If you are starting to meditate and you are searching for music regarding meditation you would have to know a few concepts about it before you start. Meditation along with music is an incredible experience and once you are used to it, it would definitely become a part of your regular routine as you wouldn’t want to get rid of it.

Ultimate Guide on Music for Meditation:

Here are our Ultimate Guide on Music for Meditation.

Understanding The Meaning of Brainwaves:

Our brains are made up of billions of brain cells which are known as neurons and they communicate with each other with electrical waves which are caused due to the signals which are produced by the activities of the brain. These can be detected with medical equipment called electroencephalogram. This electrical activity is known as brainwave pattern. These brainwaves can be changed with meditation techniques but that might be time consuming. The short cut method is using audios which are known as binaural beats.

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What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats are soft waves which you hear through earphone. They are played independently in both of your ears and are played with different frequencies so that when they ring in your ears it seems like an illusion of the binaural beat. In only issue with binaural audios are that the sounds are very unlikeable. Musician experts for these beats have tried to reduce the problems and they have made beautiful melodies which are related to natural sounds which make meditation a better experience.

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Beta Brain Waves: (14 to 32 Hz)

Beta brain waves are easy to get accustomed with as we are normally posses this brain wave to work in our head when we are alert. This is the dominant brain wave which we usually have all the time especially when we are tensed, pressurized, afraid, stressed, agitated, etc. The beta waves help to concentrate and make your alert. It makes you a critical thinker and improves you logic.

Alpha Brain Waves: (7 to 14 Hz)

Alpha Brain waves are the lower frequency waves. Due to this sort of music we reach a state where our minds are free and relaxed. This helps us to meditate better and we feel like we are day dreaming. We feel alpha waves within us when we are doing works which are not stressful or urgent. It is considered to be the link between conscious and subconscious mind. It helps us to retain memory and increase concentration. It also reduces blood pressure and increases cerebral blood flow. You feel happy, light and energetic.

Theta Brain Waves (3.5 to 7 Hz)

Theta brain waves are for people who like to go in a trance while they meditate. Your mind feels like it has gone to sleep, but you are actually in your conscious state of mind. It helps us to sense our inner peace and stabilizes emotions. It increases retention and calms the mind. You will see an improvement in your health and your sleep will be more peaceful.

Delta Brain Waves (0.1 to 3.5 Hz)

Delta brain waves are beneficial for the body as it restores and heals itself in this state. A good amount of delta waves can make a person feel deeply relaxed. It heals their body and mind and builds up a spiritual connection with the subconscious mind. It releases anti-aging hormones including melatonin and DHEA. It also releases Human growth hormone which maintains skin, bone density, joints of our body and helps in their speedy recovery.

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Gamma Waves (40 Hz and Higher)

Gamma brain waves are rapid in frequency. This brain wave helps to link all parts of the brain and makes them function together. The ability is to process large amount of information in less time. This makes brain function better and increases your level of intelligence. You become a compassionate person with a great amount of self control. You will be happier than what you usually are. Your senses organs will make you be more aware and alert.


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