The Mushroom Haircut was most popular during the 1960s and 1970s. But, that mushroom cut trend is slowly coming back with a band, in the year 2020. The mushroom hairstyle can easily be tuned to make yourself look professional or just a have a general laid-back look, you can choose either one. These mushroom cut hairstyle are suited for not only kids and men, but also for women as well, and will definitely reflect the personality of the wearer too. The mushroom cut haircut is created by leaving the top part of the hair long, and the side of the hair shorter. In this way, the long hairs will accentuate over the short hairs, and will, therefore, look like a mushroom shape.

Currently, there have been several variations of the mushroom haircut, and they are all fascinating. And with the number of variations one does have, it is really a no-brainier to not try out the haircut yourself. This is why we are going to discuss the best mushroom cut images not only for men but also kids and women as well. This will help you to know as a person, which mushroom haircut pictures variation will suit your face the most.

5 Simple Bowl and Mushroom Haircuts for Men:

Here is the list of top 5 mushroom and bowl hairstyles for men in 2020 with pictures.

1. Long Fringe Mushroom Haircut:

This mushroom hairstyle for men is great for men and especially teens who just stepped into their college for the first time. In this haircut, the sides of the hair are kept at the same height as the ears, while the longer parts of the hair cover the forehead of the person, which are just an inch over the eyebrow. This type of mushroom haircut for male will suit for medium to a short type of hair, and for men and teens who have a cute looking face. This haircut will be suitable for any type of occasion, because of its versatility. The casual look will go along with any party or festival. The perfect age group for this type of haircut should be from 18 years to almost 30 years.

Also, the best season to show off this type of haircut would be in the autumn and springs. One can wear any type of casual wear with this mushroom haircut, like a t-shirt paired with jeans and a jacket.

2. Side Fringed Parted From The Middle Mushroom Haircut:

This type of mushroom haircut is also great for men and teens. In this haircut, the hair is divided from the middle part, and are then concentrated towards the sides of the head. The hair does not crowd the forehead but only stays at the side of the two eyes. This haircut will be great for medium sized hair and will be perfect for those who have a fair and good looking face. This haircut is mostly fit for marriages and house parties, and can also be used as a good college look too. The age group for this kind of haircut is great between 18 years to almost 35 or 40 years of age. The best season to flaunt this type of haircut would mostly be in the summers. Wearing a shirt or vests, along with jeans or normal trousers, should go along great with this haircut.

3. Mushroom Haircut That is Disheveled:

This mushroom haircut for curly hair involves disheveling the hair in a way that it looks a bit casual and scruff. It is not recommended to comb the hair as it will take away the scruffiness. The look is all about looking rough and casual. The hair will span across your head in a nice wave manner. This cut will be great for people who have don’t have straight hair, and the texture of the hair is also rough as well. This haircut is recommended to those who have a very hardened looking face and will be fantastic for people between 20 years and 45 years.

This cut is best to be used in parties. One can flaunt this hairstyle in any season, but spring, autumn, and winters will be the best seasons. One can simply wear jeans and a t-shirt and will look good, along with a shirt for layering.

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4. Mushroom Haircut That Is Modern Looking:

This short mushroom cut is a great option for men and teens who like to try something new. This haircut involves the hair is cut like a bowl, all around the face. The front hair covers about half of the forehead, while the side of the hair is above the ears. The sides will be trimmed as well which will showcase the mushroom look on the top, and will be on the same hair level as the top part of the head. This haircut is great for people with short hair and has a face that looks thin. This means the age group will mostly be around 16 years to 22 years. This haircut is great for normal occasions and marriages, and will not be that great for parties. One can wear this cut in any season, be it summer or winter, along with normal clothes like shirts and trousers.

5. Mushroom Haircut That Has Sides Shaved and Also Has a Close Cut:

In this mushroom fade haircut, the cut is given a mushroom type look on the top end of the head, while the sides are shaved closely. This haircut will have the front side covering some part of the forehead, with not much hair on the sides of the head. This haircut will look great on most men and teens, but particularly to the people who are mostly geek and have short hair. It will look great if the person has a cute face. The age group of this cut will mostly be around 18 years to 28 years. This haircut will good on all occasions, including any ceremony or party. Men and teens can complement this hairstyle during all seasons, especially spring and winters because the clothes in these seasons will compliment this hairstyle. One can any type of formal or casual wears and still look great.

5 New Bowl and Mushroom Haircuts for Ladies:

Here is the list of the most popular 5 mushroom and bowl hairstyle for women in 2019 with images.

1. Mushroom Haircut with Bangs That Are Swept Sideways:

This mushroom haircut for ladies is perfect for women, who straight and thin hair. The short bowl hairstyle is done in such a way that the hair forms a stack at the back of the head, and will create an appearance of volume. The blunt looking side bangs will also do the job of making the hair look voluminous. Since this haircut is easy to style, it will look great on women who have a small pretty face. The age group for this haircut can anywhere be around 20 years to 40 years. This haircut can be used in any type of occasions, but mostly during wedding ceremonies. One can wear this haircut during any season, be it summer of winter. Pairing this haircut with a cold-shoulder top, along with jeans will look good.

2. Exquisite and Modern Looking Mushroom Haircut:

In this mushroom haircut for women, the top part of the head will have the mushroom cut, while the front and sides will have asymmetrical shapes. With this haircut, any women can make she look like a queen. The front along with the sides will have long and short hair, with hair behind the ears as well. This will look great on women who have a long and thin face. This cut will look good on women aged between 20 years and 30 years. This haircut is great for parties and weddings, and can also be used for other major ceremonies as well. Autumn and winters are the two seasons that one can enjoy this haircut. Dress code includes wearing high-necked tops with pencil skirts and jackets. One can also wear high-necked dresses as well.

3. Mushroom Haircut That Will Reach The Eye:

This chili bowl haircut will involve usage of short, thin and brittle hair, and will create a very appealing looking haircut. The hair on the sides and also the front of the head will have a long length, which can reach the eyes at the front. The hair on the back side of the head will reach down to the neck as well. This haircut will look great on women who have a very cute and round face. The age group of women who should try out this haircut will range from 18 years to 35 years. This haircut will look great mostly for parties. The casual look will be flaunted best in the summer or autumn season, as one likes. One can easily wear loosely fitted dresses to go along with this look.

4. Mushroom Haircut with More Front and Back Hair:

This is a great mushroom haircut which has grown more popular with favourite celebrity hairstyle, like Rihanna sporting this fantastic style. The haircut is done in a sporty look with more hair stacked towards the front and also the back part of the head as well. The front hair extends almost all over the forehead. This haircut is recommended for those women who have thick hair and a long face. The age group should mostly be around 25 years to almost 45 years of age. The haircut is great for parties and normal occasions, but not so great for weddings. Summer is the best time to flaunt this type of haircut, and one can easily wear cold-shoulder or normal sheath or body-con dresses with this haircut. Dresses will always go the best with this type of haircut.

5. Mushroom Haircut That Looks Like Windblown:

It is no doubt that short mushroom hairstyles look fantastic when it is mostly a revamped version of the original classic. This haircut involves the hair to be swept away like it is windblown, and looks wild as well. This will give the messy look yet will resemble a very gorgeous looking pixie as well. This haircut will look great on women who have small cute face along with moderate hair thickness. It will look great on women who have ages between 18 years and 30 years because the younger you will look the more pronounced haircut will look too. One can easily use this style during weddings. Spring, summer, and autumn are the best seasons to flaunt this style. Pair this haircut with tops and jeans or dresses or skirts, and you’re fine.

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5 Latest Bowl and Mushroom Haircuts for Kids:

Here is the list of the most popular 5 mushroom and bowl hairstyle for kid boys and kid girls in 2019.

1. Mushroom Haircut with Normal Straight Look:

This type of mushroom cut hairstyle for boy involves the hair being cut straight and will have a normal look. The sides of the head will have shorter hair, while the front of the head will have long hair which will extend almost to the eyes. This will be great for kids who have medium sized thin hair and have round,a cute face to complement it. The haircut will look great on kids between 2 years to 12 years. This haircut can be sported by mostly boys and will be fantastic for any occasion. This bowl cut girl style will also look great in any season but will look the best during winters. Wearing normal clothes like a t-shirt along with shorts or pants will help flaunt the hairstyle, and will also make the kid look beautiful as well.

2. Mushroom Haircut with Hair Extending To All Sides of The Head:

This mushroom haircut for baby girl will look perfect all types of kids, be it male or female. In this type of haircut, the side part of the hair is kept long, extending to the ears. The front will have the hair extending almost all over the forehead. The back of the head will also have the same long and straight hair as well. This is great for kids who have a cute looking face and are aged between 3 years and 14 years. The kid should have long and moderate thickness hair, which will help in building this style. This girls mushroom cut will look great for weddings and birthday parties. Also, one can also wear this mushroom haircut for baby boy during any season as well. Wearing a t-shirt, along with jeans and jacket will help showcase this cut.

3. Mushroom Haircut with Sides Shaved and Front Long Hair:

In this mushroom haircut boy, the top part of the head is kept like the shape of a mushroom, but the sides are closely shaved off and the front and back part of the head is kept most of the hair. The front hair extends to almost half of the forehead. This haircut will suit for kids who have a rounded face and have short or medium thin hair. This mushroom cut for baby boy is definitely not for girls. The age group for this haircut will be best between 2 years and a maximum of 10 years. This haircut will look great on all occasions and ceremonies, and will also be great for any specific season as well. This mushroom style haircut for boy hair will look great with shirts, t-shirts, jeans or even shorts.

4. Mushroom Haircut with Back and Sides Closely Shaved and Long Front Hairs:

This mushroom cut for boy will involve the side part of the head along with the back part closely shaved. The top part of the head will have the hair shaped like a mushroom. The front part of the head will have long hair. This haircut is great for kids who have long, thin hair with a moderate amount of texture. This mushroom haircut for kids will not look good for girls, and will only be recommended for boys. The age group should be between at least 4 years to 14 years so that the beauty of the haircut can be seen. The baby mushroom cut will look great for parties, be it house party or birthday party. Summer is the best season to sport this look, along with normal light and relaxed clothes, like shirts and pants.

5. Mushroom Haircut with a Messy and Airy Look:

This is a type of mushroom cut for kids which looks to be a mushroom haircut on the top part of the head but has long hair both on the sides and on the front part of the head as well. The hair is kept messy and is combed towards one side of the head. The hair also covers almost the entire forehead as well. This mushroom haircut for girl is great for both boys and girls who have long and thin hair. The age group should be between 5 or 6 years to at least 13 or 14 years of age. This mushroom cut for girls will suit any occasion but will suit mostly for weddings. Winters are the best season to flaunt this mushroom cut for baby girl, and the dress code should be normal winter clothes.

Additional Tips:

Following are some of the tips should be followed when getting a haircut,

  • Always research before you go for a haircut. Look for all the variations and see which style will suit you the best. In that way, you can be sure of your style.
  • If you’re confused about which style to pick, make sure to consult with a salon owner, as the salon owner would be able to help you from their experience.
  • Compare prices of salons and then choose the one which rightly fits in your budget. You really don’t want to go overboard with your budget.
  • Always make sure to trust your stylist and the things he or she suggest to you. You will always be thankful for his or her advice.

Therefore, it can be easily seen that getting a new haircut is certainly not at all easy. You have to know a lot of things, research about a dozen other before you can pull a trigger. In this way, you will know for sure that you made the right decision, and you will also be happy with the way you look. Therefore, what do you think of our in-depth article about mushroom haircuts? Do you like it or want something to be changed? Let us know.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Should You go With a Reputable Stylist for The Mushroom Haircut?

Yes and of course. You should always go with a reputable and experienced stylist when you are planning to style your first mushroom haircut. This is because experienced and reputed stylists know which style will suit you the most. They will help you to choose the best one for your personality. In that way, you will always feel right at home with a person that you can trust upon.

2. Why Researching Before Taking a Mushroom Haircut is Necessary?

Researching is very much necessary when taking a mushroom haircut like the short bowl cut hairstyles because you don’t know which style will suit you the best. There is a lot of variety of styles while getting a mushroom haircut. You really don’t want to end up with a haircut that you don’t at all like, or which doesn’t match with your personality. So, always be aware beforehand is the best thing you can do.

3. Why Over-Paying for Getting a Mushroom Haircut is a Crime?

Overpaying for anything will prove to a crime, just because market research is very much necessary. You need to look at all your nearby salons, look at their staff and also the fees they charge. In that way, you will be able to know which one is taking the most and which one the least. If the price difference is significant, you have to see whether the quality warrants that extra money. If the answer is yes, then you can go with the one you like, otherwise some other salon.

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