Mexican food at its best is famous all over the world. You can never go wrong with Mexican food rolling around in your mouth. The richness of the guacamole with the hot spiced up salsa and the crunchy nachos are some of the traditional traits for Mexican food. One thing we all know about Mexican is their slight knack for spicy and saucy mixtures and here is a perfect list to all the Mexican recipes that you can whip up in your free time.

Most Popular Mexican Food Recipes with Pictures:

Let we have to look at the best Mexican Food Recipes.

1. Guacamole:

Now before we venture out into the world of Mexican cuisine we should first and foremost know how to make the very famous guacamole sauce. To start off the primary ingredient is avocado where you have to slice and peel the avocado. In separate pan squeeze loads of lemon and then mix the crushed avocado and lemon with jalapeno, garlic and tomato and onion dice along with a hint of salt.

2. Mexican Penne:

To make the Mexican penne you would need minced meat, preferably beef which needs to be slightly tossed in olive oil. In a separate pan boil pasta and then mix all the ingredients along with tomatoes, onions, thymes, basils, oreganos and everything else into a pan. Evenly distribute and then sprinkle grated cheese on top of it before baking.

3. Chicken Enchiladas:

In a pan melt butter and sauté green onion, onion, mushroom pieces, green chilies and garlic and then add in some sour cream. This is how the base of the sauce is made, you can even add oregano. Now boil the chicken pieces and add it to the sauce before wrapping it in the pasta roll.

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4. Chicken And Cheese Quesadillas:

Minced chicken is best for this dish where tortillas are paired in like a sandwich with the chicken, cheese and hot sauce wraps in between and then fried till golden brown. Often the quesadillas are served with side dish of avocado or guacamole sauce and make the salsa out of onion, tomato and hot sauce.

5. Fish Tacos:

To make fish tacos first start with the beer batter made of beaten eggs, baking powder, flour, cornstarch and beer. Now slightly dip the fish in flour and beer batter before frying it thoroughly. Next make the white sauce out of cheese and mayo with jalapeno bits and lime juice and then use it as the sauce for the taco.

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6. Mexican Beef Chilly:

Start by cleaning the beef from any remaining bones before grilling it rare medium and then slightly tossing and turning it in olive oil and oregano. Now in a separate pan add chipotle sauce, basil, thyme, oregano, onion and tomato and sauté it. Add the beef stock and then tip in the beef and then cook and sear till it becomes thick.

7. Pinto Bean Salsa Salad:

This is a classic side dish made from finely diced onion, spring onion, bell pepper, green tomato, spinach, sweet corn, pea and cherry tomato. You can even add apple dices to it along with pineapple. Now mix it in sour cream or yogurt along with chipotle and salsa sauce and you are all set.

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8. Carnitas:

To make the Carnitas add pork and onion with garlic, kosher salt and oranges in a pan and put it to boil. Cover the lid. Once done fetch the pork out of the broth and dress it in Creser salad dressing or sour cream and mayo and serve hot. Often before putting the pork to boil make a herb mix out of oregano and basil and then rub it thoroughly on the pork and then add some more during dressing.


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