Diamonds are generally identified with their cut, clarity, certification and carat. The brilliance and shine is as a result of the four C’s as they are rightly called. The beauties of diamonds are captured in jewelleries in such a way that one is mesmerised just by the look of diamond jewellery.

Nakshatra is a popular brand of diamond jewellery based in Mumbai, Maharashtra under the flagship store Gitanjali Jewels. The Nakshatra diamond jewellery is unique for the placement of seven diamonds in the form of a flower or a star in each and every jewellery piece.

Designs of  Diamond Jewellery from Nakshatra:

Hence the brand identifies and classifies it to be very unique. Here we will have a look into the top Nakshatra diamond jewellery designs.

1. Nakshatra Diamond Rings for Girls:

The most used in our body are our limbs; namely hands and legs. Hands form part of non-verbal communication. Gestures by hand are very important tool. So it’s important that the hands look pretty and elegant. Accessorising by way of diamond rings look great on hands and throw a lasting impression. Nakshatra diamond rings are classy, rich and beautiful jewellery pieces crafted to perfection.

2. Nakshatra Diamond Engagement Rings in Gold:

The day of engagement is very special to a couple and specifically to a woman because her dreams are going to be soon true as in getting married to her man. Engagement is the beautiful story of the couple going to be wedded soon. Engagement ceremony has special moments to be captured and rings exchanged by a couple are very important. Diamonds are special and perfect for special occasion like engagement. These diamond engagement rings are stunningly beautiful and clear jewellery never fails to impress.

3. Nakshatra Diamond Pendant Design for Girls:

Nakshatra Diamonds are known as one of the most exquisite diamond jewellery makers. The most beautiful and brilliant diamonds are chosen and used in making the best of pendants with the lustre of gold. The traditional look in the pendants with a different style gives just makes these diamond pendants irresistible.

4. Chandeliers from Nakshatra:

The shine and radiance in each of Nakshatra jewellery make them stand out and take notice. No marks for guessing that Nakshatra diamonds are the best gifting option from a man to his woman or girlfriend. The best gift can be Nakshatra chandeliers on occasion like an anniversary, festive occasion etc. What better way than diamonds to bond the relationship better!!!

5. Light Weight Nakshatra Diamond Sets:

Perfect for everyday wear, office wear, in house get together etc. are these simple yet elegant lightweight Nakshatra jewellery diamond sets. These come with unique in design pendant and matching set of earrings complementing each other and completing the look. Nakshatra jewellery stands for women with attitude, passion and independence.

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6. Nakshatra Diamond Ear Studs for Women:

These stud earrings can be carried off from a teenager to youngsters to even older women easily. What makes Nakshatra diamonds unique is that the marvellous jewellery caters to women of all age group. Earrings are a women’s daily requirement and this perfectly fits in.

7. Nakshatra Jewellery Necklace Design:

Elegance personified and stunningly breath taking are these magical Nakshatra Diamond Necklaces. The best gift to a wife or girlfriend on birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower, Karva Chauth or other special occasions are these beautiful necklaces. Few occasions are special and very memorable. So to enhance those special moments are these diamond necklaces.

8. Nakshatra Teardrop Necklaces:

Teardrop in diamonds look brilliant as a design custom made just for diamonds. The jewellery in teardrop designs has a lovely fall on the neckline and highlights the overall look of the woman. These Nakshatra teardrop necklaces in layers are perfect for weddings and is a must have diamond necklace for the bride in her jewellery trousseau.

9. Nakshatra Designer Diamond Sets:

Diamonds with those designer elements in them are the best of Nakshatra collection. They have a wide collection in necklaces with top Bollywood celebrities endorsing them as well as flaunting them. These gorgeous diamond sets exude brilliance and can be rich yet with ethereal feel.

10. Nakshatra Wedding Diamond Sets:

The most important and memorable day in her life for a woman is her wedding day. Getting married to the man of her dreams is what every woman wishes and once that dream is true she wants the wedding to be just perfect. Wedding jewellery is very important for a bride and Nakshatra diamonds are prefect for that bridal look. These mesmerising Nakshatra diamond jewellery are just made for the bride and for wedding which is part of the wedding collection diamond sets.

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11. Parineeta Bridal Diamond Sets:

Nakshatra diamonds jewellery have their exclusive bridal collection under their Parineeta collection. These bridal collections are just for the bride accessorising the look of the bride. This Nakshatra collection has beautiful diamonds set in the perfect way to match with the heavy bridal outfits. These diamonds are an exclusive collection of classy and traditional wedding and bridal jewellery, where in all the jewellery is crafted in a very artistic manner keeping in mind those precious and special moments of one’s life.

12. Nakshatra Wedding Chokers Jewellery:

Nakshatra diamonds under their wedding collection Parineeta has exclusive heavy diamond chokers with diamonds and expensive emeralds. Parineeta means a married woman in Bengali language. Marriage is one of those best moments in one’s life to be cherished forever and always. These exclusive wedding chokers are perfect for a bride to look like a Goddess on her D day.

13. Nakshatra Jewellery Bangles for Girls:

Nakshatra the exclusive diamond brand has always made women feel special through its brilliance and eternal    yet contemporary designs always. Every design of Nakshatra diamond bangles with real diamonds adapt the grace of their trademark floral motifs and the beauty of an alluring constellation. Wearing these diamond bangles on special occasions just add a lot of glam to your persona.

14. Nakshatra Diamond Bracelets:

Nakshatra diamonds are making diamond jewellery highly aspirational for every woman. Nakshatra means constellation of bright stars in a constellation. These bracelets are real diamond bangles crafted in pure gold that define beauty and grace. Inspired by classical seven petal diamond flower these diamond bangles spread the flow of divine luck everywhere. This is an ideal piece of jewellery to gift your loved ones.

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15. Nakshatra Jewellery Mangalsutra Design:

Must for a married woman, is a mangalsutra. It is that special jewellery piece with black beads with gold and gold beads with exclusive Nakshatra diamond mangalsutra pendant. Inspired by the flower pattern and star constellation, these diamond mangalsutra look heavenly beautiful on every woman.

Nakshatra is symbolic to divinity. Perfect floral motifs for that contemporary style or those starry constellations from heaven these diamonds are perfect for every occasion and every woman. The stunningly beautiful and sparkling diamond jewellery has always impressed women and every woman wishes to have these diamonds. The Nakshatra diamonds say that they represent Brightest Circles of Light. The shine and brilliance of Nakshatra diamond jewellery is enough to make it one of the best gifts.

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