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Music is one of the key instruments proven to aid in reducing physical and psychological pain. Music is now used as part of therapies to help patients recover faster. Pregnant women are advised to listen to soothing songs to overcome stress. Pregnancy is filled with mood swings, depression, mental stress and anxiety. The symptoms for each person may differ as one progresses through the stages of pregnancy.

Music can be the best way to deal with these challenges and return to normalcy. Not only does it help in relaxing the mind of the mother, but it also shows many positive effects on the unborn baby. It’s become a common trend in hospitals to play fine music like Beethoven’s to put their patients’ worries to rest and prepare well for their delivery. Let’s explore the wonderful benefits of listening to music during pregnancy.


  1. Effect Of Pregnancy Music For Baby In The Womb.
  2. Benefits Of Listening to Music During Pregnancy.
  3. How To Play Music For An Unborn Baby?
  4. What Type Of Music Is Advisable During Pregnancy?
  5. Sound Levels For Listening to Music During Pregnancy.
  6. Tips For Listening To Music During Pregnancy.
  7. How To Know If The Music Is Too Loud For Babies?

Effect Of Pregnancy Music For Baby In The Womb:

The therapeutic powers of music can certainly help in healing a chaotic mind, which can promote a healthy body. However, the impact of music on the unborn was only assumed until recent times. A proper study was conducted on pregnant women who played Indian Carnatic music for 20 minutes each day for about 20 days. The response tests showed that their unborn babies displayed better growth rates and refluxes than those whose mothers were not part of this program.

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#Benefits Of Listening To Music During Pregnancy:

The following are some of the significant benefits of music for pregnant ladies:

1. Aids in Better Fetal Refluxes:

When you listen to music, your baby doesn’t hear the tunes or the sound of the instruments. It listens to the vibrations created by the music, which can stimulate better refluxes in the babies. Such babies tend to show faster reactions to situations compared to those who are not exposed to music.

2. Improves Concentration:

Exposing your baby to good music can help in the better development of their hearing abilities. It slowly gets used to listening to these vibrations and starts focusing more. Thus, concentration abilities are greatly improved.

3. Helps in Relaxing Mom and Baby:

An anxious mom and her unborn can greatly benefit from music. Music has wonderful healing properties to help reduce the chaos and clutter in the mind. This in turn shows a positive effect on the baby’s growth. Music can also calm down the nerves and offer soothing relief.

4. Influences Overall Behavior Of the Baby:

Studies show that babies whose mothers listened to music regularly when pregnant have better brain development. A profound influence of music was noticed in their overall cognitive abilities, speech, memory and behaviour. Such babies were generally slightly happy and cheerful compared to normal babies.

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#How To Play Music For An Unborn Baby?

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Read below to learn how to play music for pregnant women:

Create a Playlist:

Try and match the music with the rhythm of your labor. During the early stages of labor, quicker, more upbeat music is needed to keep the mood light and distracting; and as labor progresses, slower, repetitive music is much more preferable as one finds the sync with the rhythm of labour. Don’t forget to include all these variations in your playlist.

Modes to Play Music:

While in the hospital ask if they have speakers to play the music there. Or else, get your own speakers from your home.

Use Earphones:

If you want to block away from all distractions completely and focus on the labour, there can be nothing better than earphones. Don’t forget to pack them.

Enjoy Pregnancy Music For Fetal development:

All the benefits of music during labour are also valid for a calm, relaxed and happy pregnancy. Listen to music regularly during pregnancy to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate yourself. Music also lifts the mood and energy by leaps and bounds. Hearing music during pregnancy can better prepare your labour.

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#What Type Of Music Is Advisable During Pregnancy?

Remember that no music will do if you wonder which music is best to listen to while pregnant.

  • Soothing music like the classical versions of both Indian, Hindustani and even Western is considered to be relaxing music for pregnancy.
  • Listening to classical music during pregnancy improves a baby’s reflexes.
  • The recommended forms are chants, instruments like flute, Jalatarangini and even soft music for pregnancy. Never go for loud music like heavy metal and rock, as it can totally disturb the baby’s movements and lead to abnormal behaviour.
  • Mozart pregnancy music is found to be the most effective for pregnant women and is proven to increase an affinity for music in babies.
  • Pregnancy Meditation Music can help calm a troubled mind and restore inner peace.

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#Sound Levels For Listening to Music During Pregnancy:

Unborn babies are safe in the womb of their mothers and not exposed to any loud sounds. A decibel level of 50-60 should be ideal for them, as it is in harmony with the sounds they are accustomed to like their mother’s voice, gurgles of the stomach etc.; anything beyond this level is too loud for them and can create anxiety issues.

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#Tips For Listening To Music During Pregnancy:

Check out these simple tips for playing music during pregnancy:

  • Choose Light Music: Playing soothing music at low volume can be the best way to help your babies benefit.
  • Sing Your Own Tune: Yes! There can be no better way to start bonding with your baby than to sing for it. Go for a favourite song of yours and keep singing or humming.
  • Instruments: Listening to soft instruments like Veena, flute or violin played in low volumes can help in feeling light and relaxed
  • Avoid Abrupt Sounds: Sudden sounds like a big thud can disturb the baby. Avoid places like movie theatres, construction sites etc., where the baby might feel uncomfortable.

#How To Know If The Music Is Too Loud For Babies?

An unborn baby’s ears are extremely tender and sensitive to loud sounds. Listening to loud music while pregnant can trigger rapid movement and abnormally high kick rates of the baby. If this movement persists for more than a few minutes, you can assume that the baby is undergoing an intense amount of stress inside. In such cases, go to a quiet place and speak softly to the baby to calm it down.

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There are many versions of music available for pregnant on the internet. Most of them are classical tunes or chants, which are known to have the best benefits on babies. The best way is to plug in your earphones and start playing this music for atleast 20-30 minutes each day. Remember the story of Abhimanyu in Mahabharata, whose mother listened to the Vedas while she was pregnant. He became the master of literature even before he was born and surprised everyone with this impeccable knowledge. Such is the power of great music for pregnancy brain development!

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1. Why are earphones recommended for pregnant women?

When you plug in earphones, you tend to cancel external noises, shifting your focus on the music. Every single detail can be clearly heard and enjoyed. This offers the best music experience to you and the babies. To ensure the volume levels are not too high.

2. Can I listen to music while working?

Yes! You can! That would be the best thing to do. Not only does it help you overcome your work stress and anxiety, but it also keeps your baby occupied with some great music. You don’t have to squeeze in separate time for listening to music.

3. From where can I download good pregnancy music?

A number of sites offer great music for pregnant. These albums have been specially designed to cater to the needs of an expectant mother and her baby. Some of the best sites are YouTube, BabyCenter and Just log in and enjoy beautiful music anytime and anywhere.


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