Are you looking for inspiration to get an initial tattoo? A single letter can express many emotions, and we will help you in the conquest to choose the right N letter tattoo suitable for you. These tattoos can be flexible and used instead of engraving a complete name, making them a popular and fantastic option for people of all age groups.

Since most of these N letter tattoos’ size is relatively small, the pain factor is also significantly reduced and doesn’t cost you a lot of money.

18 Best N Letter Tattoo Designs:

If you are not satisfied with simple tattoos, you can additions like flowers, crowns, vines, etc., which help add to the initials’ beauty. Go through this article for both simple and intricate design patterns you can try.

1. Sleek N Letter Tattoo With Vines:

If you are an artistic person and want to get a tattoo, this design is a perfect choice. This N-letter tattoo is inked in sleek and thin lines, and the alphabet is covered with beautiful vines giving the design a natural look. This design is inclined more towards females because of the delicate and feminine patterns.

2. N letter Tattoo with a Daisy on the Wrist:

The addition of a beautiful daisy flower can be a perfect way to get an N-letter tattoo engraved, and it looks gorgeous for women of all ages. The intricate design of the flower gives your entire tattoo a realistic look. Another unique feature of this tattoo is the black smoke effect created behind the alphabet.

3. Beautiful N Letter Tattoo With A Crescent Moon:

A crescent moon symbolizes fertility and birth cycles universally. This beautiful N letter surrounded by an astounding crescent moon not only looks gorgeous but may also represent growth and creativity. This design can also be a whimsical choice for people who appreciate light-hearted things.

4. Cursive Small N Tattoo:

This is another n-letter tattoo design for men and women of all ages who love elegant and straightforward designs. The addition of your zodiac sign and year of significance in roman numerals adds a personal touch to this tattoo. Although the cursive font represents the alphabet, it is elevated by a bold and starry background.

5. Hearty N Letter Tattoo:

This tattoo is a perfect option for couples or people who want to get their partner’s initials engraved. The letters L and N are combined inside a heart making the design look lively and chic. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women and blends in easily when done on the wrist, back of the neck, or ankle.

6. Starry N Letter Tattoo Design:

This starry N-letter tattoo can be a perfect way to symbolize protection and guidance. It may also mean a reminder for navigating and creating their path in our life. Although the letter N is quite simple, this design’s bold tone makes it stand out and is suitable for both genders.

7. N Letter Tattoo Inside A Heart:

If you want to get a tattoo done in an intimate area of your body, the chest can be the right spot. Since this place is where a heart resides, this tattoo not only looks stylish but creates an intimate finish to the simple design. The red and black colour combination of the pattern makes it look chic, representing someone special.

8. N Letter Combined With Infinity Symbol:

This N-letter tattoo forms an infinity symbol making the design look creative and unique. One side of the letter N is connected to the other end forming the infinity sign, which is further beautified with a twisting pattern. If you want to make the tattoo more appealing, you can add different alphabets too.

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9. N Letter Finger Tattoo:

This is a cute little N letter tattoo that looks like a perfect match for your fingers. When engraved on the ring finger, it symbolizes your love and affection for your spouse or partner. It also looks like a ring that looks pretty promising and beautiful all the same. These kinds of tattoos are suitable for both men and women.

10. Cute N Tattoo On The Back:

This tattoo shows a beautiful clubbing of N and S letter designs with a heart in between, giving it a personal touch. This design looks exceptionally well on the back, although it may not have too much detail. You can always add more information to the letter if you want an elaborate design.

11. N Letter Tattoo On The Palm Image:

This stylish-looking N letter tattoo is engraved on the palm, unlike many other common spots for tattoos. Although the letter looks similar to a cursive N, different curves make the design all the more unique. A small red heart on the letter’s side gives the design a warm finish.

12. N Letter Tattoo With Caduceus :

The letter N can indicate a nurse of the starting letter of a person working in a medical profession, which is made abundantly clear with the symbol of medicine. The blue shade color used for representing the alphabet and the rod of Asclepius stands out against the black ink often used for tattoos. This tattoo is suitable for both genders.

13. Two-Letter Tattoo With Heart And Heartbeat:

Dual letters are another common sight in the world of tattoos. This tattoo combines the two letters N and S, connecting them into a red heart, fusing them with a heartbeat. This design implies a romantic gesture and looks incredible when engraved on the wrist since it is long.

14. Massive N Letter Tattoo On The Shoulder:

If you are a fan of extensive and elaborate designs, this tattoo can be a perfect choice. The combination of black and white checkers and other patterns across the letter N and the crown placed on the alphabet not only gives the design a royal look but looks fantastic. These kinds of designs look the best when engraved on the shoulder.

15. Small N Tattoo:

This is a straightforward N-letter tattoo design that looks excellent on both men and women. Using a combination of white and black colours, the designs have a beautiful effect on the wearer. Women have a chance to show off this tattoo if they get it engraved on the collarbone area.

16. Mehndi N Letter Tattoo:

Many people love tattoos but are afraid of the pain. This Mehendi N letter tattoo can be an excellent option for kids and adults alike. Since it is a temporary tattoo design, you can get it engraved anywhere on your body and add some extra elements if you want.

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17. Expressive N Letter Tattoo Design:

If you observe this tattoo, has the letters J, N, and R inscribed on the wearer’s wrist, which looks beautiful and extraordinary. The unique, stylish, and curvy additions to the alphabet design a unique and exclusive tattoo for the wearer.

18. N And S Couple Tattoo:

This is yet another couples tattoo where the letters S and N are interlinked beautifully. The addition of a lively butterfly and hearts on the other side further elevates the design pattern. Although this design looks delightful in black ink, you can add some colours of your choice to make it more attractive.


We all want our tattoos to be unique and perfect. With the list of some of the best N letter tattoo designs mentioned in this article, you can pick the one that suits you the most before experimenting with it on your body. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you make the final choice.

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