When there is a riot of adorable tints offered by the best in cosmetics, one cant be blamed to indulge. The only not so fun part of this process is the transition. One has to take care while removing these fun colors which are sometimes quite stubborn to get rid of.

There are two types of nail polish removers, i.e., with acetone and without acetone. A purely acetone based formula is the best kind of remover. But it might leave the nails dry and brittle. Non acetone ones are more gentle on the nails, especially if you suffer from sensitive nails and cuticle issues. However they are not as fast acting and require patience.

Popular and Best Nail Polish Removers in India:

Here is a list of the nine best nail polish removers available in the market, suitable to cater to every kind of consumer.

OPI Nail Polish Remover:

This is a widely used nail polish remover across the globe. It is one of the best non toxic cosmetic brands.

Product Highlights:

  • Acetone free- gentle on nails
  • Carcinogenics free- not toxic
  • Aloe vera extracts- for moisturizing.

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Julep Conditioning Nail Polish Remover:

Another popular conditioning nail polish remover that is good for the nails, cuticles and hand. It leaves behind an oily feeling on the nails after it removes which saves nails from getting brittle.

Product Highlights:

  • Acetone free- gentle on nails and cuticles
  • Pleasant smell
  • Removes chunky and glitter nail polishes better.

Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover:

This is a fast remover with acetone and hydrating botanical extracts. You dip your finger into the jar and it’s gone, irrespective of how stubborn the tint.

Product Highlights:

  • White Peach extracts: Moisturizes and softens nails.
  • Boosted with vitamins and minerals from fruit extracts.
  • Water Lily extracts: for pure moisture post removal.

Chanel Nail Colour Remover:

A traveling fashionista’s delight is this handy product by Chanel. Removes even the last traces of nail polish in a single swipe.

Product Highlights:

  • A gentle water based formula with acetone
  • Excellent for glitter varnishes

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Ciaté Dark Chocolate Nail Polish Remover:

If you want beautifully smelling fingers then use this remover which really tastes like a chunk of chocolate.

Product Highlights:

  • Acetone free- gentle on nails and cuticles
  • Lingering chocolate smell
  • Nutrient infused formula containing Vitamins E and B5.

Dior Dissolvant Abricot Nail Polish Remover:

It is an effective remover from a brand that is a favorite world-wide. It is considered widely as the gentle remover.

Product Highlights:

  • Acetone free- gentle on nails and cuticles
  • Strengthens, nourishes and hydrates nails
  • Revives whiteness and shine without dryness.

Priti Nyc Soy Nail Polish Remover:

This is an environment conscious cosmetic which is 100% bio degradable. Made out of farm grown ingredients this is a fully natural chemical free remover.

Product Highlights:

  • Acetone free- hydrating soya based formula
  • Refreshing lemongrass aroma
  • Devoid of petro- chemicals
  • Non- toxic and non carcenogenic.

Bourjois Paris Magic Nail polish Remover:

It is an instant remover that claims to remove tints in a second without using cotton. It is dermatologically tested and is a dip in remover.

Product Highlights:

  • Acetone-free formula
  • Sweet almond oil: for Vitamin E and moisture
  • Paraben free hence not toxic

Maybelline Express Nail Polish Remover:

This is the most widely purchased nail polish remover and possibly the cheapest in this list. It is also a dip in remover. This is not acetone free but worth the purchase.

Product Highlights:

  • Economical pricing
  • Avocado oil: for Vitamin E and moisture
  • Useful for even the most stubborn glitter polishes.

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Understand your nails in order to care for them. This should guide you to choose a better product to suit your needs.

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