Miranda Kerr is an Australian model, and she is the first Australian woman to participate in this campaign of Victoria Secrets. She is probably one of the most beautiful women in the movement, and her beauty is unique. Miranda Kerr comes with an immensely glowing face, and her natural beauty can be seen from every corner of her face, even though she is covered with abundant makeup. She was born in 1983, and her age is presently 34. But this time, she has achieved a lot, but the best is yet to come.

Many people believe that, like other fashion models, Miranda looks so lovely only because she hides under her mascara. But this is not true. She has a side of her natural beauty, and the above pictures prove it.

Latest and Unseen Pictures of Miranda Kerr without Makeup:

Let us have to look at the Miranda Kerr without Makeup images.

1. The Glowing Woman:

Miranda’s face has a natural glow that makes her look so lively. This picture was clicked at an even, where Miranda went casually without putting on any makeup. She wasn’t too concerned about her look that day or just wanted to display her natural beauty. Either way, she looked fantastic. This is the best picture of Miranda Kerr without makeup.

2. The Astonishing Beauty:

Miranda has a beautiful face, and her smile is divine. Her smile and her lips suit and complement her face structure. Her eyes are also quite attractive, and her dazzling smile cannot be compared. This picture also proves how beautiful Miranda Kerr can look without makeup.

3. Beach Day:

This picture dates back to when Miranda Kerr decided to go to the beach, not for a shoot. She went there without wearing any mascara and appeared pretty comfortable when people started taking pictures of her, even though she wasn’t wearing any makeup.

4. With and without Makeup Picture:

There is an excellent comparison between celebrities with and without makeup, as some appear different when they wash off that mascara. Some cannot be identified. Not this woman. On the left is a picture of Miranda Kerr without makeup, which shows her naturally beautiful face and how attractive she looks without makeup. Anyone can relate to her easily after seeing the picture to the right at first.

5. Outing:

Miranda Kerr was snapped without wearing any makeup when she went shopping one day alone. She was wearing no makeup that day, but she seemed pretty comfortable with her natural look, including her outfit.

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6. The Relaxing Beauty:

Here, we have an awesome picture of Miranda, which shows that a woman can look pretty astonishing, even when not wearing any makeup. This picture is quite beautiful and shows how beautiful Miranda is actually. After seeing this picture, anyone will probably fall in love with her natural beauty. They will want to show off their natural face (without–makeup face) being motivated by this model.

7. Girl in Casuals:

When girls such as Miranda rock their casual outfits, they look very adorable. Here, Miranda is displaying her simple side and her immensely beautiful face. She wears no makeup and still manages to attract the attention of quite a number of people.

8. Rocking The Streets in Style:

Eager for some Miranda Kerr no makeup pictures? Here is one. This woman hardly requires any makeup to look pleasuring. Here, we see that Miranda has put on an attractive set of clothes to look beautiful but no makeup.

9. With her Child:

This is such an adorable picture of Miranda Kerr without wearing any makeup. Here, we can see Miranda with her baby entering the car and at the same time sporting her natural beauty. Miranda is one of the most beautiful models out there, and she is an inspiration for many women who still think a hundred times before stepping out without wearing makeup.

10. At the Airport:

Miranda was spotted at the airport sporting her no-makeup face. She is wearing her natural colouring in this picture, as she has no makeup on. She looks stunning and adorable, like her child.

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11. Enjoying Herself:

This is such a beautiful picture of Miranda. It seems that she is taking the time to enjoy herself. She hardly gets time off from her busy schedule consisting of signing contracts for new fashion campaigns and fashion shows throughout the globe. This beach picture of Miranda displays her naturally beautiful face and her adorable smile.

12. The Australian Cheat Meal:

This picture shows that even supermodels do have cheat meals. Here, we can see Miranda eating a burger with style, which is the best way possible. At the same time, we can see her makeup-free face, which she proudly flaunts without any hesitation.

13. The Old Family Photo:

This is an old family photo of Miranda Kerr without makeup. She was pretty young back then and is still looking beautiful. The white suits her, and her smile makes this one of the best Miranda Kerr without make-up pictures you will ever find. This picture depicts that a woman doesn’t need makeup to look alluring.

14. Out of The Family Album:

These are all pictures of Miranda Kerr before she was rocking the headlines of every fashion magazine and article. Here, we can see Miranda’s actual and the without-makeup face, which shows how beautiful this woman can look without even taking the help of beauty products.

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15. Living in The Moment:

Miranda looks so beautiful in this picture as she practices a short laugh at the food counter. This article reveals some of the best moments of Miranda Kerr, where she sports no beauty product. Her bare face is pretty attractive, and people will easily fall for that. According to her fans, these are some of the best ones you can look for.


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