Benefits of Music During Pregnancy

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Our portable music players and smartphones are filled with loads of songs, belonging to varied genres. There are fast paced tracks that are like our instructor while working out, the upbeat tracks that spread a smile across your face, and the slow soulful tracks for the romantic in you!

Whatever the reason or occasion, music makes us feel good and can lighten up our mood in a jiffy; and it’s no different when it comes to labor. Research has proved that music during labor birth can actually de stress you completely and lessen the pain that you feel. Music has a soothing effect on both blood pressure and breathing in labor. Music further stimulates the release of the ‘happy hormones’ endorphins and dopamine in increased amounts, which help in reducing the pain.

Music During Pregnancy

Benefits of Music During Pregnancy:

If music is a part of your everyday life, it will make the time pass faster while you are undergoing labor. It is a great distraction; the time just flies by and you don’t even realize that while listening to good music.‬

Music also helps maintain focus throughout the labor period and is extremely useful to divert your mind from the panic attacks during childbirth.

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You should listen to the music that you get totally lost in, that transcends you into a faraway land; into a state of trance. You can also use calming pregnancy meditation music in place of drugs, and it has been found to be extremely helpful by many. People have experienced that till the time the music plays the pain is bearable, but they shoot up exponentially as soon as the music finishes. Thus, music is the calming force that you need in a very chaotic situation.

Music can transform the mundane, harsh hospital environment into a calm, private birthing space. Most people are programmed so as to relax to music, so it can also calm down the doctor and the nurses present, making them feel part of something special. Music sets the mood perfectly, and is a way of creating an ambience fit for childbirth.

Music during childbirth not only benefits the laboring woman, but also her partner, her baby and the various other people present in the hospital.

Music can have a physiological effect as well, by releasing endorphins and lowering the respiratory rate. It encourages movement, which can help dramatically shorten labor.

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A few advices to those who want to use music during their labor

Create a Playlist:

Try and match the music with the rhythm of your labor. During the early stages of labor, quicker, more upbeat music is needed to keep the mood light and distracting; and as labor progresses, slower, repetitive music is much more preferable as one finds the sync with the rhythm of labor. Don’t forget to include all these variations in your playlist.

Modes to Play Music:

While in the hospital ask if they have speakers to play the music there. Or else, get your own speakers from your home.

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Use Earphones:

If you want to block away all distractions completely and just focus on the labor, there can be nothing better than earphones. Don’t forget to pack them.

Enjoy Music During the 9 Months of Pregnancy as Well

All the benefits of music during labor are also valid for a calm, relaxed and happy pregnancy. Listen to the music regularly during pregnancy as well to relax, de stress and rejuvenate yourself. Music also lifts the mood and energy by leaps and bounds. Listening to your playlist before going into labor programs your mind for all the benefits and you are more relaxed in less time.

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