If one is a fan of Mickey Mouse and want to play with it or decorate it in their house then one can do it by being creative and crafting mickey mouse. There are many designs that one can make using mickey craft like stickers and soft toy. Mickey Mouse is greatly loved by kids and so one can do this by crafting it. Mickey Mouse crafts can use for decoration on birthday party as well.

Best Mickey Mouse Crafts For Birthdays Of Kids:

Here is presenting top 9 Mickey Mouse crafts for 2 year olds and preschoolers,

1. Mickey Mouse Wreath:

This craft is very simple and easy to make and can be put at the front door. This is the mickey moue crafts for a birthday party. If one wants to greet the guest for the birthday party then one can do this by making this Mickey Mouse wreath.

2. Mickey Mouse Cups:

It is so inexpensive and easy to do and mothers love to do this for their children. To make it use 1″ circle paper and punch out two white circles and then glue buttons onto the cup. This is a nice idea for your kids’ daily milk routine; kids will surely finish their cup of milk. Make this craft for them.

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3. Mickey Mouse Paper Craft Clips:

These kinds of mickey mouse craft ideas are best suited for girls who want to add Mickey to their paper clips. It really looks cool and decent. For this one simply has to use paper clips, black buttons, and glue. School going girls or baby kids look pretty in these clips.

4. Mickey Mouse Hats:

These Mickey Mouse hats are perfect for birthday parties. Children are fond of Mickey Mouse then parents can have Mickey Mouse hats. It is simple and easy to make. You can make them in bulk and this one will be a nice collection for kids birthday party celebration.

5. Mickey Mouse Beads:

These are Mickey Mouse beads crafts that girls can put on their hairs. They are so round shiny and look very cute. This is nice craft and you can make this with your baby girl, nice idea to gift your child.

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6. Mickey Mouse Bookmark:

One can make a simple and adorable bookmark using Mickey Mouse. It’s the good book faithful companion. If one wants to see Mickey Mouse again and again then he or she can have this Mickey Mouse bookmark attached to a book.

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7. Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree Ornaments:

These Mickey Mouse crafts for toddlers and kids can be used during Christmas time. One can create Christmas ornaments for Christmas tree and enjoy. This will add some beautiful decoration for one’s home and the tree. One can cut out Mickey Mouse shapes and can be used as ornaments.

8. Mickey Mouse Paper Chain:

If one wants to add some twist or decorate their paper chain then it can be done by adding Mickey Mouse to them. For this one will need chart papers in black, red, white and yellow. Then white paint, glue, and scissors.

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9. Mickey Mouse Flower Pot:

If one wants to give perfect addition to his flower pots in the garden then one can do this by Mickey himself sprouting at the top. To make this one should get a flower pot and glue two buttons at the top and then Mickey head and two small balls in black color.

There is more art creativity in Mickey Mouse character as crafts; kids like to learn new things from his creative idea. Let them enjoy with this cartoon character craft, you will get all material easily in the market or you can create them your own too.

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