Mussoorie has been recognized as the “Queen of the Hills” and is an ideal spot for vacations and honeymoons. It is located on the Garhwal Hills and is an enchanting place indeed. If you are an adventurous person and love to go for trekking, Mussoorie is the perfect destination for you. In case you are planning to go on a trip to Mussoorie, you should refer to the following list of places for your planning and excursion.

Beautiful Mussoorie Tourist Places To Visit With Pictures:

There are so many fabulous visiting spots in mussoorie for sightseeing. Below we have given list of 15 wonderful tourist places in mussoorie along with photos that will help you to change your mood from dull to enjoy.

1. Kempty Falls:

The Kempty Falls is located 15 kilometers away from Mussoorie. It remains open for the public from the months of March to July and is one of the most picturesque and wonderful places you shall find in Mussoorie and around it. Originally, there were tea parties conducted here during the British era. Thus, the name “Camp Tea” was later made into Empty. This place is truly a beauty!

2. Mussoorie Lake:

The Mussoorie Lake is situated on the Dehradun road about 6 kilometers from Mussoorie. It is not just a famous picnic spot but is also known for its pedal boating facilities. The lake also offers you some attractive views such as the picturesque and enchanting Doon Valley. Coming to the Mussoorie Lake shall surely be a fun experience. This is one of the perfect tourist places near mussoorie that can give a wonderful water ride.

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3. Mussoorie Christ Church:

The Christ Church of Mussoorie was built in the year 1836 in Gothic style. It is one of the most ancient churches of the Himalayas and has quite a number of tourists and visitors every year. The interior of this place is absolutely exquisite as it has been adorned with the contributions made by other famous people. Your trip to Mussoorie shall be meaningful once you come here.

4. Jharipani Fall:

The Jharipani fall is one of the famous and major waterfalls of Jharipani which is located around mussoorie. It is located about 8 kilometers from Mussoorie and can be reached by vehicles. This is an ideal spot for bathing, picnicking and spending time with your family and friends. You never forget this amazing tourist place in mussoorie once you visit.

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5. Depot Hill:

The Depot Hill is the highest peak of Mussoorie. This place offers you with some of the most splendid and gorgeous views. It is the oldest place in the whole of Mussoorie and is well known for its balmy weather, clear skies and serene nature. Your trip to Mussoorie shall be incomplete without this one.

6. Municipal Garden:

Have you heard about this one out of most interesting and lovely places to visit in mussoorie. The Municipal Gardens are located about 3 kilometers from Mussoorie and can be reached by cars, rickshaws or a pony. It has an artificial lake, exotic flowers and plants surrounding the garden and even boating facilities. If you want to find some peace and tranquility, you should definitely come to the Municipal Gardens.

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7. Van Chetna Kendra:

The Vat Chetna Kendra is a beautiful location that has been surrounded with evergreen pine trees and shrubs. It is a well known picnic spot and can be reached by vehicle or foot. Here you will also find some of Mussoorie’s unique wildlife such as the Kankar and Himalayan Peacock.

8. Gun Hill:

The Gun Hill is the second highest peak of the Himalayas and offers you some of the most beautiful and stunning views of the Himalayan Ranges. You can reach this place by walking and vehicle both. It is surely going to be a wonderful experience here. It is one of the most exciting tourist places to see near mussoorie.

9. Camel’s Back:

This road got its name mostly because of the large rock situated on the road here which resembles a camel’s back. You will find thick deodar trees here and also witness the wonderful and rich sunsets if you come at the right time. The weather is balmy and the atmosphere is calm and serene.

10. Mussoorie Adventure Park:

It’s time for an adventure in one of the most renowned tourist places in Mussoorie. This place is meant to have fun and relax with friends and family. The Mussoorie Adventure Park offers different thrilling experience for adventure seekers such as sky ride, valley crossing, rappelling etc. along with a few rides for kids. This is the best place for picnics and family get-together.

11. Cloud’s End:

“Fee, Fi, Fo Fum”, does this ring any bell? If yes then take your kids to visit the giant’s palace above the clouds at the Cloud’s End. The name is perfect for this place as it is a location based at the end of Mussoorie and you can actually see the clouds below you. This place has a great ambiance and atmosphere all round the year, the smell of the wet mud and the dew drops on your face will bring inexpressible pleasure to your heart and you’ll be sure to visit this place once again. Being one of the ecstatic places to visit in Mussoorie, this spot will ensure that you don’t go back disheartened. Even the path to visit this beautiful place is enchanting and a bit tiring as it takes you through an expanse of dense forest and rest assured the ride will be as fun as the destination.

12. Happy Valley:

A visit to the Happy Valley will surely bring a contented smile on your face as this place is surrounded by gardens, estates and temples. This place does not offer you any adventure, neither will it bring a chill down your spine, rather this place is for people who love being in solitude, who appreciate the peaceful and calm aura of a place. Visiting this place will get your mind thinking and will send your imagination to new heights. Due to this very reason this place is the most suitable for poets, writers and painters.

13. Hathipaon And Park Estate:

Hathipaon and Park Estate is a great place for trekkers and picnic goers. It is surrounded by Mountains draped in lush green vegetation and offers an exotic and exclusive view of the Doon valley. Once you visit this place it will be a great and enriching experience and rest assured you will be lost in the magical beauty of the nature.

14. Tiger View Jungle Camp:

For the wildlife lovers and forest explorers Tiger View Jungle Camp offers you an amazing chance to spot tigers and shoot them (from a camera obviously). You’ll get to see tigers in their own natural habitat. Unlike other wildlife camps and sanctuaries the forest department offers facility for camping and also a jungle safari, so if you are sure that you will not wet your pants hearing a growl in the middle of the night while camping then this is one of the best Mussoorie sightseeing places for you.

15. Tapovan:

According to the Hindu Mythology, Guru Dronacharya underwent penance at Tapovan. So a visit to Tapovan destination will be similar to a visit to pilgrim center. Tapovan is situated in the vicinity of the river Ganges and is also surrounded by lush green vegetation and will prove to be a great place for nature lovers.

As a conclusion considering all the above mentioned Mussoorie tourist places and the reasons to visit them, Mussoorie is a must visit for all the tourists going to Uttarakhand. Even the tourist places near Mussoorie are worth a visit. In a nutshell if you want a well spent holiday for the amount that you are going to spend then be sure to visit  tourist Places in  Mussoorie and see all the glorious spots it contains.


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