With overpopulation and urbanization, living in apartments has become a norm. Unfortunately, this urbanization has made it difficult for many of us to have a dedicated terrace. However, if you are one of those lucky people who have the luxury of a rooftop terrace, it is high time you make the most of it. The rooftop designs presented in this article will help you realize the dream of having a rooftop. Using creativity, you can convert a mundane area, like a small zone outside your living room, into your haven. Therefore, dive into the wide range of beautiful rooftop designs we have presented and start visualizing how you want your space to look.

20 Beautiful and Best Rooftop Design Ideas for House:

We have created a list of the 20 latest and unique Terrace designs that can help you change the look of your home efficiently.

1. Simple Rooftop Design Idea:

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Sometimes simplicity is all one needs to add value to one’s home; this holds for anything, whether it is your interiors or rooftop designs. First, you can amaze your guests and neighbours while having a great time yourself by having an efficient rooftop design. Then, depending on your preferences, you can implement your ideas to make your rooftop a place of haven. For example, as shown in the picture, you can go for wooden flooring and furniture that look beautiful against the greenery surrounding the space.

2. Modern Rooftop Design:

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Suppose you are a fan of modern décor elements and want to incorporate the same into your Terrace. In that case, this Rooftop design can help you in the process. Though modern design refers to a style with a monochromatic colour palette, you can always make changes depending on your preference. The natural light beautifully highlights the use of raw materials, minimalism in the texture, and clean lines. Furthermore, adding plants here and there can brighten the space even more.

3. Open Terrace Design:

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Before you go out and incorporate your ideas into the roof decoration, take a moment to admire the view from the rooftop. If you have surroundings that give you a pleasant view, place a coffee table and chairs along the rooftop side wall for you to sit and enjoy the view. However, you can also create your haven by obstructing unpleasantness by adding tall plants and wooden or bamboo screens in the terrace’s central area. Some of the perfect plants for an open rooftop can are Clematis, English Ivy and Climbing Roses.

4. Terrace Pergola Design:

Image Source: pinterest

A pergola is a pretty simple structure because all it needs are cross-planks or beams. Therefore, you can create a simple yet gorgeous network by choosing planks of suitable material. In addition, you can use innovative ways to modify a simple design or build a newer pergola, depending on your preference. However, there is a vast difference between a traditional and a modern pergola. For example, suppose you are looking for simplicity without many ruffles with a combination of the necessary and abstract elements while chalking out the unnecessary elements. In that case, a modern pergola is a perfect choice.

5. Terrace Canopy Design:

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A canopy is a structure which provides shade or shelter from various weather conditions by holding a fabric or metal cover attached overhead. For example, a new contemporary interpretation of the classic tent on the rooftop is called Mistral, which keeps you comfortable and warm. Furthermore, a mistral has a minimalist design, functional language, and patio awning while reflecting the spirit of the time with modern solar protection.

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6. Colourful Balcony Terrace Design:

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You cannot ignore the colour scheme when you have a rooftop terrace that is an outdoor space. However, you can create a cost-effective design with a plan in mind. For example, you can include table linens, a colourful awning, a beautiful tapestry, cushions, etc. Furthermore, you can install a bed or a couch with colourful throw pillows, which work well with any artistic displays on the corners of the space. Finally, no rooftop design is complete without potted plants.

7. Bamboo Rooftop Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Suppose you want an eco-friendly alternative to include in your rooftop designs. In that case, bamboo roofing can be a practical choice. Irrespective of the season, this element looks aesthetically pleasing while providing comfort. However, depending on the season, you can always add features to make the place more appealing. Furthermore, to make the rooftop more inviting, you can add seaters and potted plants that add to the look of the space.

8. Closed Terrace Idea:

Image Source: volzero.com

A terrace doesn’t always have to be an open one. You can see several houses that convert their open rooftop into closed ones for several reasons, including privacy. Another reason to have a closed terrace is to protect yourself during extreme weather. At the same time, you can still enjoy the benefits your balcony offers. For example, you can control the sun’s intensity with the open-roof system because it contains a grid of squares alternatingly. Furthermore, the sun’s changing angles create a unique picturesque look.

9. Terrace Office Idea:

Image Source: pinterest

Having a terrace on the office building is an escape hatch from the pressure we all face during work, and enjoy the fresh breeze on your face. First, however, here is a picture that depicts a setup with ample space for you to walk around and has seating arrangements if you wish to sit down and work there. Whether you want to have a private meeting with a client or want to finish your work in an open space, this office rooftop setup can work wonders for morale.

10. Terrace Design with Walls:

Image Source: pinterest

You’re mistaken if you were under the impression that you cannot experiment much within a small terrace. You can create a welcoming rooftop area using wicker and rattan chairs with bright upholstery, potted blooms, and greenery. Depending on your space, a small rooftop area can become cosy if you implement a minimalistic style. If you wish to add walls on two sides, choose the ones that don’t occupy too much space while leaving enough space-saving and multifunctional furniture.

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11. Best Terrace Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If you have a big rooftop and want to add a little drama, tall plant pots can be a good spacy option. In addition, you can make the installation look fuller by choosing the dining area below the pergola. Additionally, you can place beautiful chairs and tables to give the space a much-needed look. Finally, use a sitting area that provides perfect accommodation to sip tea or read a book.

12. Contemporary Terrace Design:

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A rooftop space allows endless possibilities to experiment and incorporate your style into the area. In addition to providing a fantastic view, you can decorate the outdoor space in different styles based on your personal preferences. For example, a dining space, lounge furniture, and cute little gardens create a perfectly entertaining and relaxing space. Furthermore, you can divide the flooring equally, covering one half with artificial grass. In contrast, the other with wooden flooring can have seating arrangements.

13. Scandinavian Rooftop Design:

Image Source: pinterest

The Scandinavian interior design connects with the outdoors, which looks exceptionally beautiful. This is one of the reasons why the apartments in practically all Nordic houses have large windows. Though the décor might be simple and homey, bright sunlight creates a perfect outdoor space. This rooftop design’s brightness and openness complement the minimalism of the furniture and other elements.

14. Authentic Rooftop Design:

Image Source: pinterest

The furniture you choose plays an essential role in the design of your terrace, especially if you have ample space. In addition to the potted and railing plants, choose an elongated sofa with appropriate cushioning. Though this picture showcases a pale-coloured palette, you can always select colourful settings if that is what represents your personality.

15. Outdoor Terrace Ideas:

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This picture showcases an arrangement that can make your simple terrace a haven on Earth. The entire floor is covered in artificial grass with balls of grass in a sequence which makes the place appear like a garden. Furthermore, you can use rectangular cushion seaters to have a fun and memorable time with your family and friends. Finally, brighten the space by adding light bulbs in varying sizes in the pergola covered with green grass.

16. Zen Terrace Design:

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If you want a zen feel for your balcony, installing a zen garden can be an exceptional choice. Furthermore, you can add living plant walls and small fountains, which give you the perfect space to enjoy meditating amidst nature. The ideal choice of plants in such environments is the orchids, daisies, Chinese evergreens, money plants or the areca palm, which can purify the air surrounding you, creating a perfect zen retreat.

17. Illuminating Rooftop Design Idea:

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Illuminating your rooftop is perfect for elevating the space, whether you have a small or a large terrace. The obvious choices are overhead bulbs, hanging lanterns and enclosed sconces. In addition, you can either drape string lights along the vertical beams or place them along the wall. Furthermore, putting tea candles on the outdoor dining table or along the fence can be a perfect choice to create a romantic atmosphere. Finally, with all the illuminating décor, choose bold-coloured cushioned sofas or seating accessories that stand out beautifully.

18. Minimalist Terrace Design:

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Irrespective of the rooftop’s size, many prefer minimalistic designs to decorate the space. The chevron wooden floors, a low white sofa, a sculptural side table, and metal and wooden chairs complement each other beautifully. Additionally, brighten the area by going for single-coloured lights or colourful bulbs, creating a lively space for you. Finally, placing the potted plants here and there adds to the area’s beauty.

19. Terrace Lawn Ideas:

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Growing a garden on your terrace is one of the perfect and easiest ways to get close to nature, which can be soothing to your soul, body and mind. A terrace garden is an ideal choice, especially with the rising population becoming a concern in most metropolitan cities across India. You can rejuvenate yourself during weekends or after work by spending as much time as you want in this place. You can place a comfortable chair under the canopy of trees for a relaxing and fantastic time.

20. Terrace Decoration Ideas:

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You can take inspiration from several places, whether on television, in magazines, or on social media. However, you can always add your twist to the design you like making it your own. Represent your colourful personality by using vibrant colours for the balcony in the form of plants, drapes, lights, and cushions. Finally, add a gorgeous brightness to the space by placing a string of bulbs over the top in addition to the candle holders.

So many of us have a special place in our homes where we can get relief from the stress because of day-to-day business. For some, it is the kitchen; for others, it is the balcony or rooftop design. Since the pandemic hit, we all have understood the need for space in our homes to get the much-needed fresh air. The rooftop design ideas presented in this article will help you convert the area according to your taste and style. Do not forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!


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