Nalli sarees are some of the best ones under the traditional Indian women clothing category. Nalli is the pride of South Indian and the 80+ years old brad specializes in Kanchipuram and silk sarees. In this article, we are providing suitable pictures and a vivid description of some of the best sarees of this brand. Some of them follow the designer pattern and some of them are simple ones.

Most Popular Collection of Nalli Sarees with Images:

There will be casual as well as party wear sarees in the catalogue list below and you will hopefully find your favourite Nalli saree among the best 15 Nalli sarees in the ones discussed below.

1. Pure Silk Saree Nalli:

This Nalli silk saree is one of the best-looking saree of all time. The artistic pattern that this saree sport is quite amazing and it looks quite good with the full sleeve blouses. If you are in need of a wedding saree, then this one can be said to be totally suitable for that purpose. The pattern that this saree sports on the front is totally amazing and will be suitable for wearing at special events. The saree has been well designed by a renowned South Indian designer and can be said to be one of the finest Nalli sarees that you will ever come through.

2. Latest Designer Nalli Saree:

The brand just launched a new collection of attractive sarees. This particular one is on that list of latest designer sarees and for all the attractive qualities that this saree displays it can be said to be one of the best-looking Nalli sarees a woman will ever find. The colour is quite sober. At the same time, the design quite festive making a saree worn for multiple purposes.

3. The Casual Wear Silk Saree:

Even though this is a casual wear saree, this is one of the best ones out there. The pattern that this soft silk saree displays is quite amazing and will be suitable for most women that are willing to sport their simpler side and look attractive at the same time. The colours and the designs are simple and for all the good reasons this can be said to be one of the finest sarees of all time. If you are looking for something absolutely alluring, then this will be one of the finest sarees to wear at a wedding ceremony.

4. The Heavy Embroidered Green Nalli Saree:

This is a beautifully embroidered saree has a beautiful pattern. If you are in need of something alluring, then this might be the right saree for you. The green colour saree matches perfectly with the blue colour of the blouse and these two traditional elements make a beautiful thing that is being displayed by the woman here. The pattern that this saree follows is really amazing and the patters done throughout the body is what makes this so attractive in the first place. The green saree follows the South Indian saree trend and for that, it looks even more alluring.

5. The Peacock Feather Printed Nalli Saree:

If you are in need of one of the most alluring sarees of all time, then you better take a good look at this one. The way the saree has been printed is quite impressive and it will look good on anyone and everyone. When you are carrying this saree at a special event, you will look like the most impressive woman.

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6. The Nalli Diwali Checks Saree Collection:

This Nalli silk checks saree is suitable for the Diwali’s festival. It is very vibrant in colour and simply attracts all ladies. You can sport it and shine brighter than the fireworks. Here the saree border was designed heavily in pallu. And the border has beautiful work all the saree.

7. The Tamil Style Nalli Saree:

This is a beautiful Nalli saree that follows the Tamil Nadu designer pattern. The awesome pattern displayed on this saree is something that makes it look impressive primarily. It is grand by virtue of the colour and pattern. It is also considered a Nalli silk wedding saree collection that is popularly on demand.

8. The South Indian Style Nalli Saree:

Here is a Nalli saree for all who want to sport their South Indian sarees beautifully. The blouse is one of the best things about this saree and it is what makes it look like the perfect Indian women an ethnic combination of all time. Try out some patterns with your blouse and match with an apt colour blouse. Minimal jewellery will go well with this. Pick out the best colours to match the occasion.

9. The Royal Nalli Saree:

This is more of a bridal saree and is one of the most displayed sarees of all time. It is under the category of Nalli sarees and is a reason for the pride of the saree designers in the South Indian saree trend. The bright designs are eye-catchy and fall under the Nalli silk saree collection. Flaunt them in style and match them with an appropriate blouse to go with it.

10. The Beige Nalli Saree:

The beige colour is so beautifully displayed here that everyone admires the way it looks on the woman sporting it. If you are looking for something classy and totally new in the market, then this might be the right one for you. One cannot simply deny the alluring pattern that it sports. Pick out contrasting colours. In case you are looking for something simple, yet beautiful, here is something to try out. Match the saree with a nice necklace.

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11. The Best Alavar Silk Nalli Saree:

If you are heading to a festive event, then you will have to make sure that you look your best. This saree will get the job done for you and make you look beautiful as soon as put it on. This is typical festive wear and is inspired to be grand. Match the saree with beautiful jewellery, with which you can make a grand entry to a wedding or a traditional occasion.

12. The Silk Nalli Saree With Colourful Patterns:

Fancy an infuse of colour on your silk saree? This is a really awesome silk Nalli saree with the awesome display of colours on it. The vibrant element about this saree makes it look really special and for all the good reasons it is one of the finest sarees of all time. It gives a simple, yet grand look. Get creative with the blouse pattern and opt for minimal jewellery.

13. The Meenakshi Blue Nalli Cotton Saree:

This is one of the finest cotton sarees that you will also find in nalli sarees. The cotton element is totally pure. This saree sports beauty with comfort. In this nalli saree, the pallu is designed by the grand look with different flower and peacock patterns. The contrasting colours are attractive and will look fabulous with some heavy accessories. The Nalli silk saree image will tell you about the grand look it will impart.

14. The Purple Cotton Nalli Saree:

This saree again falls under the Nalli saree category. Instead of being a cotton saree, the allure of this one is nothing less than the standard silk ones. Here this cotton saree border is beautifully designed with green and golden colour zari work. The pallu was grandly decorated with zari lines. This is totally handloom solid design saree.

15. The Unique Silk Drops:

Here is a different-looking silk saree that comes with intricate artistic work done on the body. This is one most common and demanded nalli saree in silk sarees category. Most of the women like to wear this type of nalli sarees for occasions. The look is trendy and is subtly grand. Try out this for this season party wear. Some bangles to this will add a classy touch.

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Sarees are any day a sexy attire. It is inspired to look trendy, simple and impressive, all at the same time, making sarees an ultimate choice for any grand occasion. Much of the beauty of the saree lies in the blouse pattern that you stitch. Match up with some beautiful accessories and hairstyle to go with the look. Nalli sarees are inspired to look grand and classy. How about giving this a try this season?

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