We all like to wear a variety of colors on nails. There are various companies which offer different types of effects and colors. Some of these are very easily affordable and some are very high priced but offers you colors that many women like. Therefore depending on what type of hue or tint you want to buy, you can check out the variants from different companies. If you want special types of effects like shatter, or neon, or very matte finish or simply with holographic glitters, you will have to spend some extra amount of cash because those are costlier than normal colors and are pricey.

Popular and Best Nail Polish Brands in India:

Below are the top 15 brands that offer much liked nail polishes that you can try out.

1. Lakme:

This is a much liked brand for various cosmetics that it offers be it for lacquers or lotions and creams. You can buy variety of colors from its ranges like Nine To Five or Color Crush. These are priced from 160 to 250 INR depending on the variant you are buying.

2. Konad:

This is a much known range which offers not only polishes but also decorative materials like stamping plates, stickers and other brushes. You can buy their round shaped bottles for quite a high price like Shining Deep Green or Club Pink for 10 ml bottles at 170 INR to 199 INR.

3. Lotus Herbals:

You can buy their popular colors like Gold Mist, Plum Shine and Mint Magic which come in slender bottles with a soft applicator for prices which are very affordable at 120 to 150 INR.

4. Maybelline:

The popular variant that this particular range is know by is called Color Show. This has many variants for those who want glitters to those who want a metallic effect or simply a shiny base color. You can buy various hues like Dazzling Diva or Glitter Mania for prices 160 to 170 INR. These are cheap and the colors are very affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket. The lasting effect is also good and you can try these out easily.

5. Street Wear:

This is a popular and affordable brand. You can buy their various known colors like Grape Shimmer or Oceanic blue for prices from 120 INR for 9ml bottles to 60 INR for 5 ml bottles.

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6. Avon:

This is also a popular name in common households. You can buy their colors easily because these are cheap. This is especially popular for its small bottles from the variant which comes for 50 to 70 INR each and has shades like Mango Mania, Coffee Bean, etc. These are mostly sold by individual sellers from home to home but these days you can find them in drugstores or Special outlets which only sell Avon products. It also has speed dry range which can cost from 200 to 300 INR.

7. Oriflame:

This is a much known brand for its quick dry variety. You can buy their variants like the Pure Color Range or the Metallic Range for a minimum price of 100 INR and it can go up to 400 INR.

8. China Glaze:

A much known range for popular shades like shatter, neons, glitters and also matte finish lacquers. These are very high priced and may not be suitable for everyone. However, if you are looking for long lasting tint then you can try out their colors for 700 to 2000 INR depending on the variant that you want to buy.

9. OPI:

OPI is known for its high priced colors and also the shatter lacquers. You can buy their various variants like  Neon, glittery or matte effect colors for a minimum price of 700 to 800 INR for 15 ml bottles.

10. Colorbar:

This offers various shades which last good and also the colors are much known. This is a much known range and the shades like Amethyst, Exclusive numbers 56 and 44 along with Fearless Red are very popular. You can buy these for 210 to 300 INR for 9ml bottles.

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11. Viviana:

This is a very new range and you can buy their small and very affordable bottles of 9ml for a minimum price of about 60 INR. They also offer value packs of 4 or 5 colors and you can buy those for 250 INR. These are cheap and the colors have good lasting. You can buy these and try these out.

12. Loreal Paris:

This offers very durable colors and the shades are of various types. You can buy glitter hues with particles of glitters and you can also buy their metallic hues. There are normal colors as well like Beige Boheme and Versailles Gold which are like the much known range of Color Riche hues and these come for 300 INR to 500 INR.

13. MTV MUAH by Blue Heaven:

Image Source: MTV Muah

This is a new range and you can buy these from 199 to 200 INR and value packs can come for 300 to 400 INR.

14. Tips and Toes:

Image Source: Tips and Toes

This is a well known range and their prices are also suitable to any girl’s pocket be it college girls or teenagers. You can buy their various shades and the hues are also very long lasting. This has been in the fashion industry for a long time and you can buy colors which are shiny or can have glitters in them. You can also buy their base coat or top coat and also the metallic hues. These come from 5ml bottles to 9ml bottles. These are priced from 100 to 150 INR.

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15. Faces Cosmetics:

This is a well known range and these offer various metallic and other normal colors that you can use for everyday wear. These are priced from Their High Shine range is also a much known variant. You can buy colors like Molten Rust, Poppy Red and I like to Mauve for prices which may vary and can be from 199 INR to 400 INR.


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