The wallet is no longer considered as a simple accessory to keep cash and important cards by men or women. It has become the part of one’s style and shields your data from being checked and stolen by pick-pocketing or robberies too. Those who are in need of a stylish and functional companion wallet there are various choices of the wallet available in the Indian market but the metal wallets are considered most suitable.

Protectable and Trendy Metal Wallets Models with Images:

Below is the list of best metal wallets with a highly durable and reliable feature.

1. RFID Protector Wallet:

This protective RFID credit card wallet is sleek in design and is made of stainless steel thus provide a smooth exterior surface. It allows you to store up to 7 cards of your need and protects them from environmental conditions. These wallets can be used by both men and women.

2. Machine Era Ti5 Metal Wallet:

This metal wallet for men is made up of Titanium and is light in weight. It has a thumb slot to remove cards along with a bottle opener and can hold up to 7 cards at a time. Its slim design and round edges make it suitable for carrying.

3. Sharkk Large Wallet Metal:

This metal wallet for men and women is made up of premium plastic and aluminium and comes in different colours. It provides up to 7 slots for storing around 9 cards for one’s need. If you are not satisfied with the quality of this metallic wallet then this brand provides a lifetime warranty so one can change their wallets anytime.

4. Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet:

This slim metal wallet is designed with a creative shape so that one can easily pull out the cards from the wallet. It allows individuals to store around 7 important cards of their needs and purpose along with some cash for immediate use.

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5. Umbra Metallic Wallet:

The Umbra Metallic cardholders is a combination of plastic, elastic and metal which increases the durability and reliability of the wallet. It allows the individual to keep a lot of cash along with the cards and comes in different colours.

6. Apex Wallet:

The Apex wallet is processed from aluminium and allows easy access to cards and cash with a thump-slot feature. It can hold around 2-7 cards and its back colour makes it stylish in appearance.

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7. Designer Aluminium Metal Case Wallet for Women:

Designer aluminium metal wallet for women is easy to carry anywhere anytime without the risk of being pickpocketed by thieves. The wallet is made up of plastic and aluminium and has around 6 slots for holding the cards. It comes in a variety of patterns and colours thus shows off the personality especially of women and girl.

8. Omega Wallet:

The Omega Titanium Wallet is the best metallic wallets with two-panel design feature and stainless steel corner. It allows individual to keep around 2-10 business cards along with some bills and cash. The thumb slot along with a bottle opener add an extra feature to this wallet.

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9. Ultra-Thin Aluminium Metal Card Holder:

This slim design wallet is a combination of steel and aluminium material. The ultra-thin aluminium wallet is light in weight and has 6 slots to store the cards. It is easy to carry anywhere even during the days. You can manage all your stuff in this wallet without taking pains.

As the fashion changes so do the changes occur in the styles and textures of the wallet. In the past century, people used to prefer leather wallets but nowadays they prefer metallic wallets. The design of metal wallets is sleek and flat which matches with the current trends in fashion. They are available in a wide range of prices however the list has the most popular and handy ones only.