Men’s skin is tough as they say. The exterior layer to the skin is not only stubborn but always protective of the softer dermal layers. However, harsh weather and natural conditions can easily overlayer even the toughest of the skins, one of the primary reasons why winter drought affects your skin and the sultry summers spray your exposed body parts with a noticeable tan.

At this time, the only ailment besides SPFs is a healthy moisturizer for the skin, even for the men which can reverse the damage and keep constant protection on lock so that skin issues can never stand in your path.

Popular Moisturizers For Men in India:

Let we have to look at the top 8 moisturizers for men.

1. Kaya Whitening Moisturizer With SPF15 For Men:

Image Source: Kaya

Kaya’s whitening skin moisturizer comes with SPF15 which provides bitter protection from the harsh UV A and B rays while forming a protective sheath over your skin to reduce and prevent tanning. The presence of active particle fusion renews cells from within moisturizing and brightening the skin with regular use.

2. Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer:

This double duty face moisturizer comes with an essential mix of vitamins and antioxidants that lightens and brightens the tough men skin while nourishing the skin with the required protein actives. Visibly reducing the tan lines, this product will hydrate and moisturize your skin for a perfect glow and long lasting hydration.

3. L’Oreal Men Hydra Energetic X-treme Turbo Booster Moisturizer:

The base product ingredient to this ultra face booster is the antioxidant-enriched vitamin C that protects the face from harsh pollutant encroaching and dust particles. The no grease formulae will keep your face bright and light all day long while the turbo booster immediately increases the energy of your skin making it supple.

4. Dove Men Care Revitalize Face Lotion:

Image Source: Dove

Absorbing the excess oil and locking the pores to prevent oil production, this non-oily moisturizer leaves your skin feeling refreshed with a slight hint of fragrance while the moisturizer nourishes your skin integrating the nutrients in your dermal layers to keep your skin feeling soft, refreshed and moisturized.

5. Nivea For Men Advanced 10x Oil Control Moisturizer:

Men’s skin are any day more tough and stubborn and thus special care is required to reverse back the damage while providing future protection. The 10x oil clear control moisturizer soaks in all the oil while clearing reducing the bacteria and dirt particles so that you don’t have to worry about greasy acne prone skin. Locking in the hydration you can now sport radiant skin without any hassle.

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6. Bulldog Natural Skincare Original Moisturizer:

The natural skin care original moisturizer comes in a grand fusion of essential organics such as algae, green tea and vitamin E which forms a power packed moisturizing lotion that would infiltrate the tough layers and absorb the excess oil and dirt while giving your skin a healthy refreshed feeling with a non greasy after effect.

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7. Anthony Wake Up Call:

An easy solution to a sleepy morning skin, wake up in the morning and invigorate your face with Anthony’s Wake Up call moisturizer that will immediately energize your skin and hydrate it on the inner cellular level so that you can walk out with a confident bright face.

8. Ponds Men Energy Charge Gel Moisturizer:

Image Source: Ponds

The gel base to this moisturizer is a perfect match for both oily and dry skin where the skin soaks up excess oil remnants while locking in the moisture so that you are left with a non greasy refreshed skin tone. Nourishing your skin from within, Pond’s energy charge particles will boost up your skin cells and brighten and lighten the dull limp skin.

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