Mukula Mudra! It is also Named ‘Beak hand mudra’ is an extremely simple mudra that is carried out for a variety of physical plus mental benefits. It represents the blossom of a lotus flower. Mukula Mudra is measured as a single of the effective Yoga Mudras amongst all. It can be an efficient healing tool also. Mukula Mudra is positioned on the organ otherwise body part hurts or else is stressed. It directs energy to an exact part. This mudra is an energy-giving plus calming mudra.

Mukula Mudra Meaning, Steps And Benefits:

The article accessible here are all concerning the Mukula Mudra posture plus the details about the meaning, steps and benefits moreover instructions to track for it with images.

Mukula Mudra Meaning:

Mukula means a Bud. Just once the entire five fingers are brought together moreover touch each other at the tip, we obtain the Mukula hasta. Mukula Mudra is moreover named as Beak hand mudra. Performing this mudra intended towards the diseased organ otherwise area will offer immediate results. Mukula Mudra is helpful to direct the energy to an exacting area.

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How To Perform Mukula Mudra Or Beak Hand Mudra:

Mukula mudra should be trained in a sitting position. Never carry out this mudra by your bare feet touching the ground. Sit down on a yoga mat/bed or else chair.

Method 1:

In this, the practitioner has to unite the tip of five fingers to shape a beak. In a minute the practitioner will knowledge build-up of energy at the tip of the beak? Currently, he can forward this energy to any body part which requires curing. Individual just needs to contact that part and visualize the energy flowing to the concerned body part.

Method 2:

Hold this mudra for 5 minutes earlier than each meal. This will eliminate toxins plus cleanse Chakras. later than performing this mudra one will feel revitalized.

Carry out every day for the smallest of 5-10 minutes. Put the four fingers on your thumbs furthermore place your fingertips on the part of your body which desires extra energy. Perform this with every hand. Act as needed, or else 5 times a day for 5 minutes.

Each health disorder, over and above lots of indefinable pains, is caused as the individual electrical field is also weak.

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1. Kidneys: Put the fingers of both hands concerning two inches over the waist on the back.

2. Lungs: set your fingers on the right side plus left side, as regards 2 inches beneath the collarbone.

3. Bladder: Put the fingers of both hands on the right along with the left side of the abdomen, adjacent to the pubic bone.

4. Stomach: Put the fingers of both hands straight under the sternum.

5. Intestines: Put the fingers of one hand on the navel plus, from right to left, draw a circle that becomes gradually larger (like a spiral).

6. Spleen Plus Pancreas: Put your right hand at the inferior end of the sternum – by your left hand, stroke 21 times across the ends of the ribs on the left side, because if you wanted to grin a match.

Benefits of Mukula Mudra:

  • This mudra direct energy where curing is required.
  • It recovers concentration plus strengthens meditation power.
  • The carry out of this mudra helps everyone the parts of the body to recover their natural strength.
  • This mudra performs like a laser beam on the exaggerated body part.
  • It quiets the mind moreover assist to dispose of negative beliefs.
  • The normal practice of this mudra ensures a sturdy immune system.
  • It is able of curing any type of disease.
  • It ensures added glow plus glow on the face.

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Once you want to recognize all details regarding how to do Mukula Mudra this is where you can refer to. This moreover has the entire all the tips plus precautions that will create you find it easier to track the regime.


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