Are you a book lover with an extensive collection of books at your disposal? If yes, it is high time you get an appropriate bookshelf to store all your beloved books. This article has a curated list of bookshelf designs that provide unique solutions for book storage and add aesthetics to your home. Furthermore, a well-organized book rack showcases your interest and reflects your personality’s unique side to the onlookers. We have curated a wide range of book shelf designs for home from which you can choose the one that suits your home best. Read on!

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20 Trendy and Best Book Shelves Designs In India:

We have curated a list of the latest bookshelf design ideas that help you with your most unique needs in creating a perfect-looking home.

1. Modern Book Rack Design:

This is a modern S-shaped book cabinet from the brand Shilpi that is made with Sheesham wood. The shape of this bookshelf makes it stand out anywhere you place it, whether in the living room, kids’ room, or even the bedroom. The black walnut colour also gives the design a classy and unique look. Additionally, the product is easy to clean and assemble quickly. Finally, you can get this product customized as per your needs.

2. Simple Bookshelf Design:

Suppose simplicity is what you are looking for in a book shelves design. Then, this contemporary rectangular bookshelf by Bluewud, made with engineered wood, can be an ideal choice. This wall-mount shelf comes with all the necessary hardware you need and the installation guide, which you can do yourself. You can transform any of your corner spaces into storage solutions with the help of these six multi-tiering shelves. Arranging, organizing, and cleaning this shelf is easy because it is lightweight and portable.

3. Minimalistic Bookshelf Design:

Suppose you are looking for a minimalistic book rack in any room of an Indian home. In that case, this bookshelf can be a perfect choice. Depending on your use, you can decorate your home with these shelves, double as storage shelves or bookshelves. Furthermore, you can also use this book case for gifting purposes for several occasions like Diwali or Christmas. Finally, it requires only minimal effort to fix this wall shelf.

4. Latest Bookshelf Design:

This is an antique-style floor-mount bookshelf made with Sheesham wood and a light walnut-coloured finish. The durability and stability of the product are high because of the use of good-quality Sheesham wood. In addition, this book cabinet adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the décor of your home, irrespective of where you place it. Finally, the assembly and installation of the product are easy.

5. Study Table with Bookshelf Design:

This is another floor-mount book shelves design with a two-in-one feature, which means you can find a desk and a bookshelf. This design enhances storage options because of the vertical design feature with an attached cabinet. Additionally, the high capacity of the product is vast enough to hold two monitors, though it might look compact. Finally, this shelf is stable and durable because its legs are made with heavy-duty metal, which can support heavy-duty loads. It is easy to assemble, and cleaning is also easy.

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6. Modern Wall Book Rack Design:

This is another modern wall-mount bookshelf design making it a great addition to your home, creating an elegant finish. In addition to books, you can also place photo frames or decorative vases onto this wall shelf. Furthermore, the product can hold up to 10 to 15 kg weight. In addition, the product comes with all the necessary hardware making it easier to hang it anywhere. Be sure not to use harsh chemicals to clean this book rack to keep it safe and durable.

7. Creative Bookshelf Designs for Small Rooms:

Suppose you are looking for a bookshelf for a small room in your home. This contemporary product with premium high-grade pre-lam particle wood can be a perfect choice. You can display stylish books and magazines on this book cabinet in addition to decorative ornaments making it an ideal addition to your home. The bookshelf’s stability is attributed to its geometric structure. Installing this product can be done by yourself or by a professional.

8. Book Rack Designs for Bedroom:

This product can be ideal if you want a cost-effective and durable book rack design for your home. This book cabinet is made with a high-quality and durable material making it a perfect choice wherever you want in your home. Furthermore, installing this freestanding bookshelf is easy, and you can do it yourself.

9. Living Room Bookcase Design:

This beautiful tree-shaped bookshelf design makes an elegant finish to any room of your home or office with its contemporary style. In addition, the floor mount display has multifunctioning features making it useful in many ways. This product’s shape and look hold books beautifully and add an elegant touch to your home.

10. Wooden Bookshelf Design:

This wooden wall shelf can be used in multiple ways in any room, whether in your home or office. This product has five shelves and is made of high-grade engineering wood with a natural wood grain finish making it a durable option. It also has a detailed installation guide and necessary hardware, making the installation process more manageable.

11. Plywood Bookshelf Design:

This is a premium quality book shelves design that is sturdy and stable because it is made with good quality engineered wood. The product has smooth edges and a spacious plan with an elegant walnut-coloured finish. This rectangular bookshelf can hold 30 kg of weight. Using a dry cloth to clean the shelf and avoid using a wet cloth is essential.

12. Corner Bookshelf Design:

This floor-mount contemporary bookshelf has a conical shape, making the shelf a unique addition to your home. Additionally, this shelf helps utilize the room’s corners, which otherwise are left unutilized. Finally, the DIY process of the rack makes it easier to fix, and you can place it in any room of your home. This shelf holds books and other simple things and resembles a ladder.

13. Designer Book Cabinet Design:

If you are looking for a utility product that can be an elegant addition to your house, this W-shaped book case can be a perfect choice. Though it is a bookshelf, you can use it for several other purposes, like placing home décor items, stationery items, and books. So, in addition to being a clever storage solution, you can give your living room an exuberance by acting as a decorative accessory.

14. Office Bookshelf Design:

This unique storage organizer for books is easy to carry from one place to another, making it suitable for the home or office. The fabric layers of the shelf are supported by the iron frame while being lightweight to move. The impressive static load-bearing capacity also helps you stay organized while adding a style element to your house. In addition, you can quickly assemble this bookshelf by yourself.

15. Steel Book Shelves Design:

This is a multifunctional bookshelf made of steel that can hold books and other articles like novels, speakers, or family photos. The construction of this shelving unit is sturdy, whose sturdiness is attributed to the heavy metal frame with a backing. At the same time, the shelves underneath have a metal support tube. The use of durable ABS plastic for the connecter, in addition to thickened metal tubes, can hold enough things without damaging the product.

16. TV Unit with Bookshelf Design:

If you are looking for a book rack that can also be used as a TV shelf, this product can be a perfect addition. This product is ideal for combining the TV table entertainment unit and a bookshelf, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your house’s décor. In addition, the TV table can accommodate several items and books, creating a perfect combination.

17. Library Bookshelf Design:

Suppose you are a fan of the looks you get inside a library and want to incorporate the same look into your home. In that case, this beautiful library bookshelf can be a perfect choice. This three-tiered shelf gives your home a modern vibe with its slim and elegant design, which ensures durability and stability lasting for a long time. In addition, the product is easy to install and helps you keep your home organized and clean.

18. Authentic Book Shelves Design:

Suppose you want an authentic and traditional book cabinet design to incorporate into your home. In that case, this product is a perfect choice. The floor mount bookshelf is made of engineered wood with a matte and laminated finish while giving your home a contemporary look. It is best to clean this shelf with a dry cloth and wipe off any spills.

19. Stylish Bookshelf Design:

This S-shaped glossy shelf can work wonders if you want a designer bookshelf for your home. This shelf efficiently uses the corner space of any room and is easy to install. It is one of the perfect products to decorate your house with its shine and gorgeous colour quality. In addition to being an ideal fit for your home, you can give it to your special friends as a gift.

20. Multipurpose Bookshelf Design:

If you are looking for a book rack that you can use in multiple ways, this is a cost-effective and easy-to-carry option for your home. In addition, you can place this book shelf in any room of your house, creating a unique look. The product has an exceptional static load-bearing capacity that helps you stay organized and adds a warm touch to the place. You can easily set this bookshelf up without any help.

Whether you are an avid book reader or have an abundant collection of books thanks to the elders in your house, our trendy bookshelf design ideas will help you save them all while adding elegance to your home. Since books can positively impact elders, teens, and children alike, it is high time we save them appropriately. Go through the list of bookshelf designs and choose the one that suits your home. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!


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