Cartoon characters have always been favourites among kids of all ages, and many adults have fond memories of them. Although there are many cartoon characters, Mickey Mouse is the oldest and cutest cartoon character. In this article, we have collected 15 Mickey Mouse coloring pages that attract kids and adults.

Therefore, choose your colouring page and look at the brightening in your kid’s face.

15 Free Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages:

Scroll down to explore the lovely collection of Mickey Mouse colouring pages, along with a basic guide about how to colour.

1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Coloring Pages:

Mickey mouse clubhouse is a TV show extremely popular among kids. This colouring page covers all the major characters in one sheet, making it an exciting colouring option for kids of all ages. Though it is suitable for kids of all ages, younger kids might need a little help. Crayons are the perfect colouring tools to bring out life to the sheet.

2. Mickey Mouse Colour by Number:

This is a mickey mouse printable colouring page with colours designated for each number. The colours given to each number make the colouring process much easier for kids because the colours are already assigned. Younger kids might need little assistance in recognizing the colours. This colouring page is suitable for kids of all ages, and crayons can be the perfect tool.

3. Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages for Adults:

Who said adults can’t enjoy a little bit of colouring? This Mickey mouse colouring page is an excellent option so that even adults can enjoy colour and reminisce about their childhood. Brush pens or sketch pens are the perfect colouring tool options since handling them is easier for adults. In addition, you can use multiple colours to brighten the page.

4. Mickey Mouse Christmas Coloring Pages:

Christmas is one of the popular festivals among kids because of the festivities and gifts involved with it. The addition of the mickey mouse character adds even more fun to the festival. This mickey mouse picture to colour has a happy-go-lucky mickey mouse carrying a flower bow which also holds the words Merry Christmas across, commemorating the celebration.

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5. Mickey Mouse Halloween Coloring Pages:

Halloween is another festival where everyone has lots of fun, regardless of age and gender. This mickey mouse colouring page has mickey with a skull cap and a pumpkin lantern on one hand and a knife on the other hand. This Halloween coloring sheet is best suited for kids of all ages. To brighten the sheet, using bright colours is a perfect choice.

6. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages:

Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse is a popular cartoon pairs among kids of all ages. This colouring page has the characters enjoying a picnic and drinking a warm cup of milk or cocoa. You can use natural colours like light blue for the sky and green for the bushes and trees to make the page more realistic. In addition, you can opt for pink or purple for Minnie’s dress and a red and black combination for mickey.

7. Mickey Mouse Valentine Coloring Pages:

Valentine’s day is a day dedicated to the person we love the most irrespective of gender. Red with white dots looks exceptional for Minnie’s dress, whereas bright red is for Mickey’s dungaree. Choose yellow for the shoes that stand out, making the page look beautiful. Use lighter shades for the flowers because we have already used red for the characters’ dresses.

8. Mickey Mouse and Friends Coloring Pages:

We all love our friends and would love to have something to keep a memory of them. This Mickey mouse colouring page has all their friends creating space for so many cartoon characters beautifully. It is best to use contrasting colours for the attires of the different cartoon characters, which stand out and complement each other. Crayons or colour pencils are the perfect tools to bring brightness to the sheet.

9. Mickey Mouse Birthday Coloring Pages:

If your kid is a fan of Mickey mouse and you are looking for a way to incorporate the same of their birthday, this colouring sheet can be an excellent option. This colouring sheet can also be a return gift to keep kids entertained during get-togethers. Use glittering colours for the balloons and bright colours for the gift wrapping paper, which not only brighten the sheet but also make it lively.

10. Mickey Mouse Football Coloring Pages:

This Disney mickey mouse colouring page is for kids of all ages who love cartoons and sports. This combination compliments the sporty look that kids love so much. Unlike bright red, you can go for dark blue for the shirt while brown or black for the shoes. Go for brown for the ground and light blue for the sky. Make sure that your kids colour the entire page.

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11. Mickey Mouse Easter Coloring Pages:

Easter is a popular festival for many reasons, where egg hunting is a prominent one. This Mickey mouse colouring page combines the cartoon character with the easter festival beautifully. You can use brown for the basket, multiple colours for the eggs and yellow for the shoes of Mickey. Go for red colour for the attire of the cartoon character. Crayons are the perfect tools to bring life to the colouring sheet.

12. Mickey Mouse Face Coloring Pages:

Sometimes you don’t need an entire character to entertain your kids. This Mickey mouse face colouring page is an excellent option when you want to prepare a mask for any kid’s party. Use black for the hair, ears and nose of Mickey. Use red for the tongue and peach for the skin. This colouring sheet works well for kids of all ages.

13. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Musical Coloring Pages:

This is another Mickey and Minnie mouse where they dance beautifully to musical tunes. The red skirt with white spots for Minnie and the red for Mickey’s pants look authentic. Use yellow or brown for the shoes. You can use multiple glittering pens to bring a little shine to the colouring sheet. These colouring sheets work the best for kids in the age group of 6 to 8 years.

14. Funny Mickey Mouse Coloring Sheet:

The fun comes to mind when you look at this Mickey mouse colouring page. Not only their expression of Mickey is funny, but the décor surrounding the character also adds to the fun element. You can use glitter for the surrounding décor if you wish to use the standard colours of red and black for the attire. These colours complement each other beautifully.

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15. Baby Mickey Mouse Coloring Page:

This Mickey mouse cartoon colouring page looks adorably cute. We all typically find Mickey and Minnie mouse as adults. Therefore, this colouring page makes it all the more special because both cartoon characters are kids. This colouring sheet is best suited for younger kids in pre-school. And crayons are the perfect option for mess-free work.

Although there are many contenders regarding cartoon characters, Mickey Mouse certainly tops the list. Adults can refresh their memories while entertaining kids with the help of these mickey mouse colouring pages. Kids can also show off their talent among their friends with these sheets. So choose the page you love the most without further ado and start colouring. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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