Mehndi designs are extremely popular in India subcontinent. It is an integral part of Indian culture. Mehndi designs are no less beautiful than the lavish ones. Mughal Mehandi Designs are the earliest forms of mehndi designs are dating back many thousands of years and this article is still going strong and is practiced on a great level.

Generally, Mehndi is applied on full hands till the shoulder, half legs, palm, feet etc. Basically depends upon choice. Mehndi is applied by women to enhance their beauty for multiple occasions.

Photos of Traditional Mughlai Mehndi Designs for Hands and Legs:

Here are the few simple and Latest Mughlai Mehndi Designs.

1. Patterned Mughal Mehndi Designs:

Patterned Mehandi design is one of the most famous Mughlai design. The palm is covered with a simple and lovely design which is stretched till the wrist. The fingers are designed with classy and fine work. It is an intricate work of many patterns to form this mesmerizing design. This design can be used for all the occasions.

2. Sparkle Bracelet Mughlai Mehendi Design:

Most of them love to wear a bracelet and then this above sparkle bracelet Mehandi design is a good choice. This is one of the attractive designs which give a rich look to the hand. It is started with flowers in the other side and the middle is designed with a diamond shape filled inside. The spiral patterns and dots are added beauty to the design.

3. Beautiful Flower and Leaf Mughal Mehandi Design:

Here is another grand looking design for back of the hand. All need to draw is a few flowers and decorate them with a leaf in between the design, the wrist is designed with a line pattern and is covered with few dots in between the edges. The finger design is included with both leaf and a small floral design to give an adorable look.

4. Bridal Colored Mehandi Design for Full Hands:

When it comes to Mehendi few people will try to be different and would choose the colored Mehandi. This is a very simple and unique design which is given a red color filling for the flowers and symbols. The wrist design is used with some stones to give a charming look for the design and also for the hand.

5. Pretty Pink Mehendi Design for Feet:

This design will give an appealing look for the feet. It is designed by using pink and sea blue color glitters and stones. The flowers and leaves are highlighted with pink color glitter in the middle. The heart symbols are shaded with blue color to give a lavish look for the design. Fingers are designed by giving both the shades.

6. Abstract Mughlai Mehandi Design:

Here is another pretty design for the hand. This design is called as spider web design the little side portion of the palm is left empty and the middle is given with a criss-cross lines till the wrist. The fingers are given a spider web design and in between it is highlighted with dark shade to give a fabulous look to complete the design.

7. Usual Mughlai Mehendi Design For Hands:

This design looks enticing and heavy. It is covered with spider web design in the side and upper portion, heart patterns have been used to decorate the palm and the wrist and is given dark shading in between to give a grand look for the hand. Fingers are designed with a zigzag pattern to give a simple and adorable look.

8. Bridal Mughlai Mehndi Designs for Full Legs:

This is one of the best Mughlai Mehandi designs for legs. It’s a peacock design with a long neck and long feathers filled with moon like spots. The upper part of the leg is given with a flower and a big leaf shaded with small spider web design. Big to small heart pattern is used give a complete and delightful look for the design.


Everyone can try these Mughal Mehendi designs with quality henna, elaborate design details with distinctive style; and modern western twist which will give an appealing look.


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