Looking and staying fit has become a necessity. As many people are opting for weight loss, many studies are coming up to support this viewpoint. Who doesn’t want to lose unnecessary fat from their body? People have become very health conscious as ‘being fit’ is the latest mantra to success, and a healthy body will not be a host of diseases. Junk food has become a part of everyone’s life, kids, and adults alike. It is challenging to lose weight that is gained from consuming fried fattening unprocessed foods, and frozen foods. It leads to obesity and is very harmful in the long term. Indulging in healthy foods increases health quotient, and consuming milk is the best way for weight loss.


Is Milk Good for Fat Loss?

Milk is not just an average beverage in India. It is considered a potion with its desi magic. Milk is often called a complete meal with a lot of nutrients that play an essential role in the overall development of our body, along with weight loss. Fitness enthusiasts and nutritionists around the world consider milk to be a healthy and natural way to lose weight. One glass of milk has the nutrients to strengthen your bones, boost your immunity, and weight loss.

Types of Milk for Weight Loss:

Everyone wants to lose weight, but the key is to burn more calories than we take in. We can achieve this by adding milk to your diet. Whole milk can do wonders for weight loss. Here are some varieties of milk available.

1. Soy Milk:

Soy milk is prepared from ground soybeans. It is an excellent alternative for people who are lactose intolerant or vegan. It has fat-burning vitamins and increases metabolism to burn fat effectively.

2. Almond Milk:

Almonds are present in very menial amounts in almond milk. So it doesn’t have high amounts of calories that almonds have. Including almond milk is an excellent option for people that are allergic to soy, are vegan, and want to get in shape.

4. Skimmed Milk:

Skimmed milk is fat-free or has less than 0.5 grams of fat. It is a perfect option for weight loss for people who are not looking for vegan options.

5. Cow Milk:

Fat content in cow milk is less when compared to buffalo milk. It is lighter and easily digestible. Cow milk helps to body burn calories by increasing the metabolism of fat.

How Does Milk Help in Weight Loss?:

Here are the benefits of milk and how it helps in losing unnecessary fat from your body.

1. Boosts Metabolism:

Milk is a drink that is consumed by kids and adults alike in one form or another. It increases the rate of metabolism in the body. Thereby using the stored fat in the body and convert it to energy. Each glass of milk contains a lot of calcium, healthy fats, calories, and proteins. These nutrients boost metabolism and keep you active. It also helps you lose weight healthily and a lot faster. (1)

2. It Keeps You Satiated:

A healthy breakfast is key to a healthy life. Drink a glass full of warm milk along with a healthy breakfast to keep your stomach full. It is possible because of the proteins in milk that take longer to digest. Thereby you would not like to go on a munching spree on fattening, high sugar foods, which fill your body with unwanted calories.

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3. Excellent Source of Vitamin D:

Vitamin D also termed the sunshine vitamin as its production depends upon our body’s exposure to sunlight. Some studies suggest that people with a deficiency of vitamin D are the people with high BMI. Supplementing our body with a natural source of Vitamin D can lead to significant weight loss. Milk is an excellent source of vitamin D and therefore helps us in weight loss on an overall basis. Fill up with a glass of milk and keep extra body fat at bay. (2)

4. Calcium-rich:

Milk is rich in calcium. It keeps the bones and teeth healthy. Some researches prove that the intake of calcium aids in weight loss. Calcium stipulates a small increase in thermogenesis, the body’s core temperature. It boosts metabolism, making our body burn unnecessary fat. Make yourself a glass of warm milk and prevent gaining extra pounds. (3)

5. Rich in Protein:

Proteins are elementary units of our body and have various functions. Milk, a rich source of protein, provides energy to work all day long. (4) Protein plays a prominent role in repairing the body muscles. Also, consuming milk every day prevents unnecessary food cravings. Milk elevates hormones that reduce appetite while reducing levels of the hunger hormones

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6. It Has Conjugated Linolenic Acid:

Studies show that conjugated linolenic acid in milk can help in burning fat.  This acid helps obese people lose weight by increasing lean muscle mass. Many of us avoid dairy when we want to lose weight. But milk is a better option than many other beverages available in the market. Drinking 2 glasses of milk every day has various health benefits along with weight loss. Along with keeping your brain sharp, it keeps your body fit. It doesn’t make you fat if you work out properly regularly.

7. Keeps You Hydrated:

Milk is very good at hydrating your body. Milke has a point up than water as it retains for a longer time than water. Besides, milk provides essential nutrients, including calcium, protein, and vitamin B. It is a better and healthier substitute to many artificially flavored beverages. Electrolyte balance in our body is nurtured by sodium and potassium in milk. Milk is not a replacement for a healthy intake of water, but adding a balanced amount of liquid can help hydrate your body.

8. Drinking Milk After A Workout:

Milk or beverages with milk are best consumed after a workout as opposed to before or during exercise. Protein, carbohydrates, and fat in milk take longer to digest. Milk is a perfect beverage when you perform resistance based workouts as it increases muscle mass, and you can lose body fat. You can rehydrate yourself with a glass of milk after a rigorous workout as it increases muscle protein. Sometimes massive workout results in tissue damage, milk contains those essential nutrients necessary for tissue repair.

9. Drinking Milk at Night:

The kind of day you can have depends on how well you slept the previous night. A glass full of warm milk is said to aid in having a better sleep. We burn calories in our sleep too. With sound sleep, you can burn more calories. But you need to drink plain milk without adding any white sugar or any other flavors for effective weight loss. A glass of milk has a healthy dose of tryptophan and calcium, that make you sleep well.

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How to Include Milk in Your Diet?:

  • Like any other weight loss beverage, milk is effective for weight loss with proper work out regime and a well-rounded diet.
  • A regular cup of milk has 150 calories whereas skimmed milk has around 83 calories
  • Regular milk is best for weight loss rather than flavoured milk, which has more calories than required.
  • You can add milk to cereal, along with some fruits for breakfast.

With the plethora of benefits of milk and how it aids in weight loss, not everyone can reap those benefits. There are alternatives available for people who are lactose intolerant or vegan. So include milk in your diet and have a healthy weight loss! Let us know how milk has worked out for your weight loss regime.


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