In Indian astrology, Moola Nakshatra is the 19th-star sign in order. According to Hindu religious beliefs, it is considered lucky and auspicious if the baby is named according to the nakshatra/star sign. Accordingly, if your little one is under Moola star, we have the Moola nakshatra baby names to fit your requirements right. With the perfect balance between modern and traditional, meaningful, cute, lovely, and charming name choices, our list of Moola nakshatra names is perfect for modern-day babies.

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Let us explore today all about Moola nakshatra’s features, the features of those born in this star, and baby names with Moola nakshatra.

Moola Nakshatra and Its Characteristics:

Moola Nakshatra ranges between 00 to 13.20 in the Sagittarius zodiac sign. It is the 19th star, and the symbol of Moola nakshatra is a crouching tiger. The governing lord for Moola Nakshatra is Ketu.

Those babies born under Moola nakshatra’s influence are said to be very passionate, lovely, and full of enthusiasm. They are also extremes in their lives – either they are very happy or upset. The Moola nakshatra borns are known to be very friendly and optimistic too, very determined to get things and tasks completed. They are happy, rich, curious, and known to be good at research abilities. The animal name for Moola Nakshatra is a male dog.

Moola Nakshatra Names Starting Letter/Syllable:

Those babies born in the Moola nakshatra are considered lucky if their name starts with Ye, Yo, Bha, Bhaa, Bhi, Bhee, Ba, Bi, and Yu.

In case you want to check by padas,

  • The Moola nakshatra 1st pada names can begin with Ye.
  • Moola nakshatra 2nd pada names start with Yo.
  • The Moola nakshatra 3rd pada names with Ba
  • Moola nakshatra 4th pada names with Bi

Baby Names for Moola Nakshatra Borns 2023:

For those babies born in this star, our list of moola nakshatra names can help find the right and exact fit. Let’s explore them together.

Moola Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Bhargav:

Bhagav or Bhaargav is the most common and famous baby boy name in India already. The name Bhargav is another name for Lord Siva. It also means radiance and glows.

2. Bhaasur:

Bhaasur is a unique and rare baby boy name for moola nakshatra. It means bright, shining, hero or splendid.

3. Bhaavan:

Bhaavan means creator. The name also symbolizes charm, brilliance, and brightness. The name is unique and is originated from the Sanskrit language.

4. Bhadrak:

Bhadrak means a brave and handsome person. The name is originated from the Indian languages and is a common traditional baby boy name for moola nakshatra.

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5. Bharadwaj:

Bharadwaj is another common and famous traditional baby boy’s name. It means a sage. It is originated from Hindu mythological stories and texts.

6. Bharat:

Bharat name is originated from Hindu stories and mythologies, named after King Bharat. This is among common moola nakshatra male baby names.

7. Bhaskar:

Bhaskar is another pan Indian popular and common baby boy name, which is classic and timeless in choice. The name Bhaskar means sun and fire. It also means brilliant and illuminated.

8. Bhaswar:

Bhaswar is a unique and uncommon baby boy name. The name Bhaswar means shining. It is a new baby boy name for moola nakshatra.

9. Bhaumik:

Bhaumik means Lord of the Earth. It is commonly found the name in the North and Eastern parts of India already for moola nakshatra borns.

10. Bhavan:

In case you are looking for a completely unique and modern-day cute name, Bhavan can be a good choice. Bhavan means creator and charming. It is also another name for Lord Krishna. Isn’t it cool?

11. Bhavesh:

Bhavesh is a common name again, yet a classic choice. It means Lord of the entire World or Existence. This moola nakshatra names for a boy is another name for Lord Shiva.

12. Bhavik:

Bhavik is a cute and modern contemporary baby boy name. The name Bhavik or Bhawik means worthy or happy being in the Indian languages.

13. Bhavin:

Bhavin is another new name, which means the winner. The name also symbolizes living, existing, and victory. It is a philosophical meaning name.

14. Bhavith:

Bhavith in Hindi word language means the future. The name is a new and rare baby boy name choice for moola nakshatra borns. It is our favorite baby boy names for moola nakshatra.

15. Bhavyaraj:

BhavyaRaj is a traditional yet evergreen classic name. It means splendid and grandeur. We love this unique moola nakshatra baby boy names.

16. Bhim:

The name Bhim is originated from Hindu mythological stories and texts. Bhim is fearless and bold. Isn’t it a cool and lovely name?

17. Bhimshankar:

Bhimshankar is a very traditional baby boy name which means Lord Shiva. It also is the origin of the river Bhima where Shiva stayed.

18. Bhiyen:

Bhiyen is a completely new and modern lovely name choice for moola nakshatra boys. It means marvellous. We quite love this moola nakshatra born baby name.

19. Yeshwin:

Yeshwin means fame. The name is not a common one, and it can be good to go for parents looking for modern and cute short names for moola nakshatra.

20. Yoshit:

Yoshit or Yoshith means a young boy. The name also symbolizes youthful, young, and glow. We love this unique name choice.

21. Yojith:

Yojith is completely a new name choice for baby boys. It means a planner. The other spelling variation to this Dhanu Rashi moola nakshatra name is Yojit.

22. Yograj:

This is another traditional baby boy name. Yograj is none other than Lord Shiva. It also means someone who has a good aesthetic sense.

23. Yogesh:

Yogesh is another common baby boy name across India. For those who want a traditional and meaningful name, Yogesh can be ideal. Yogesh means God of Yoga.

24. Yodha:

Yodha in Sanskrit and other Indian languages literally translates to warrior. It also symbolizes boldness and fearlessness.

25. Yeswin:

We love the name yeswin. Yeswin means victory or success. The name is a cute and lovely, charming baby boy name for moola nakshatra borns.

Moola Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Bhagya:

Bhagya or Bhaagya is a very common Indian baby girl’s name. Bhaagya means happiness or glow. The name also means Goddess Lakshmi and fortune. It is a traditional baby girl name choice for moola nakshatra.

27. Bhamini:

Bhaamini or Bhamini is a lovely and cute baby girl’s name. It means brilliant and beautiful. The name also symbolizes passionate women. We quite love this name.

28. Bharathi:

Bharathi is again a traditional household baby girl name. The name Bharathi or Bhaarathi means descendant of Bharat. It also means well-groomed and Indian women.

29. Bhaavana:

Bhaavana means emotions. It is a very commonly found Indian baby girl name for moola nakshatra borns. This is among common moola nakshatra female names.

30. Bhaavya:

Bhavya or Bhaavya means splendid or grandeur. It is also another name for Goddess Parvathi. The name also symbolizes success, beauty, and brilliance.

31. Bhadrika:

Bhadrika is a unique yet traditional baby girl name. It means noble and worthy women. the name also means beautiful. This is among our favorite baby girl names for moola nakshatra.

32. Bhagvathi:

Bhagvathi or Bhagvathy is a lovely and conventional old baby girl name, which is yet classic to date. Bhagvathy means Goddess Durga. The name also means fame, supremacy, prosperity, and wisdom. We love the multiple meanings of this name.

33. Bhagini:

Bhagini is Lord Indra’s sister. If you want a traditional yet unique name, this can be a good choice.

34. Bhagirathi:

Bhagirathi is none other than the river Ganga. Those who like auspicious names and can connect to the river Ganges can prefer this lovely and meaningful name.

35. Bhagyasri:

Bhagyasri means Goddess Lakshmi. The name also symbolizes fame and money, and wealth. This is a cute and lovely baby girl traditional name for moola nakshatra borns.

36. Bhama:

In case you want a cute and short baby girl name, Bhama can be an ideal one. Bhama means charming and famous. It also means passionate and beautiful women in several Indian languages.

37. Bhanuja:

Bhanuja is a very old and traditional baby girl name famous in South Indian states. It means born from the sun. It is also another name for River Yamuna.

38. Bhanumathi:

Bhanumathi is again among common and famous names for Telugu and Tamil speaking moola nakshatra born baby girls. It means a beautiful and famous person.

39. Bhanvi:

If you prefer a cute and short modern name, Bhanvi can be ideal. Bhanvi means sun rays and glows from the sunlight. This is lovely moola nakshatra names for a girl.

40. Bharavi:

Bharavi is a lovely and rare baby girl name again. The name Bharavi means radiance from the sun. It is originated from the Sanskrit language.

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41. Bhaumi:

For those who want traditional yet modern-day-sounding girl names, Bhaumi is a new choice. Bhaumi means Goddess Sita, the one produced from the earth.

42. Yosini:

Yosini or Yoshini means to think. This is a new and lovely cute baby girl name with good meaning. We love this new and refreshing baby girl names for moola nakshatra.

43. Yokshitha:

Yokshitha is a new and lovely rare baby girl name for moola nakshatra borns. It means a proud and brave person.

44. Yognya:

Yognya means the truth. It is originated from the Sanskrit lanauge and is a charming meaningful moola nakshatra baby girl name.

45. Yogeetha:

Yogeetha means female disciple. It also means magical and enchanted. It is a new day modern cute baby girl named for moola nakshatra.

46. Yeshika:

Yeshika means cute. The name itself sounds super cute and short lovely. This is a pretty baby girl’s name from Indian language.

47. Bhini:

The name Bhini in north Indian local languages means humid. It also means summer. It is a unique and new rare baby girl name.

48. Yochana:

Yochana in the Sanskrit language and other Indian languages means a thought. The name also symbolizes thinking.

49. Yosha:

Yosha is a short five letter cute baby girl name. It means a young girl or a youthful.

50. Yotshna:

Yotshna is another modern and new refreshing baby girl name choice for moola nakshatra. The name Yotshna means moonlight. It also symbolizes radiance and brightness or glows.

Unisex Baby Names for Moola Nakshatra:

51. Bhaanu:

Bhanu or Bhaanu is a common unisex baby name for moola nakshatra, suitable for baby girls and boys. The name Bhanu means beautiful. It also symbolizes virtue, the sun and brilliance.

52. Bhadra:

Bhadra is another common name suitable for both boys and girls. It means good and auspicious. It also means attractive, wealthy, and happy.

53. Bhavyaraj:

Bhavyaraj is a lovely and unique baby name for boys and girls. The name Bhavya raj means Goddess Parvathi. It also means a fierce and bold person.

54. Bhavan:

Bhavan means Lord Krishna. It also means the creator of the world. The name is a rare choice yet beautifully good for both boys and girls.

55. Bhavya:

Bhavya, although it is commonly seen for baby girls, is ideal for boys too. It means splendid, beautiful, and brilliant.

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Twin Baby Names for Moola Nakshatra Babies:

56. Bhaam – Bhaamuja:

Bhaam means light and brilliance. Bhanuja or Bhaanuja means born from the sun or River Yamuna. They are a beautiful twin baby boy and girl name chocies for moola nakshatra.

57. Bhadran – Bhadrang:

Bhadran and Bhadrang are lovely twin baby boy names. The name Bhadran means auspicious and fortunate man. Bhadrang means a person who has a beautiful soul.

58. Bharavi – Bhargavi:

Bharavi means radiant sun. Bhargavi means Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi, and beautiful. They are traditional and lovely twin baby girl names.

59. Bhavanya – Bhavan:

These are lovely and rhyming twin baby girl and boy name choices. The name Bhavanya means meditation or concentration. Bhavan means charming, brilliant, palace, or Lord Krishna.

60. Bhavika – Bhavin:

Bhavika and Bhavin are lovely baby girl and boy name choices again. The name Bhavika means well-behaved or worthy. Bhavin means a man.

This list of moola nakshatra baby names is traditional as well as modern, meaningful, cute, and philosophical too. We hope they have given you ideas on your little one’s naming process. Let us know which is your favorite one and why we love to hear from you.


All the names given above have their meanings as per context and time. These meanings and symbols may alter according to different cultures, countries, regions, and languages. We advise conducting your extensive research before to understand the several interpretations attached to the name.


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