Nail art has always been a great art form all over the world and even in India it is of great importance. There are a great number of artists in India that specialise in nail art and these artists have been world renowned as to make the best form of nail art in the country. People from all over the world are now indulging in this great art form and like tattoos it did take time but in the end it started to increase at a great rate. There are a great number of great nail art stores in India all of which are unique and have specialisations in many different fields of the art. these store are very different from each other and have a variety of well known artists who do great work. Nail art is a party must for all the ladies out there and this form is testament to the fact. Given below are the top nail art stores in India to make it easier for you to find one

Popular Nail Art Stores in India:

Let we have to look at the top nail art stores in India.

Perfect Ten The Nail Spa:

A complete spa just dedicated to your nails this great Kolkata spa has a variety of great artists as well as professional personnel that will surely provide you with the best assistance in regards to your nails. The art that is used on your nails are quite unique and the designs are original. Enjoy a great environment with the perfect nail art that goes great with every event.

Head Turners:

Another great nail art studio in Kolkata, this salon also specialises in plenty of other beauty provision such as hair styling, facials and other cosmetic remedies to all problems. Head turners is actually well known throughout the country as part of a great chain of salons that give the utmost importance to your beauty needs. The salon has a much specialised nail artist that has a very specific skill set. The artist is fast and very definite with their work.

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Nail Spa by Gurpreet in Mumbai:

Located in colaba, Mumbai nail spa by Gurpreet is a complete spa that is specialised to nail art. probably one of the best nail spas in all of Mumbai, nail art by Gurpreet has a very specific skill set that does both party nail art as well as daily use nail art that is both reasonably priced and very well done as well as unique. Though the art has been derived from years of heritage Gurpreet brings a whole new level of originality to this great art form.


Trenzetters is a very well known nail spa and salon also located in Mumbai. Though the salon provides a variety of specialised beauty methods such as haircuts, hair colouring, smoothening, and facials and much more it specialises in nail art more than any other process. Nail art is a very unique process which makes for a great accessory for both formal and social events and Trenzetters is a stunning testament to this fact.

Mojjo Tattoo Studio:

As much as a tattoo studio is also a stunning testament to the body art form so does nail art also shine a light on this great nail art form and Mojjo tattoo studio in Ahmadabad boasts of having both these great art forms. The Mojjo tattoo studio has specialists in two streams, one which includes tattoos both permanent and temporary and the other which includes all forms of nail art, both formal and informal. The artists are legendary and boast widely of their work.

Zion Spa and Salon Ambawadi:

The Zion spa and salon is yet again a very well known spa and salon that has a variety of professional hands to deal exclusively with all your beauty needs. The products used here are state of the art and the place overall is quite state of the art. The spa boasts of its ability to provide very adept nail art designs by some exceptional artists.

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Style and Soft:

Style and soft is a very adept and professional salon that works hard to deal with all the beauty needs of their clients. Style and soft has a very specific set of professionals who are well versed in the many styling needs of the clients that come to this place. Style and soft also specialises in great nail art and has some professional artists that do well with this art form.

Glisten Spa Unisex Saloon Guwahati:

Glisten spa is a very well known saloon in guwahati that specialises in many of the cosmetic problems of both men and women. You are rest assured to have the best of assistance when it comes to your hair, nails, face and lots more. The glisten spa is a very well known north Indian saloon that has increased in popularity because of its ability to provide and create excellent nail art for both formal and informal occasions.

Eye Catchers:

Eye catchers are located in siliguri in north India and are a stunning testament to the growth in nail art in the country. With the increase in people that are in the requirement of nail art for both formal and informal events professional from all corners of the country are now teaching themselves this art so that the clients expectations can be met with ease.

Mayur Hair and Beauty Salon:

The mayur hair and beauty salon in Udaipur is an absolute beauty when it comes to great beauty salons in India and the most interesting fact that this is probably the best salon in Rajasthan to have perfect and incredible nail art provisions. Mayor hair and beauty salon is a very adept salon that loves its work and has all of the state of the art provisions.

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Magic Scissors Hair Spa:

In Debari there is a very fast growing hair spa that also specialises in state of the art nail art by using great designs for both formal and informal events.

Tatva Elements Salon and Spa:

Another great nail art studio in India the tatva elements salon and spa has state of the art equipment for all your cosmetic needs other than nail art as well.

Shreya’s Beauty Parlour, Margao:

Another great nail art studio in Goa the Shreya’s beauty salon is an absolute cosmetic treat with state of the art products as well as equipment which works well for all your beauty requirements.


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