky metal bands.

Latest and Beautiful Metal Chokers for Girls with Pictures:

Here are the best designs of metal chokers jewellery for young ladies in fashion.

1. Metal Plated Choker:

This cool shiny metal-plated choker is a medium-sized metal band inspired by the Terminator series. This choker looks ultra cool and gives you the heavy metal style. Pair it with dark lipstick for a very chic look. The metal choker is perfect for young girls.

2. Thin Gold Metal Choker:

Want something more sophisticated? Choose this shiny gold thin metal choker that sits well on the neck. This is more of an evening-wear jewellery item. It can be paired with dresses that are more asymmetrical as well. The gold shines through and gives a rich look.

3. Egyptian Style Metal Choker:

Look gorgeous like Cleopatra in this Egyptian-style metal choker necklace. The choker has thin metal pieces that are joined to form the necklace. It covers two strands, and one that falls towards the upper chest. It gives a very traditional look that can be easily paired with Indian and Western wear.

4. Burnished Metal Choker:

This is a burnished metal choker that has ornate charms with hanging beads. The metal choker has thin metal wires intertwined to form loops. The tiny beads are pretty, making the choker look feminine and charming. This choker can be worn for a party and completes your look.

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5. Chunky Metal Choker:

Metal choker jewellery is best for girls who want daring and street style. This chunky chain-style metal choker is great for a bold look. The centre pendant has a crystal stone attached to it. This is perfect for daily use.

6. Geometric Metal Choker:

Metal chokers in geometric shapes are the rage now. They go well with all kinds of outfits. The shapes used are normally in conjunction with one another. This metal choker has diamond shapes. The detailing is brilliant, with white, black and silver colours used to complement each other.

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7. Rose Gold Choker Necklace:

Metal choker necklace in gold is very popular as an evening-wear jewellery item. The rose gold used here is very subtle. The designer-style two-strand necklace is racy in design. It pairs well with contemporary outfits in black or white. Choose this if you would love to up your fashion quotient.

8. Spiral Metal Choker:

This unique metal choker has an S spiral form. There is no clasp to fasten the choker. The spiral can be placed on the neck and clamped slowly to fit the neck. The designer piece is very stylish and chic. Choose these in the metal of your choice, like silver or gold.

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9. Gold Wired Metal Choker:

This metal gold choker stands out and makes a wonderful fashion statement. The almost four-strand metal wire choker is of medium thickness and covers the whole neck area. Pair it with formal or semi-casual outfits.

Chokers in metal are best suited for the heavy street-style look. The chunky and wired metal chokers fill the neck and make you look rugged. Choose metal chokers in gold, rose gold, silver, etc. The styles you can select include Egyptian, spiral and geometric.


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