Situated at the confluence of three mountain streams – Muthirapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala, Munnar is a hill station that has excellent scenic beauty attributed to its name. Tourists visit this hill station for the serenity that is there in its environment. The area sports several tea gardens and produces some of India’s finest tea! It is located in the Western Ghats and the best time to visit Munnar is from September to May.

Beautiful Tourist Places To Visit In Munnar:

Munnar is place consist with lot of beautiful and amazing sight seeing attractions in kerala. Here is a list of the best munnar tourist places to visit that can satisfy your enjoyable tour.

1. Mattupetty:

Mattupetty is located close to Munnar and is worth a visit. Its a small place with excellent views and a peaceful setting to spend a day in. The Mattupetty dam is the greatest lure of this place and is an excellent spot to go for a picnic to. This area also has a highly specialized Dairy farm which many tourists visit. The area also has several tea gardens that you can visit.

2. Pothamedu:

Pothamedu is another excellent place to go to, close to Munnar. It’s the perfect setting for going trekking, picnicking or for taking long strolls. It is set amongst lush green mountains and offers beautiful views of the surrounding scenery and the city of Munnar which is very near to this point. It is one of best and perfect munnar tourist places to visit.

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3. Kundala Lake:

This is an artificial man made reservoir set between two mountains. It is located close to Munnar and is another perfect place to go for a picnic. There are boating facilities offered in this region. The Shikara ride down the lake is an amazing experience! The breathtaking view of the surrounding cliffs and mountains provides a wonderful setting for clicking pictures. The air is clean and fresh and the silence in the vicinity allows you just sit back and relax. You must watch this place because it is one of the best Munnar places to visit.

4. Eravikulam National Park:

The park spreads over a vast area of 97 sq. km. It is located in the Devikulam Eravikulam Taluk. It houses some very rare species like the Nilgiri Tahr which is a rare breed of the mountain goat. This park is a paradise for nature lovers you can spend an entire day just walking through the park, enjoying the sights of the various animals, all in their natural habitats. The Anamudi Peak is also located inside the park and it is fun to race to the top of this hill.

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5. Echo Point:

Echoes are quite a commonplace phenomenon. Everyone’s heard of echoes, but if you kids then you absolutely must take them to the echo point! If it’s your first time at a hill station then the clarity of your echoing voice here will completely shock you! Not only this, the point also offers excellent views of the surrounding owing to its height.

6. Rajamala:

This is the place where the Nilgiri Tahr naturally exists. But most of this rare breed has been shifted to the Eravikulam national park now. Rajamala is located 2695 Mts above sea level. It features breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, lakes and valleys. You can smell the freedom of mother nature in the air. It is one of the highest tourist places near munnar which makes your sight seeing feeling more hungry.

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7. Lakkam Waterfall:

Lakkam Waterfalls is a part of the Eravikulam National Park. It’s an excellent place to just sit by and relax. The gurgling sound of the gushing white streaks of water provides a sense of serenity. The surrounding greenery is peaceful and serene. Many crazy tourists jump right into the water fall! Most of the tourists confirmed this is one of the most beautiful munnar tourist places list to visit for a wonderful time.

8. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is located in the Marayoor and Kanthalloor Panchayats of Idukki district, quite close to Munnar. The endangered grizzled giant squirrel lives here. Along with it there are several other rare breeds that are also found here. Panthers, spotted deers, elephants, tigers are some of these. Besides the wildlife the park doesn’t lack in greenery either!

9. Pothamedu Viewpoint:

If you love to trek through the perilous and adventurous mountain passes then Pothamedu Viewpoint is not a place for you. This place contains an overflowing scenic beauty along with tea, cardamom and spice plantations which adds to the aura of the place. This place is for nature lovers, photographers and selfie lovers and rest assured you won’t leave this place unless the night starts crawling up or the battery in your phone gets dead.

10. Top Station:

Many people don’t need an adventure sport to thrill them. They get thrilled just by being on a hilltop. For mountain lovers as these people and for those who get awed by scenic beauties Top Station is one of the best places to see in Munnar. Set up as a trade center in the early days Top Station has now become a well known tourist attraction due to the 180 degree or rather the panoramic view. It is usually crowded with lovers, photographers and obviously the selfie kings and queens. The view from the Top Station is majestic and it seems as if nature has covered the land with a lush green carpet and the mist in the air adds on to the scenic beauty of the place.

11. Cheeyappara Waterfalls:

Here is a destination for poets. The Cheeyappara Waterfall is one of the many waterfalls in Munnar. The sight of the waterfall and the natural ambiance around the waterfall is a treat to watch and proves to be a great inspiration for the poets. If you are totally bored of the luxurious hotel you are staying in then get out hire a tent and camp in the 500 acre vicinity of the Cheeyappara Waterfalls and get one with the nature and indulge in the music of the waterfall.

12. Marayoor:

If you are a fan of archaeology or Indiana Jones then Marayoor is a place you must visit. It has a long stretch of sandalwood forests and ancient carvings, structures as well as abstract rock paintings which date back as far as the stone age, this is a heaven for archaeology students as well as archaeologists and. Marayoor is a place even for the nature lovers as there is a sandalwood forest and you will be mesmerized by the looks and feel of the forest. Also if the tourists are looking for good quality sandalwood oil and other sandalwood items then they can buy it from the sandalwood depot. Marayoor can be considered one of the best Munnar’s sightseeing places.

13. Lock Heart Gap:

Among the Munnar’s visiting places, Lock Heart Gap is a lustful attraction for trekkers and nature lovers. There are different trails to explore through the scenic yet wild and untamed forest rich in flora and fauna. It is a dream comes true for youths keen on having an adventure in the forest and if you love the dewy air and the beautiful view it presents by slowly settling down on trees and making it look as if pearls fell down from the sky then Lock Heart Gap is one of the beautiful place of all tourist places in munnar.

14. Muniyara Dolmens:

Unlucky for people like us that were not born during the Iron Age, otherwise we would have gotten an exotic burial in the burial chambers of Muniyara Dolmens. Muniyara Dolmens are mammoth burial chambers based in Marayoor one of the places to visit near Munnar. A beautiful trail passes along these burial chambers and still it’s not spooky rather it is an awesome view since there is also a sandalwood forest in the vicinity. This place has been found loathing in the primitive cultures and practices and can be considered heaven for the archaeologists as well as anthropologists.

15. Fun Forest Adventure Park:

Well now this is stuff for purely adventurous people and is no place for people with a weak heart. Fun Forest Adventure Park is the perfect tourist spot for people looking for adventures such as rock climbing, walking on the edge of the valley holding a rope etc. But do wear shoes, pants and if possible a full length tee because otherwise you will be going home with rashes, wounds, twisted ankle and a lot many natural tattoos so be adventurous not stupid.

These were some of the most famous tourist places in Munnar. Now, stop procrastinating at home and get up and go travel these awesome places in Munnar!


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