Every skin has a different patterned texture, some wry and dry and some slick and oily. If we take a bit of both and make these ends meet, we will be left with a combination skin, something that oils up in the summer and dries up in the winter. By now, the people who are having to deal with this skin are already cussing under their breath, every season, every fall. However, oily skin products do not work right on the skin while the dry skin products are simply not a fit. This is why there are special products simply for the combination skins that would help you ease on the skin texture perfectly balancing the nutrients while keeping your skin feeling soft and nourished. This is why in this list today, we shall talk about some of the best moisturizers useful for combination skin.

Popular Moisturizers For Combination Skin in India:

Let we have to look at the top 8 moisturizers for combination skin.

1. Proactiv Oil Free Moisturizer With Spf15:

This oil free moisturizer from Proactive keeps your skin supple so that the natural oils in your skin don’t weight down your T-zone while the cheeks don’t dry out since this moisturizer works on the cellular level to nourish your skin cells and feeding them the essential nutrients that would lock in the moisture in your skin while keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. The SPF protection comes as an added bonus.

2. Avene Rebalancing Soothing Emulsion:

Made with the patented pre-tocopheryl, Avene’s rebalancing soothing emulsion is made from the special thermal spring water essence that rejuvenates dull and dead skin while forming a protective sheath over your skin. Light on the skin and easy to apply, this cream gels in with the skin and is perfect for both normal and combination skin types.

3. Tree Hut Shea Extra Rich Moisturizing Lotion:

The Shea extract moisturizing lotions come in a segregation each containing a conglomeration of different natural essence, all backed up by essential Shea butter extract that keeps your skin hydrated to the best while actually nourishing your skin in the best organic way possible.

4. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream:

A special treat for sensitive skin, Cetaphil’s moisturizing cream is a skin friendly doctor for your combination skin where your skin will be sensitive to harmful chemicals, the reason why organic essentials take their best shot into reviving excessive dryness while locking in the skin particles to prevent moisture loss ad excess oil production.

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5. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion:

The every day dramatically different moisturizer is a 3 step care taker of your skin by Clinique packaged in a shiny gold bottle. This moisturizer hydrates your skin with optimum moisturization so that you can settle down in your dry skin while the silk textured essence in this lotion will prevent your skin from roughening up while soaking up the excess oil players from the underneath oil pockets, thus, a perfect balancer for combination skin.

6. Murad Balancing Moisturizer:

The antioxidants enriches your skin enhancing the complexion and look of it while the oil control effect locks up the oil pockets of your skin preventing excess sebum production. However, this lotion does not soak up the natural oils in your face excessively drying up your skin in the process. This cream also comes with UV ray protection to keep your skin completely protected.

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7. Olay Complete Moisture Lotion UV Defense:

An everyday solution to your combination skin, the complete moisture lotion compiles vitamin E and C where vitamin C being an extraordinary source of antioxidant cleanses and strips your skin of dark melanin and dirt while hydrating and moisturizing your face. The superb vitamin E however simply helps you manage the ph level of your skin so that combination skin does not come within your daily hassles.

8. Biore Balancing Moisturizer:

Easy on the skin and a hit combination skin product, Biore works to give your skin that perfect satin feel without the grease from the natural oils moistening up your skin a bit too much. At the same time, the dry and flaking dead skin outside the T-zone is taken care of by replenishing the cells filling the up with optimal moisture.

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