Are you worried over your receding hairline? Are you thinking of the expensive alternative called hair grafting? With regular use of minoxidil for a minimum period of seven months, you can see astonishing result for your hair. It would not only save hundreds of your hard earned money, but stop hair loss as well. With proper treatment of minoxidil, you will see miraculous hair growth within a few months. In this article, we disusing how to use minoxidil for hair growth?.

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Benefits Of Minoxidil For Hair Growth:

Minoxidil For Hair Growth:

Minoxidil is actually a drug, approved by the FDA and is popularly known by its brand name, Rogaine. As per the research and survey, this medicine really works on the people who use it on a regular basis. The medicine is available in two percent and five percent concentrations. If you apply for this medicine twice daily, then not only the hair loss will be stopped but it will get restored as well. The drug dilates the blood vessels present around the hair follicles. This increases the nutrient supply and thus results in more hair growth.

Minoxidil Increases DNA Synthesis Resulting in Hair Growth:

This drug also enhances DNA synthesis in hair follicles. If you apply it to the scalp, it will get absorbed into the hair follicles and produces a catalyst named sulfonyl transferase. The function of this catalyst is to convert the normally inactive minoxidil into an active sulphite compound. This activated compound activates all the potassium channels in turn thus resulting in rapid hair growth.

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Apply Minoxidil Cream or Liquid Solution For Hair Growth:

You can either opt for the minoxidil cream, available in 10% or 12.5%, or go for the liquid solution that comes in 2%, 4%, 5%, and 8%. This treatment makes regrowth of hair faster. The degree of success depends on the person’s hair texture, area of receding hairline, and the strength of the medicine. The result may vary from a 2% mild solution to extra strong 8% one. However, the percentage of the drug needs to be determined by a professional. Always consult a doctor for the required strength for your hairline. If the baldness is severe, the physicians sometimes also recommend the use of additional boosters like caffeine, azelaic acid, and MPG or medroxyprogesterone. These dosages are mainly for men. Sometimes doctors also recommend combined use of propecia with minoxidil. The former is also an FDA approved drug.

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Minoxidil Also Works Wonders For Hair Growth of Women:

This drug has a proven record of accomplishment for making hair growth in women faster. After using the mild solution of 2% minoxidil in, most women have seen miraculous regrowth of hair within a few months. However, to see the maximum result, you need to use this medicine for at least seven to eight months.

However, before starting the treatment for hair loss with minoxidil, you should consult a professional. Like every other medicine, this drug also comes with some minor side effects. These are very mild and do not cause any long term damage. Some possible side effects are headaches, palpitations, rashes, and facial hair growth.

However, these side effects decrease within a short time after you stop use minoxidil. Higher dose of this drug can increase the chances of these side effects. So, be very careful in choosing the right percentage of solution or cream and make your hair grow to the desired length.


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