Moksha Yoga Asanas And Benefits

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The term ‘moksha’ means mukti or liberation. This yoga is also known as hot yoga. Around forty different kinds of asanas are performed in a hot room. The instructors are quite strict when it comes to correct postures. This form of yoga was found in Toronto, Canada in 2004. Later, this kind of chamber was opened up in United States, Canada, Switzerland and Caribbean.

The students are asked to start off by doing light standing exercises, later, they are made to do ground postures. This helps their blood to circulate in all directions and provides the person with a better posture altogether.

Benefits of Moksha Yoga Asanas:

A few of the moksha yoga exercises have been mentioned below to avoid confusion-

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana:

moksha yoga

  • One has to stand in an upright position and lift up the right leg, at the same time the person has to hold that very leg with the right hand only.
  • The head is to be positioned in a straight manner and the other hand at the side. After a few seconds, one has to repeat the same thing with the other set of hands and legs.

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  • This kind of asana is also known as the ‘chair pose’.
  • The person has to first stand straight and then bend his or her knees by keeping them a little apart from each other.
  • Thighs have to be straight and both the knees have to be parallel to each other.
  • The body in the end must look like a person sitting on an imaginary chair.

Warrior Pose:

  • The person has to stand straight and then create a distance of about five inches between the two legs.
  • After this the left leg has to be turned towards the left side in the ninety degree angle.
  • And then the arms have to be lifted up and stretched in the opposite directions.
  • This helps the body to stretch and makes the muscle way more flexible.

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  • This kind of posture is also known as ‘double angle pose’ where one is expected to stand straight and then move both the hands in the backward direction and interlocked. Knees can be kept apart.
  • The person has to bend forward until the back and face are parallel to the ground.
  • After this posture is attained, the hand have to be lifted as up as possible.
  • One ahs to be careful while performing this pose, legs have to be kept firmly stiff to avoid any danger.

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  • One is expected to first sit down on the floor and put his or her right hand between the right thigh and calf muscle where as the left hand is to be put between the left thigh and the left calf muscle.
  • After doing this, one has to hold the left earlobe with the right hand and the right earlobe with the left hand.
  • This might take time to attain but regular practice will make it easy.
  • One has to remain steady while doing this and try not to misbalance the legs.

All these above postures with the rest can turn out to be a great help for people. It not only helps them to lose weight but also tones up the flabs and tightens the loose skin. Helps the person to feel fresh and burden less. Rises up the metabolism level which in turn keeps the body active throughout the day. The person feels less drowsy and remains active. At the same time it also helps one with proper sleep at night. The intake of oxygen makes the body rejenuvate and also helps the skin to purify. The digestive system also improves with regular practice. As the legs and arms are stretched frequently, it helps the body to circulate blood properly. In short, this therapy is an extremely good way to create a perfect body in order to stay fit and healthy.

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