Stress is actually the root of all problems as with stress comes issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems and mental ailments as well along with many other smaller issues that slowly and steadily degrade your functionality. Yoga has been proven to be very effective when it comes to dealing with stress and all its subsidiary issues. Yoga is a very personal experience of peace that can be practiced at home itself.

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Yoga is comprised of many different postures of the body accompanied with meditation and deep gradual breathing to give you levels of serenity that you would not normally achieve in your daily life.

Benefits of Mukta Hasta Sirsasana:

In today’s article we will talk about the Mukta hasta sirsasana posture along with how to do it and the benefits that it has to offer.

How To Do It?

Mukta hasta sirsasana is a complicated yoga much like the name itself. A compilation of both your arm and head put into action, this yoga is a basic head stand which even though difficult is not a hard posture to achieve. Of course, prior to beginning you might want to opt for some assistance at hand.

For example, you might require a pillow under your head if you do not want to strain yourself in the ordeal. The same goes for some side cushions or a wall support nearby to break your fall in case you lose balance on or during the stance. Then again we would advice a secure pair of hands by your side guiding you for the initial days.

  • With practice later you can ease into the yoga.
  • To start off, spread a yoga mat on an even surface. Balance is of utter importance in this juncture.
  • Start by standing straight with your arms resting by your side as you align your neck and marrow into a straight line. Take a deep breath and let it out.

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  • Once done stretch your body into a downward dog pose.
  • By now you should on your fours, forming an inverted V with your body, your limbs stretched behind you as you tilt down on your front.
  • Slowly rest your elbows on the ground and tensing up your abdomen lift your lower bottom up.
  • For the beginners, an extra pair of hands might guide you all the way up, after which you are on your own.

The hand placement depends on the person and their comfortable zones. For some, they might prefer the elbow support while other distribute their weight evenly by spreading their arms imitating an eagle’s outspread wings. At this point your whole body, being upside down is thoroughly supported by your neck which is a rather fragile part of your body. Lock the position in for a few seconds before using a support to get back to the original position.

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How Does It Help Us?

We are never fully in control of our body until we try this exercise. Controlling your brain body coordination while upside down is something only a bat would expertise in and at this time you having to do the same might take a toll on you. However, with proper practice you might reach that perfect equilibrium of mind and body control.

This is a good exercise for your skin where you hanging upside down would cause blood rush to your brains and at a normal time, hanging around like that would be fatal for you but a few seconds worth poison always makes you stronger. Flushing you out with the blood rush, your skin would now have that perfect rosy glow.

This yoga is also a proven stance for hair growth where once again the blood rush to the vein would keep the scalp and the hair follicles nourished and replenished thereby facilitating growth. Another awesome benefit of this yoga would result in a healthy heart where the upside down stance flushes out any clogs or obstacles in your heart ventricles thereby ensuring a steady beat.

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