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Beautiful Pattern of Muslin Sarees That Will Gives A Royal Look

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The muslin sarees are the top-class sarees available from the cotton fabric of plain weave. Its reference was first noted with the origin in Bengal and later on it was manufactured in England and Scotland. Some of the people believe that muslin was originated from Dhaka, Bangladesh. So, muslin is basically a fabric through which many clothes are said to be manufactured.

The concept of Muslin sarees was introduced in later 19s which were supposed to have the best quality at that time. Many varieties were introduced in the muslin after the 17th century. So, muslin sarees are the ancient top-class sarees that were originated in India and passed abroad later on. Nowadays, These sarees are available in more than 500 varieties.

Muslin Sarees Importance:

The muslin saris are supposed to be the royal sarees of ancient time. The importance of the same lies in quality and nature. It is made up of cotton fabric which is also used in medicine, dressmaking, and culinary arts. The best advantage of muslin sarees is that it can easily dry texture. There are varieties of colors available in muslin saris which can enhance your overall look and beauty. From patterns to quality, everywhere muslin sarees are ranked the best.

Muslin Saree Features:

The muslin is the exotic fabric and most fascinating fabric used. Some of the features of muslin sarees are,

  • It is sensuous to touch.
  • It is extremely light in weight and high in quality.
  • It is also exotic to behold.
  • The Jamdani technique is used to provide traditional floral weavings.
  • The patterns are unique and adorable.
  • The muslin saris are fine enough to provide a complete edition of silk and cotton.
  • It gives a royal look and remains at a reasonable price.

Which Age Group Women are Preferred Mostly?

Even, muslin sarees come in a number of different varieties. For each verity, there can be an age group. Generally, muslin cotton sari can be worn by women of any age. The cotton is admirable for women. The muslin silk sarees are creative with new designs; these sarees can be worn by ladies of age 22 to 40 in between. The astonishing colors of silk sarees are really admirable. So, overall the muslin sarees are suitable for an age group of 20 to 40.

Which Body Shape Women are Preferred?

Most of the creative muslin saris are putting an extra mark on beauty. As we know, the slim body shape is suitable for all kind of sarees. The case is the same with the muslin sarees where muslin silk sarees and Dhakai muslin saree are recommended to be worn by women having a slim body. Moreover, the other muslin saris can be worn by all body figures. The beauty of muslin sarees is such that there is no need for perfect body figure.

Latest Designs of Muslin Saris for Women and Girls with Pictures:

Let we have to look at the best models of sarees with muslin fabric.

1. Dhakai Muslin Saree:

muslin sarees

The Dhakai muslin sari is one of the most worn muslin sarees. Its features are enough to tell its worth.

Saree Design and Fabric:

The Dhakai muslin saree is laid with pure Dhakai fabric with a layer of beautiful patterns. The muslin saree is embroidered in a beautiful style to provide the clear essence of Bengal saree. The corners of the saree are meted up with small lace border. Some of the designs do have some mirror combinations.

Occasions to Wear:

According to the design, the Dhakai muslin saree is suitable to be worn in religious functions, programs, or weddings.

2. Muslin Silk Saree:

The muslin silk saris are top sarees from a cool variety of silk. The silk sarees are generally provided with colorful patterns.

Saree Design and Fabric:

Muslin silk saree is one of the best choices from ladies with fine fabric. A traditional embroider nature with beautiful designs of flowers is provided on the saree. The pure silk along with muslin enhances the quality of cloth. The saree also has a thick border with a thin layer of valuable stitching and matching blouse.

Occasions to Wear:

The top locations to wear the muslin silk saree can be formal functions, parties, simple meet, small functions, etc.

3. Muslin Jamdani Saree:

The muslin Jamdani sari is known from the ancient time and it does have the royal look like that of Mughals.

Saree Design and Fabric:

The ancient model has the finest use of fabric like gold. The muslin Jamdani saree involves the complex process of weaving with some decorating ideas. It works include the use of silk and cotton thread with thick borders to provide a complete look of ancient Mughals. Moreover, it is coated and enhanced with some beautiful floral designs for providing extra richness.

Occasions to Wear:

The muslin Jamdani saree is only suitable to be worn for royal functions or weddings.

4. Muslin Cotton Sari:

The muslin cotton sarees are the simplest form of the type muslin. The use of pure cotton is made to enhance its look.

Saree Design and Fabric:

The muslin cotton sari can be plain or printed sarees. The strong quality of pure fabric like silver Zari is used to design its interior. The borders at the end can be thick or thin, according to the use. Most of the time, a plain muslin cotton saree is preferable to be worn everywhere.

Occasions to Wear:

The muslin cotton sarees can be worn in daily use or retained for small functions or parties.

5. White Muslin Saree:

The white muslin sari is generally a combination of silver and white. The white color provides the most astonishing look on slim bodies.

Saree Design and Fabric:

The white muslin saree is generally oriented with the fabric silver Zari. Some of them may use golden fabric. The interior is provided with a small layer of silver. The thin borders of the white saree give it a beautiful look. Small designs are generally meant for plain white sarees. The carvings are totally meant for enhanced looks.

Occasions to Wear:

The white muslin shari can be existed within functions at home or in a formal meeting.

6. Bandhani Border Muslin Saree:

The bandhani border muslin saree is providing rich nature of Zari Kota. It is a favorable saree for big occasions. The border sarees are special in the sense of special craving work on borders.

Saree Design and Fabric:

The fabric used in the saree is Zari Kota. The bandhani border in red and gold color gives the essence of the latest model in the market. The border is designed in a more unique way to comply with both the traditional and modern look. The white color would be really dashing.

Occasions to Wear:

This muslin saree is to be brought up for royal functions.

7. Sequin Work Muslin Saree:

The sequin work is generally done with two colors. The look of this muslin sari will provide glitter or shine of gold on it.

Saree Design and Fabric:

The pure muslin is the fabric used in enhancing the work of sequin saree. The sequin work gives shine over small areas of the saree. This shine can be noticed in the form of a small lining of gold. Moreover, the saree looks transparent and beautiful in all formats. One can try any simple blouse on it.

Occasions to Wear:

General meeting and small parties are the favorite places for this muslin saree.

8. Half Muslin and Half Khadi Saree:

The perfect mixture of Khadi and muslin saree can be noticed in the half muslin and half khadi saree.

Saree Design and Fabric:

The design of the saree is divided into two halves. Some of the parts show the color of muslin while others show the nature of khadi. Including both of them gives a complete look for perfection. The main fabric is muslin to be used in the sari. Even, the most wanted saree is black and gold motifs half muslin and half khadi saree.

Occasions to Wear: Some rich and royal parties can be attended through the same muslin shari.

9. Royal Blue Muslin Saree:

The color blue is considered as the top color of royalty. The same color can be noticed in the top-class muslin saree.

Saree Design and Fabric:

The fabric can be of many types in the same saree. The royal blue color gives the complete essence of muslin sari. The borders are thin and fine. Some layering is provided on the saree with a touch of shine. The muslin khadi saree is also recommended in the same type. Overall, it is a valuable saree in muslin fabric.

Occasions to Wear:

The royal blue muslin shari is kept for royal marriages.

10. Resham Jamdani Muslin Saree:

The Jamdani saree is one of the finest varieties of muslin sarees. The design on the saree provides the feel of Bengali culture.

Saree Design and Fabric:

The Resham fabric is used to produce the complete look of the saree. The best choice in the same category is the parrot green Jamdani saree. This muslin saree is designed with top-class fabric to give the essence of parrot. The borders are thin and good enough for a perfect look. Pure muslin work can be seen on the saree.

Occasions to Wear:

Generally, small events are facilitated with Resham Jamdani muslin saree.

Which Blouse is Suitable for Muslin Sarees?

The blouse is generally chosen according to the type of muslin saree. The plain white muslin sari can go with any color of the blouse. But some of the designer sarees like Jamdani, silk, Dhakai muslin sarees require the same designer blouse. The blouse should be in accordance with the design of the saree. Moreover, the plain blouse can be used for simple muslin sarees at home. The sleeves are an optional part of the blouse which can be chosen by the women.

How to Style Muslin Sarees?

The style of the muslin shari is generally chosen according to the type of occasion. One may try some traditional looks with seedha pallu style. For some rich occasions, the muslin saree can be styled in accordance with the Bengali culture. The style pallu and thick borders can be modified like an athpourey style or nauvari saree style. The muslin silk sarees can be presented in a formal way for small occasions. So, depending on the material and look, the sarees can be styled for extra richness.

The royalty is preserved from ancient times only and muslin saris are the perfect example of it. The finest and valuable finishing of the saree is enough its pride. Muslin sarees are available in many varieties and styles with latest models. These latest models can be worn for big functions and weddings. A better material cotton fabric is the dominant texture of rich muslin. The plant seems to provide nourished muslin which is directly used for many purposes. One main beautiful purpose is muslin sarees which are best in quality, look, type, etc. Also, it is suitable for slim ladies.