Hola! Do you love traditional and classic vintage-sounding baby names? Are you a fan of Mexican heritage and the Spanish language in general? How about considering Mexican baby names for your newborn? The Mexican names are seeing new limelight in the present generation, given their lovely feel and intense, meaningful connotations. Most of these names are influenced by a mix of cultures and give out an appealing feel.

Whether you love to have a uniqueness in the baby name or feel the richness in the vintage classic feel, these Mexican baby names with meaning will indeed mesmerize you. So let’s check them out today!

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Most Popular and Best List of Mexican Baby Names

We bet you will fall in love with these lovely and soothing Mexican names. They are indeed a blend of beautiful, unique, and authentic ones. So, let’s check out the most common, unique, and cool Mexican names for boys and girls. These include both traditional, native names, as well as the modern contemporary ones too. Here we go!

Mexican Baby Boy Names:

We love this famous list of Mexican names for baby boys. You, too, will love them; let’s explore them together!

1. Angel:

As you may have guessed, the name meaning is also Angel! It is a spiritual and famous name in Spanish, Greek, and Latin.

2. Antonio:

The name has origins in Spain and means ‘the person who is beyond all the praise.’ This is a beautiful and meaningful baby boy name.

3. Arturo:

Aruto is just another variant of the name Arthur. It means a brave person! It is popular in Spanish and Portuguese cultures.

4. Carlos:

Carlos means ‘person who is manly.’However, this is a classic name idea not very popular in the global context. Nevertheless, it is an attractive choice for guys!

5. Dylan:

You may have heard this name, Dylan! It means a hero or God of Sea. The name has roots in Welsh mythology.

6. Fernando:

Fernando means an adventurer. The name also symbolizes something similar to a brave person. It has Spanish and Portuguese origins.

7. Gabriel:

Gabriel name has Hebrew origins. It means ‘God is my strong man.’ Gabriel is also one of seven archangels. This is a very famous name across the globe.

8. Luis:

Luis, the popular variant in Mexican of the name Louis, is a pretty common baby boy name too. This means ‘the person who is brave.’

9. Ian:

Ian means ‘gift of the God.’ The name has origins from Scottish and is a beautiful, meaningful name idea for boys.

10. Isaac:

Isaac in Hebrew culture means ‘the person who is always happy.’ So, we also have the famous scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, with this name!

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11. Jose:

This is among the most popular baby boy names in Mexican. The name is pronounced with J silent, as, hose-y. This name has the famous English variation, joseph. Jose means ‘may God give the increase in Spanish and Portuguese.’

12. Javier:

Javier means a bright person. The other variation of this name is Xavier! It has roots in Spanish culture. What do you think of these Mexican male names?

13. Juan:

Juan means ‘God is Gracious.’. This is the version of the famous name John. It is also a pretty well-known name for boys.

14. Lautaro:

In Spanish, Lautaro means ‘the one who is always daring.’ It is a rarely found yet appealing and powerful name idea.

15. Manuel:

Manuel symbolizes to ‘God is with us.’. The name is popular with American, Spanish, and Hebrew roots. It is, however, famous across Europe.

16. Martin:

Martin name originally refers to the Roman God of War. It has Latin origins from their culture. However, it got popular across the globe. There is even popular leader Martin Luther King Jr. with this name!

17. Miguel:

The other form of the name Michael in Spanish is Miguel. The name originally has Hebrew roots, which means a person who is like God’.

18. Pablo:

This is a famous name across the globe, after the painter and artist Pablo Picasso. Pablo is a Spanish variant for the name Paul, which means ‘small.’

19. Pedro:

Pedro name in Mexican is a variation to the English Variant, Peter. It is popular even in Portuguese and means a strong person like a rock!

20. Rafael:

The name has Hebrew origins and means ‘God has healed.’ It is among the most common name in Mexican and Spanish regions.

21. Ramiro:

The name comes from the two German words, Ragin – advise; and meri – famous. The name is powerful and beautiful, both with the name and symbolism.

22. Ricardo:

Ricardo means a great leader. Again, this one is among the most famous boys names in Spanish and Portugal. There are even renowned sportsmen and actors with this name.

23. Santino:

Santino in Italian origins means a little saint. Although rarely found, the name has the famous Canadian actor Santino Marella and American actor Santino Fontana.

24. Sergio:

Sergio is a popular Italian-originated name found in Spanish, Mexican, and Portuguese regions too! It means ‘attendant.’

25. Vicente:

Vicente means ‘the one who conquers and never fails.’ It is a classic and strong name for baby boys!

Mexican Baby Girl Names:

How about exploring the gorgeous Mexican female names? These girl baby names are lovely and meaningful. You, too, will find them beautiful; check them out!

26. Adriana:

This gorgeous and lovely name, Adriana is, originated from the Latin word Hadrianus. This Mexican name means ‘dark.’ We have the famous singer, Adriana Grande, with this name.

27. Amara:

Amara means ‘someone who never fades.’ This beautiful name is originated from Greek.

28. Bianca:

Bianca symbolizes ‘a person who is white and shining bright.’ This is Italian originated baby girl name idea.

29. Carla:

Carla is a female version of the name Carl. It means feminine and little. So, if you are looking for a short and cute name, this is good to go!

30. Delfina:

Delfina, otherwise also called Delphina, means a person who belongs to the lands of Delph. It has Greek origins.

31. Elena:

Elena means bright light. The name has Spanish origins and is a popular choice for girls! How do you like this one?

32. Francisca:

The beautiful name is the female version of Francis. It originates from Spanish and Portuguese and symbolizes a free and liberated person.

33. Fiona:

Fiona means someone who is fair. The name has roots in Gaelic and is famous in several novels and movies.

34. Gabriella:

Gabriella is the feminine version of the name Gabriel. It means ‘God is my strength.’ The name is a very famous one for girls globally. It is used in several European regions such as Spanish, Portugal, Romanian, Polish, etc.

35. Gloria:

Gloria means ‘the person who brings glory.’ It has Latin origins and is a very famous name already!

36. Isabel:

Isabel is a Spanish name form for ‘Elizabeth.’ It symbolizes ‘God is bountiful,’ ‘God Promise,’ or ‘a person devoted to God.’

37. Juana:

Juana is the female version of the name Juan. It means ‘God is Gracious.’ It has origins in Hebrew.

38. Luna:

Luna means ‘moon.’ It has Roman mythological origins, where many believe Luna is Moon Goddess.

39. Margarita:

This is a beautiful and meaningful name. However, Margarita has different connotations in different regions. It means pearl in Latin and daisy flower in Spanish origins.

40. Maria:

Maria is a popular name for girls. It is another variant of the name Mary. The name has multiple meanings; some believe Maria means a sea of sorrow; others believe Maria means ‘a wished child’. It has Latin origins.

41. Miranda:

Miranda means ‘a person who is admired the most.’ It originated from Latin culture. It is a beautiful and famous baby girl name idea.

42. Morena:

If you are thinking of a rare baby girl name, this is it. it means a person who has brown hair.’ Unique, isn’t it!

43. Olivia:

Olivia is originated from the word Olive. It is a poetic and immensely beautiful Mexican names idea that is vintage and popular from ancient times.

44. Paula:

Paula is a feminine version of the name Paul. It means ‘little.’

45. Rosa:

Rosa is the name derived from the flower, Rose. It is the Latin version of the name Rose and is an attractive evergreen choice.

46. Silvia:

Silvia means ‘a person from woods.’ The beautiful name has origins in Latin and is famous across Portuguese, German, English, and Spanish.

47. Teresa:

Teresa means a person who reaps. The name has other variations, too, such as Theresa. However, the popular name associated here is Mother Teresa, the popular humanitarian.

48. Vanessa:

This is a charming and modern famous name for girls. However, there is strong history to this name, and it is said that Vanessa actually doesn’t originate from any language. Instead, it is introduced by author Jonathan Swift for the first time in his poem and instantly got famous!

49. Veronica:

This gorgeous name is a classic choice for baby girls names in several traditions and regions. Veronica is a Latin name that means true image. The name also symbolizes ‘the one who brings victory.’

50. Yolanda:

Yolanda is a modern name for baby girls, taken from the original name variation, Violante. This means ‘the color violet.’

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Mexican Funny, Nicknames, and Pet Names

How about going beyond these popular, charming Mexican names and checking out the funny ideas or pet names ideas? Isn’t it exciting? These sweet nicknames for guys and girls are perfect and lovely ones that we all need! So, let’s hear them out too!

51. Cariño:

The beautiful nickname is a popular one in Spanish. It means, sweetheart. It is gorgeous and apt too. What do you think?

52. Chica:

Chica means ‘a girl’ in Spanish. This is a fantastic and cute common nickname idea for girls.

53. Chino:

Chino means ‘curly one.’ This is a unique and beautiful modern pet names idea for both boys and girls.

54. Enana:

Enana is generally called for girls; it means a shorter person. Such cute meaning, isn’t it!

55. Gordito:

Gordito means chubby one. This is a common nickname idea too!

56. Guapa:

Guapa means a handsome person. How about using this as a lovely pet name? Isn’t it fascinating?

57. Mariposa:

Mariposa in Spanish means ‘little butterfly.’ The nickname is just pretty and beautiful. So, what

58. Nene:

Nene means baby. The name is a common and well-known pet name and nickname idea; however, it still is an evergreen choice.

59. Peque:

Peque means a little one. This is a beautiful choice for pet names too! What do you think?

60. Rubia:

Rubia means a girl with blonde hair. This is a modern and contemporary nickname idea for girls.

Mexican Unisex Names:

There are some gender neutral and unisex baby names in Mexican for girls and boys too. They are perfect to name both genders. Do you want to check these Mexican inspired baby names out?

61. Alex:

Although used popularly for boys before, Alex’s name is now a gender-neutral baby name. It has Greek origins and means a warrior.

62. Arden:

Arden means a place with good solitude. The name has roots in Greek and is a rarely found baby name.

63. Cadence:

Cadence means a rhythm in Greek origin. It makes a beautiful and meaningful gender-neutral baby name idea.

64. Dani:

The name Dani has English origins and means ‘God is my judge.’ It is the right baby name for boys and girls.

65. Gael:

Gael means light. The name has Spanish origins and makes a cute and great short baby name for boys and girls.

66. Jay:

Jay has Latin origins and is a popular name idea across the globe. It means ‘a bird.’

67. Juno:

You might have already heard this name. It means Roman Goddess, who is the queen of Gods. The name also means ‘youth.’ Juno has Latin origins.

68. Meris:

Meris, the name with Latin origins means, ‘of the sea.’ It is a rarely found yet beautiful name idea suitable for boys and girls.

69. Milan:

Milan is a popular European name that means gracious. Many believe it has a Slavic origin.

70. Montana:

Montana is a suitable name for boys and girls. It means a mountain. The name has Latin origins.

Popular Mexican Surnames or Last Names

Finally, let us also check out some famous Mexican surnames or last names as well. Of course, most of these surnames or the last names are similar in Spanish, too, given that populous Mexico speaks Spanish!

71. Abalos:

Abalos has Spanish origin, and the name means ‘desert dunes.’ This is a popular Mexican surname or last name.

72. Becerra:

The name Becerra in Spanish surname means ‘heifer.’ This is a commonly spotted surname in Mexican.

73. Campana:

The Latin word campana means a bell. This is an occupational surname, generally used by people who are bell makers.

74. Enriquez:

Enriquez means ‘son of Enrique.’ This is a surname is widely found in Mexico, the Philippines, and Ecuador.

75. Fernandez:

Although Fernandez’s surname is now seen globally all across, it actually means ‘brave traveler.’ It is derived from the German word and means ‘Son of Fernando.’

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76. Gonzales:

This is a widely popular surname in Spanish; it means ‘battle elf.’

77. Iglesias:

This popular Spanish last name or surname is also seen in Greek and Latin. It means ‘churches.’

78. Marquez:

Marquez surname in Spanish means ‘son of Marcus.’ This is a famous one most of us already know!

79. Palencia:

Palencia is given to those who came from Palencia city of Northern Spain. It was a habitational name.

80. Vasquez:

Vasquez means ‘son of Vasco.’ This last name has Latin origins, derived from the word, Velascus.

We hope you enjoyed exploring this list of meaningful and beautiful Mexican baby names for boys and girls. If you are looking for classic and evergreen traditional name ideas, these Mexican names for babies indeed are a perfect choice. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts!


This is exclusively a guide to learn about the latest Mexican baby names. These are for informative purposes only. Please keep in mind that the meanings of several names vary according to different cultures, regions, and languages. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. The author does not guarantee or promise any accuracy of facts provided in this article.


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