From pop to hip hop and rock music, Miley Cyrus has nailed them all. The notable singer has the right eye for fashion, and one of our favourites is Miley Cyrus’s hairstyles and haircuts. She has the most modern, bold, and wild smokey hot looks than most of her peers, and she is unapologetically stylish in her comfortable way.

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If you too are mesmerized by how she carries herself and love to explore more about her iconic makeovers, here we go with the Miley Cyrus hairstyles and haircuts trending right now.

15 Stylish Miley Cyrus Short and Long Hairstyles with Pics:

Let’s have to look at the top 15 Miley Cyrus hairstyles.

1. Flawless Blonde Open Hair:

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Here is the most simple yet stunning look. You may think this hairstyle is easy and quick but for such a plush and mesmerizing appearance, you would require perfect healthy fine blonde hair. However, if you have an eye for high end sophisticated glam quotient, you must give this a try. It can redefine your style statement and give you bold modern and stylish feminine vibes instantly. Do you agree?

2. Shaggy Hairstyle:

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If you want that modern and unique hairstyle, you must check out this one from the Miley Cyrus hairstyle collection. We are in love and in awe of how stunning and gorgeous Miley looks in this unique haircut. This haircut is perfect for short hair comfort and also brings on new age vibes with a contemporary and high-end glam quotient.

3. Slicked Hairstyle:

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While slick back and combed hairstyles have recently lost their relevance, we can completely agree that Miley revived it with her stunning beautiful appearance. She donned this gorgeous and unique haircut and we all went in awe of her daring and bold appearance. Do you agree? This hairstyle is indeed a perfect choice for those who are in love with experimentation and modern choices.

4. Pixie Mullet:

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We bet you haven’t heard about the mullet and pixie combined look. Miley’s latest hairstyle has been all about the blend of the pixie, and mullet look, and most of her fans got shocked when she tried it out. It looks unique and unusual, and what’s best about it is that she carries it with confidence and well enough. With short bangs or cuts in front and the sides, this mullet and pixie look indeed suits her the best.

5. Wet Waves Hairstyle:

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Most of us do not know or forget that Miley Cyrus used to have a mid-length or medium hairstyle a few times back. This is one such moment with a wet curly hairstyle. The elegant and poised look is so different from what she may look right now, but indeed she looks beautiful and gorgeous in this one. What do you say?

6. Slicked Back Pixie:

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Miley Cyrus’s hairstyles have indeed changed a lot over the course of years and her timeline of getting famous. She also sported this pixie haircut in a slicked-back look, and she looked breathtaking. With blonde hair and a very sleek, edgy look, Miley looks youthful and modern with stunning and gorgeous looks. We love this look of hers!

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7. Long Wavy Layers:

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This is one of her long hairstyles in which Miley shows off her beautifully layered hair with some brown highlights here and there. The hair is curled to ensure pretty waves all along, which adds volume to the hair that I,n turn helps highlight or frame her cheekbones and her jawline.

8. Pixie Cut:

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With a remarkable short trim on both sides and cute short spikes in the middle, the pixie cut is among those short hairstyles that best complement Miley Cyrus’ face and look.

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9. Razor Cut:

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The medium-length front hair is styled into excellent side-swept bangs which makes us dive deep into her eyes’ charm. The hair on either side of her head is razor cut short. The fascinating contrast between the hair lengths is what makes this hairstyle unique.

10. Neat Deadlock Pony:

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It cannot get cuter. Even with such short hair, Miley Cyrus can pull off such looks that ensure some Wow. With significant mid-parted hair, she has styled two cute buns on both sides which portray two tiny devil horns. This look kills with its devilish cuteness!

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11. Long Braid:

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Elegance and beauty are all that this hairstyle reflects in Miley. Showing off her beautiful long, layered and wavy tresses she has also done on an apparently thick braid. The interesting thing to be noted is that the braid is actually thin (as she has medium-thin hair) and the tousled look in the braid makes it look thick and voluminous.

12. Medium Spikes:

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Spiking with medium hair can be quite a challenge and as it appears, Miley Cyrus has taken that challenge and proved her awesomeness. This pop star has very boldly tried out every hairstyle out there from beauty to funk. In this case, the spikes are supported with the help of a hard gel that keeps them set up in their place.

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13. Elegant Top Ponytail:

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High ponytails are quite popular among celebs as we have seen Taylor Swift, Meg Ryan and various others sporting this look quite often. The most significant reason which lies behind the popularity of this look has to be the characteristics of this ponytail hairstyle… this hairstyle is easy to style and extremely easy to manage and is less time consuming too, instead of all this, all the messiness makes it look more natural and authentic. All in all, this hairstyle has too much to offer for a much less price!

14. Mohawk:

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Male Mohawks will be put to shame in front of such elegance. This hairstyle is at the zenith of funk, and someone only as brave as Miley can only dare to sport this cool bold look. The blond hair complements the overall look and the gradual trim of the hair along the sides serves as a topping to the cake. Among the rest of Miley Cyrus’ hairstyles, this is as stylish as it can get!

15. The “Wrecking ball” Cut:

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Miley Cyrus donned this look for her most controversial music video “Wrecking Ball”. This hairstyle features extremely short trimmed hair which has relatively longer hair in the front. The frontal hair is gelled up and brushed back at angular strokes, ensuring it gets appropriate volume too! This look is quite funky and chic. Though long tresses suit Miley the best, this short hairdo looks striking on her too!

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We hope you too enjoyed giving a glimpse at these latest and most trending Miley Cyrus hairstyles and haircuts. Let us know which of Miley’s best and most popular ones you liked among these famous hair makeovers. We love to hear from you!


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