Our lifestyle is already influencing our health. Therefore, how about we give some thought to the cooking oil we use? By making a smart choice we can make healthy options in cooking oil too, as it forms the base of our cooking. Mustard oil is a healthy choice. So, we decided to give you an idea of the best mustard oil brands for cooking. Read on to make the healthy choice.

Different Brands of Mustard Oil In India:

Majority of our home budget is spending on cooking oil. Here we share some best mustard oil brands for good health.

1. P-Mark Mustard Oil Brand:

Since 1933, P-Mark has been making pure mustard oil, which is known for its richness. It is also known for its quality and purity. It is perfect for making delicious and nutritious food and is the choice of cooks and housewives. This best-quality mustard oil brand is packed well and is the trusted choice.

2. Lal Gulab Brand Mustard Oil:

Lal Gulab Brand mustard oil brand was founded in Madhya Pradesh. They are available in all quantities. It is known for its purity. It is flushed with nitrogen to increase shell life. This brand is known for peanut oil. Make sure to include mustard oil in your diet. It is known to boost your cardiac health, improve the health of your hair and also treat gum disease. Gulab mustard oil brand has been in use for a long time and stands true to quality.

3. Dabur Mustard Oil Brand:

Dabur is a well-known brand in food and health. It has gained trust for purity. Dabur Mustard oil can be used for cooking and for beauty purposes as well. It is known for using the finest and freshest mustard seed. This best mustard oil brand is also applied externally, especially during massages. It can also be used on your hair. Massaging some mustard oil onto your scalp is especially helpful for the health of your hair. Since Dabur is a trusted brand, you can go for it.

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4. Health 1st Mustard Oil Brand:

Health 1st Food is a very well-known organic food brand. It is saturated oil as compared to other brands of mustard oil. It is made by the process of cold press. It is widely used in the north of India. It is well-known in household cooking. This top mustard oil brand in India is extra virgin and comes packed in a healthy way. Cold pressing of oil is a good choice. When the oil is cold-pressed, the nutrients and antioxidants are retained in it, thereby making sure it reaches your body.

5. Pure And Sure Mustard Oil Brand:

Pure and Sure Mustard oil is made from the finest and best quality mustard seed is grown on a certified organic farm. The seeds used are grown in a chemical-free way. It is made of the cold-press process. It is well known by many households who prefer to live the organic way. This is yet another best mustard oil brands that you may want to try. Since mustard oil has a high heating point, it is a popular choice for deep frying and has the ideal fat composition that is required.

6. Patanjali Mustard Oil Brand:

Patanjali Mustard oil is scientifically processed oil. It is filtered twice. It is tested for chemicals so that we can use it in cooking. It can be used for massages too. It is sometimes used for lubrication. Seeds of mustard oil plants are a rich source of minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. It also is a good source of dietary folate and vitamin A. This best mustard oil is filled with the goodness of essential elements required for the body.

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7. Dalda Mustard Oil Brand:

Dalda mustard oil is a very bold choice in mustard oil. It is in the market for 75 years. It is the most trusted brand in India. It comes with zero cholesterol. It is the richest in omega-3 fatty acids. It is free from argemone oil. This is also a preferred choice for the hair. While it may be too sticky for your hair, it nevertheless fosters healthy hair. After you apply thoroughly it all over the scalp, make sure to wash well with a shampoo.

8. Tez Mustard Oil Brand:

Tez Mustard oil is strong oil. It is the king of mustard oil. It is refined to the right extent. It is filtered and first pressed. It is perfect for cooking. It is used by a majority of people. It is used for massages as it relieves pain. Tez is yet another mustard oil brand in India, that is most preferred for their quality. It is 100% natural and has earned the trust of people, in terms of quality and purity.

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9. Freedom Mustard Oil Brand:

Freedom Mustard oil was started in 2010. It is the foremost company to the processor of mustard oil. It makes oil in the most hygienic condition. It is known for its ethical standards. It is teamed with a highly qualified team to ensure the quality of the oil. You can also try this for your hair and massage. The goodness of nutrients is rightly preserved in the bottle.

Mustard oil has travelled from the north of India to all of us around India today. The essential nutrients contained in mustard oil is the sole reason for it being popular among many households. It is also used for massaging, next to cooking. It is free from cholesterol and is rich in omega-3. It is the amount of oil we use in cooking oil which matters rather than what oil you use. You may use mustard oil for any type of cooking. Start today and make a healthy choice step by step.


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